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659. Quips from Mrs. Guy — #2

  • Happy moments, praise God
    Difficult moments, seek God
    Quiet moments, worship God
    Painful moments, trust God
    Every moment, thank God  (source unknown)
  • Dorothy Parker had it wrong: Men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.
  • Home is where you grumble the most and are treated the best.
  • A wife is a reflection of her husband.
  • We became ‘rich’ when I learned to live within a budget, but that’s another story.
  • Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Budgeting is planning that prevents having to say, “The check’s in the mail”.
  • Women take offense when referred to as a girl, but it implies she’s younger than reality.
  • Necessity may be the mother of invention, but frustration is the father.
  • Mature men respect ladies and girls more than just women. Ladylike actions induce masculine respect. Women perceived by men as ‘girls’ seem more dependent and in need of a man, which tends to generate masculine respect. Women seem less dependent and, therefore less in need of a man. Womyn earns no respect.


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545. Singles: Listen Up!

This article has been revised and reissued as #1564.


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544. He’s Wary to Marry — Section 2

Most of what follows in this series originates with females mentally locked onto the wrong things for generating a happy marriage. Adolescence, politics, Feminism, wishful thinking, and assorted fickleness overpower their female nature. They act unnatural. Males sense it, disrespect them, and avoid permanent relationships.

N She discourages her man. She insists that he fulfill her wishes. She tells him HOW to do what she considers his responsibility. For example, repeatedly prompting him to ask for a raise.

N She doesn’t uphold or she lets moral values deteriorate in her home. Lower standards of behavior invite disharmony, when her man expects harmony and her to ensure it.

N She downplays her nurturing skills as part of de-emphasizing her female nature. For example, she claims he can nurture the kids as well as her, so that she can pursue other interests.

N She dresses erotically to capture her man and follows up with sloppy attire and careless grooming that turns his head toward other females.

N She shows no respect for what he values highly: A female at his side just as good or better looking than other guys have.

N She endorses winning as the only thing to justify how one plays the game of life. This is the man’s game, and it disturbs parental balance rearing kids. 

Thus, and more will follow, she prioritizes earthly values above her God-given, Nature-provided, inherently powerful, and highly respected female capabilities for handling males in all walks of life.

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230. Newlywed Bonding #2 —Virtue as glue

Newlywed life should not be about surviving storms, but learning how to dance in the rain. The dance instructor is virtue. Her gown is adorable femininity. His tux is admirable manliness. Dance shoes are their characters. The dance floor is home.

Daily pressures threaten every home. ‘Virtuous behavior’, as defined in this and future posts, glue a marriage by overcoming daily shock and awe. Couples make it happen, if they identify and dedicate inside defenses against outside threats.

The first and most important defense is this: Live up to things bigger than spouse, self, and even togetherness. This puts each spouse on the right road to virtuous behavior in the home.

Two strategies enable it: Worship God first, honor spouse second, and rank self as next in line. Belief in this ‘chain of command’ solidifies emotions around what’s most important to each spouse.

The second strategy is this: Create a series of principles and rules that lead to goal achievement and squabble prevention. Three arenas are the most vital: respect, money, and teamwork.

Each will be described in future posts. Not as advice, but as concepts that can work. Not as requirements, but as options for newlyweds to choose and use as they see fit.

When a couple can define and adhere to standards and expectations of their own making —aka virtues—then they breed complementary, cooperative, and compatible behavior. It’s the essence of marital glue and the driving force behind hopes and dreams.

[This newlywed series starts at post 224. Scroll down or search by number with dot and space following it.]





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117. Her sexual history? —Part 02

Women that have matured beyond adolescence know intuitively NOT to disclose their sexual history to their man. Grown women with an adolescent mindset think otherwise. The latter spoil it for the former; they make full disclosure popular and force men to live with what they seek but don’t need to know.  

Women have four options:

1.      She chooses by herself or at his urging and discloses everything candidly. Adolescent-minded women stupidly see this as part of their bonding. Sex does not bond men and especially not sex other men have had. Adolescent-minded men see her as weak, and that weakens a man’s respect. Mature men see it the same way but tempered with a wee bit of understanding.

♀ Adolescent-minded women also lack many other skills for holding a man.

2.      She responds to his inquiries but discloses only what’s absolutely necessary, only what’s pulled out of her. She stresses honesty rather than candidness, truth rather than the whole truth. Apart from whatever harsh judgments he makes, this option invites questions to find out more and more about her.

