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749. Gender Differences Revisited — Group N

  1. Sex to her is giving of herself. To him, it’s taking—especially their first time together.  
  2. She is the expert on relationships and bonding. He is the expert on sex and escaping.
  3. Starting at puberty, boys are turned off by female nagging—unless she’s a sex target as yet unconquered. It’s natural and for life.
  4. Women hunger for marriage. Men can easily do without.
  5. A man’s confidence emanates from his self-image, his picture of who and what he is. A woman’s emanates from her self-esteem, how well she likes herself as a person, her self-love.
  6. The masculine way is eat to enjoy life. The feminine way is eat to sustain life.
  7. The sexual pleasures for a woman are far outweighed by the other things she needs for a happy life. Men for the most part let sex substitute for whatever else is missing.
  8. Therapeutic recovery for a man lies within his work or doing something. A woman mostly relies on time for healing while unloading anguish to the sympathetic and empathetic ears of friends.

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