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429. Sex and fickle girl — Part 19

☼ By focusing on her man’s weaknesses and faults, she loses gratefulness for him. Her unhappiness rises as her ingratitude grows.

☼ She rules the successful home, but he thinks that he does. Only she can oil all the squeaky wheels, quiet all the frictions, and merge self-interests into us-interests. But she learns it best by doing such things in courtship.

Her hard-headedness tames the right man. Her soft-heartedness fine tunes the right man.

Modern men marry with fingers crossed, or lawyer’s fee saved up knowing that she will change from the woman he married.

Mothers are best equipped to play good cop and fathers to play bad cop. Mother MUST discipline, but father’s greatest effect comes as her back up.

Kids learn early to play one parent against the other. It’s their nature. Only coordinated prevention by parents stymie their doing it.

When wife is the main breadwinner, husband’s significance diminishes. He may act graciously and adjust to it, but it makes him long for someone else to highlight and uplift his importance.

Wife claims her husband to be inadequate or fault-filled, and he shortly lives up to her self-fulfilling prophecy.

A woman that builds her nest to suit only herself soon finds faults in her man. A woman that builds their home to please her man finds worth in her man. His worth leads to her gratefulness, which brings happiness for her.  





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