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504. Virtual Virginity #21

©     Repeatedly refused sex by one woman brings out both the best and worst in a man. This enables females to identify Mr. Good Enough and condition his thinking and shape his interests into potential Mr. Right.

©     As Emerson said: The world turns on hope. Her relationships always spin, plunge, and soar on hope. Virtual virginity shifts his life from hope for sex to hope for her.

©     Her personal policy of virtual virginity should not be disclosed to those that know her. It works better as private commitment to Self. “Not now” leaves a man with hope. “I’m saving myself for marriage” discourages and may destroy all hope before he gets to really know her.

©     Old school values promote maturity before sex, the feminine way. Moderns go for sex before maturity, the masculine way.

©     Modern dating, courtship, and marriage build on sex values and expectations developed as immature and sexually active teenagers. Being in charge matures a person, and virtual virginity puts her in charge of his conquering efforts.

©     A woman primarily committed to virtual virginity strengthens herself against the masculine strategy of ‘vague and unavailable’. If someone becomes a fool, let it be him.  


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434. KEEPERS FOR KEEPERS — Assortment 11

Dear Daughter: Some more worthy of your review.

☼ When men don’t highly value integrity in others, they likely lack it themselves. This makes vow-keeping much more difficult for such men. [7]

☼ Women are in charge, as always, but it takes a well-designed offense to defend against his offense. [12]

☼ The foundation of a man’s love is unconditional respect for the female gender and conditional respect for one woman. [7]

☼ She can condemn his nature and even get him to change behavior, but sooner or later she will pay a price for doing so. [10]

☼ She steals someone’s husband or boyfriend and expects him to be faithful, after she just taught him the rewards for infidelity. [8]

☼ Putting her personal comfort over attractive display of herself won’t reduce his eagerness for conquest, but it reduces his enthusiasm for her as keeper. [12]

☼ Moral standards serve women and children predominantly but only when women set good examples and stand firm. [7]

☼ Men acknowledge their inferiority as relationship experts, and so pay little attention to relationship maintenance. [4]

☼ Life 101 teaches young girls how to discriminate between the respect, value, and expectations of real life commitment and devotion. But, modern girls cut class. [13]

☼ If a man refuses to honor a woman’s standards and expectations, he won’t do it after conquest either. [8]

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