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613. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 5. Big Gov’t

WWNH: In the last half of the 20th Century radical feminists and acolytes solicited and lobbied government in political, legal, and economic issues. Never did they or government concern themselves with the bias against men or the social and domestic unrest caused within relationships.

Some people believe in government of, by, and for the people, and this traditional spirit puts women and children in the front of the bus. Others have created government of the politicians, by the bureaucrats, and for the lobbyists. All arranged under the principle that power comes first. This takes power away from the people, which moves women to the back of the bus.

Some people depend upon constitutional restraints to prevent federal government from growing too big. Others believe ever-growing Big Government to be the solution to all of life’s problems. Women and adolescents easily fall victim to Big Government propaganda, because it touts promises they like to hear: equality, compassion, empathy, sympathy, tax the rich, help the poor, lift the downtrodden, protect the disadvantaged, and especially ‘I feel your pain’.  

Some people favor ideologies that promote better home life for women and children, e.g., free market capitalism, which rewards people according to what they put into the economy. Others favor ideologies that cost women and children more than they benefit, e.g., socialism interferes with economic growth and then has to ration goods and services. (If you think health care is expensive now, then wait until it’s free.) 

Some people measure society’s progress by how well their life improves along with that of others. Others measure progress by how their anti-American ideology makes their life better at the expense of everyone else.


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611. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 3. Ideologies

WWNH: Three European-derived ideologies threaten America today. Some people know these political movements only by loosely defined labels. Others promote these movements with religious fervor.

Marxism arose in late 19th Century. It elevated workers as anti-capitalist heroes, but women were not in the workforce then. To favor Marxism today means to destroy free market capitalism. This means loss of free enterprise, just when women take more direct advantage of it than ever before. While seemingly dormant, Marxism still resonates beneath the surface of two other major ideologies being foisted on modern America.

Fascism starts with government control over businesses and then reaches into family life.

·        The government big enough to give you what you want is big enough to take what you have.

·        Ostensibly to please the people, fascists seek greater ability to control the populace. Enough of it turns peoples’ representatives into rulers. (A modern example is White House czars anointed with so much power that none resist maximizing influence and control behind the scenes.)

·        Do women fare better when representatives wield power for them or rulers wield power over them?

Socialism means government ownership of businesses, the means of production. Fascists control but socialists aim to conquer and own businesses. The former provides the means; the latter is the result of government takeover of economic wealth-building and distribution.

Combined, these three ideologies cripple the free enterprise system, direct the economic marketplace, and intend to make the family unnecessary by replacing it by government.


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610. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 2. Faith

WWNH: Faith knows no vacuum. Everyone believes in something, and given the political climate today, they should identify what ideologies support their interest. Our national and cultural identities are under attack, and women continue to pay the biggest price caused by social and domestic disturbances.

Some people take our nation and culture for granted and are relatively inactive politically. Others seek to tear it down, so they can make it over. They are politically active and dominate the political landscape with activism biased strongly toward anti-American goals.

Some people learn history on their own. Others accept what they’re told by people with a bias in both recording and telling. (I admit a bias toward traditional America and against European political ideologies that differ with ours.)

Some people believe in God and the natural freedom claimed in the Declaration of Independence. They eagerly share the freedom with non-believers. Other people don’t believe in God, so they have no basis upon which to build or guarantee freedom for everyone—except the rule of man, which varies according to what man has the power at any given time or situation.

Some people see ideologies as cloudy compared to our clearly spelled out Constitution. Others see one or more ideologies as their way of life, their religion, their master set of beliefs and motivators. (Marxists used to teach new believers this adage: Everything’s political except politics, and that’s personal.)

Some people believe in American-style government with built-in ideologies of constitutionalism, capitalism, federalism, individualism, and republicanism (not the party). Others believe in European-style governments. Known as social democracies, they continue to evolve from ideologies far different than America’s, such as mixtures of fascism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and totalitarianism. Others also favor Feminism, globalism, environmentalism, utopianism, and other -isms that are purposely used to discredit the American -isms shown above.     

Some people appreciate that Feminism has upgraded the economic, legal, and political status of females. Others are intent on using it for something else: eliminate male dominance and turn patriarchy into matriarchy.

