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312. The good, the bad, and the ugly—THE UGLY

♀ Think and act as men do regarding sex, and lack of dignity and self-respect will haunt you.

♀ Think and act as if men should not make themselves worthy of you, and they won’t.

♀ Think and act as if standing up inside, and you’ll not be cherished very long.

♀ Think and act as if their other parent is hateful, and you’ll weaken your child’s love for you. 

♀ Think and act disrespectfully of other people, and even your close friends will distrust you.

♀ Think and act dumpy, and you’ll become a dumpee.

♀ Think and act lonely, and you’ll doom yourself to stay that way.

Think and act irresponsibly, and others will not support you.

♀ Think and act ugly, and others will agree.

The good and the bad follow soon.


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66. Hard-hearted Hannah

A woman easily kills her relationship when she exhibits female weaknesses that harden her heart for cooperation and soften her head into competing with her man. Weaknesses follow:

♥ Facetiousness prompted by fear of being wrong.

♥ Hatefulness prompted by dislike of herself.

♥ Selfishness never untaught to her in childhood.

♥ Busyness pursuing her personal rather than their agenda.

♥ Fussiness inspired by desire for perfection.

♥ Bitchiness that flows from envy, jealousy, and similar emotions related to others.

♥ Fearsome brought on by mistakes that she thinks might be repeated endlessly. 

Quarrelsomeness that emerges from her desire to drive their bus.

♥ Untidiness, the nesting merits of which she was never taught in childhood.

♥  Loneliness imagined when he’s not alongside her.

♥ Lonesomeness caused by husband’s absence at work.

♥ Moodiness that flows from inability to control events to her satisfaction.

♥ Carelessness prompted by weak sense of responsibility.

♥ Sloppiness that reflects badly on husband to his friends and competitors.

♥ Phoniness energized by fear of her true character being found out.

♥ Political correctness brought on by sense of being victimized.

♥ Unfaithfulness that boils in oil her man’s sense of significance.


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