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466. Keepers for Keepers—Assortment 15

Dear Daughter: Did you miss any of these?

M The more she immodestly displays her endowments before their first sex together, the more he assumes that she yields relationship control to him. [12]

M Describing workable marriage is simple. Men seek freedom, but wives have to curtail it. Acting more as men do reduces her ability. [17]

M The male nature competes first and cooperates when necessary. The female nature cooperates first and competes when necessary.  [4]

M A man’s greatest fear is insignificance. A woman’s is abandonment. [4]

M Aside from cheating, mom’s easiest and very damaging mistake is this: Focus on children and relegate husband to playing second fiddle. [8]

M A wife that acknowledges and supports husband as head of the house signals belief in him and magnifies his significance more than what else she does. [9]

M A mature woman can cope with her man’s sharp tongue much easier than he can cope with hers. [17]

M A mature woman with a wounded spirit works harder to recover and do better. Immature females seek someone to nurse away their hurt. Men do something to forget it, which may include someone else. [4]

M Selfishness and self-centeredness by either mate add toxins to a couple’s life. It may take years, but the females’ relationship expertise can detoxify most of what arises. But only if she wants to. [17]


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