No matriarchy arose in 7,000 years of recorded history; this sort of makes patriarchy the natural state of things. Women naturally gravitate toward achieving hopes and dreams and protecting their self-interest by taking advantage of male strengths. History proves one man per woman works best. But feminists turn men into enemies, marriage into temporary arrangements, and devalue what men value highly such as sex, virginity, and faithfulness to one’s mate. 

Men dominate society or WHAT people do. Women dominate culture or WHY people do what they do. Feminism gained power by exploiting this truism. They pressured women to lower female values, standards, and expectations. Men changed society accordingly, and women lost the traditional ability to catch and hold one man for life.

Feminism is one branch of a political movement that’s been functioning in America for over 100 years. Some roots lie in ideologies that energize the elitist political movement bent on altering America to their image.

WWNH about ideologies is next.


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609. Roots: Politics vs. Females — 1. Openers

I dedicate this series to Her Ladyship Princess Rita.

The roots of Feminism are so interwoven in politics, history, and propaganda that this series has grown in size and depth. To ensure clarity, you’ll have to suffer through some definitions. Sorry.

I expose endless ways that Feminism helps political activists steal power away from the female gender and moderate the power of individuals. So, stay with me. Don’t let one objection or temporary disinterest turn you off. Rewards will come with the whole picture.  

We will trace roots by comparing two kinds of people. Some believe that women have God-given inherent rights to power, respect, and equal standing in society. Others believe they can provide women greater advantages, especially over men, through modern political and legal means that are unrestricted by principles from two centuries ago.

Some people rely on principles locked firmly in the rule of law, because it more predictably shapes their future. Others depend on pressures perceived by those in positions of power and respond to the rule of man, which makes the future unpredictable for the Some. (Also, women possess a primal need for a brighter future, and so they crave stability and predictability in their lives.)

Citing two kinds of people beg this question: What about people in the middle? Essentially, fence sitters don’t know, don’t care, or just want to watch. So, for this treatise, we can ignore them. And anyway, moderates don’t change the world. They water down the urges of the two competing kinds that shape the world; those whom I contrast here.  

Some people seek to preserve the U.S. Constitution, because it guarantees our inherent rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Others seek to overrule or overturn the Constitution, so they can impose their ideals on society according to ideologies foreign to America’s founding, heritage, and tradition.

Some people want to let people mind their own business and lives. Others seek to interfere in everyone’s business and life, and they expand government power to do more of it.

The roots of Feminism extend deeply into the ideologies of the Others shown above and in what follows. For over 100 years a collection of interest groups pushed back and forth to fulfill hidden agendas. They advanced with incremental ups and downs, as in two steps forward, one step back.

The mid-Twentieth Century saw revolutionary events including Women’s Liberation that morphed into Feminism. Modern women now question the merits, so feminists have started leaning as if preparing to take a step back. But the game’s not over and we need more info about the players.

Tomorrow: WWNH about faith.


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304. Lifelong husbands—made, not born — Part I

Many complications muck up lifelong marriages in modern America. Five follow.

1.     The wisdom of the ages is lost. Women can’t learn from their moms, because their moms didn’t listen to their moms. It exploded four decades ago. Girls and young women rebelled and spouted slogans with revolutionary zeal: Don’t listen to anyone over thirty, Down with authority, Distrust parents, Ignore authority figures. We’re several generations deep now with women shaping their lives around these adolescent values. What one generation allows, the next practices.

2.     Men do whatever they have to do to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Because many women provide unmarried sex, men are encouraged not to swap independence for responsibility.

3.     The feminine nature presented with pride and charm appeals and turns men ON for female influence about helping fulfill a woman’s hopes and dreams. Our forefathers followed that model. But not modern men. Feminist politics, theory, and dogma turn men OFF for yielding masculine independence.  

4.     Men seek justice. Women seek equality. As women seek greater equality with men, they give up justice. The PC crowd—political correctioneers— destroy justice. PCers and feminists disconnect females from male empathy and sympathy. They reject the separate but equal roles that family life requires for mutual respect, harmony, success, and longevity.

5.     Morality serves women more than men. Women can use it, men don’t need it. Our Judeo-Christian cultural heritage serves women even better. It goes beyond morals to guide men and women into separate but equal roles in home and society. However, ideologies such as humanism, secularism, relativism, and elitism replace morality and religion with values that expand male dominance, serve males over females, and throw away what’s best for families.*

* See the Worldviews page for more about these ‘isms’.


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