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461. Men Won’t Admit —IV

The male persona is full of private agendas, and women don’t show sufficient respect for their man’s vital nondisclosures.

The list continues of what a man will seldom volunteer or admit:

22.           What’s behind his depression (even if he knows).

23.           That her unmarried chastity earns his respect.

24.           His hidden agenda when she tries to uncover it.

25.           That his immature behavior is adolescent or vice versa.

26.           Weakness in manliness and especially sexual performance and reputation.

27.           That other boys or men are the source of his weakness or character flaw. (He’ll reject guilt by association or copying what others do. He is his own man now and always.)

28.           Finally, he won’t admit to unvolunteered details after admitting to any of the above. He wants to admit only what he just admitted.

Men tend to hide thoughts, dodge queries, and evade rather than admit certain things. In general, women trying to open or explore what’s not volunteered about these subjects might be making their relationship toxic.

This ends the list for now. But stay tuned.


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