♀ Less-than-full-disclosure women invite men to seek the rest of the story. What men find out for themselves far outweighs in value what she tells him in promises.

3.      She refuses. She demands that he honor her desire to keep her past to herself. However, if she doesn’t spread moral virtue across the way she lives, she comes across as phony.

♀ Phony women have the worst of traits for marriage. They are not their natural selves before marriage, and they become another woman when their true self emerges after marriage. Men marry expecting her not to change, but she does, and he’s torpedoed for having married the wrong woman.


4.      She refuses. She keeps her sexual past private and sacred between her and her Maker. This works under one condition: She lives her life by living up to the expectations of a moral or biblical value system or someone else, such as her Maker or her parents. Moral standards and expectations also flood other parts of her life, which makes her unmarried sexual past appear shameful.

♀ Women that refuse to reveal their shame paint themselves with glory to a man.


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54. Her Majesty, hard-hearted—Section 2

Note: Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. Oftentimes women harden their heart. Poor results dealing with men usually follow:

♥ She marries expecting him to change. He marries expecting her not to change. He does not, but she does. Both get what they don’t want.

♥ She treats her man as a domestic regarding household tasks—all orders and few decisions left to him. This adds to a sense of insignificance for him, his greatest fear.

♥ She exhibits poor leadership by telling her man HOW to do things instead of WHAT to do. She wants her nest made more perfect in her eyes, so she uses her standards to deny his imaginative inputs or direct interest.

♥ She takes charge after marriage and keeps squeezing him to fit better into her ideals of their home and life within it. He resists, resents, and retaliates the more she keeps insisting.

♥ She considers his machismo and the male ego to be ‘crimes against females.’ This signals her preference for a wuss and so she treats her husband accordingly.

♥ She turns phony and hides her true character in order to get a man to marry her. Afterward, she reverts to her true self and to him becomes a different woman—one he did not intend to marry.

♥ She rejects him as family hero and elevates the kids over him.

♥ She expects him to husband her with no tradeoff for his having given up his freedom.

♥ She treats his opinions as less important and judgments as less valuable than that of someone outside their home.

♥ She gives birth to a less-than-normal child, or has one die, and goes to extremes to provide care or assuage her grief or guilt. In the process she devotes herself to the child or memories at the expense of her husband, thus making him insignificant relative to her grief and perhaps guilt. She cannot forgive him or her. That is an extra-hardened heart.

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36. Her Majesty, hard-hearted—Section 1

Note: Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. Oftentimes women harden their hearts. Poor results dealing with men inevitably follow:

She doesn’t like herself very well, so others are also undeserving. This defines the hard hearted female.

She does not teach her sons to keep zippers zipped as the way to teach boys to respect and honor the female sex.

She gets in his face for which she will pay a price somehow, somewhere, sometime. Not as revenge, necessarily, but as male response to female aggression.

She harbors and displays feminist feelings that do not interest her man, mostly because Feminism disdains his manliness and even ridicules his masculinity.

She ignores a man’s strengths and downplays his value for producing, providing, protecting, and problem-solving for family life.

She kisses a frog, neuters her prince, rejects him as royalty, and generates hassles in their hut, because she is unable to make it his castle.

She shows ungratefulness for her man and blames him for her unhappiness, when one’s happiness is the mirror image of one’s gratitude and unhappiness the absence of gratefulness.

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19. Her mushy thinking—Part 1

Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. Oftentimes women go soft in their thinking. Mushy, that is. Poor results dealing with men usually follow:   

She believes in little, so she tends to believe in anything. This defines her soft headedness.

She accepts a man’s words instead of taking time to test and judge his actions.

She believes too easily what men tell her, and so she falls for offers that favor his interests over hers.

She cannot separate a good man for marrying from a man good for fun and games.

She cannot turn away from the self-centered man full of himself and venomous words that parboil her self-esteem, reduce her self-image, and subvert her self-interest.

She disregards or fails to exploit the character shaping and guidance provided by God, religious morality, and her female nature.

She dresses daughters in adult-like, fanciful, and erotic attire to make herself look good as a modern pop culture parent. She exposes her child. A sex recruiting poster for both the stepfather and males inclined to stalk, rape, kidnap, and murder.

She has learned little in her life about the nature of males and females and less about how to make them complementary and compatible—even if she were to try.

She wants her own man so badly that she signs up with almost any male offer.

She wants to build and maintain her castle through him but not for him.  She thinks ‘equality’ with household work and child care is not only attainable but sustainable to her man’s liking and acceptance. 


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