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2131. Male Blessings — How Men Start Out In Life

The following are the essentials and the forerunner of Male Blessings At Birth to be posted soon at blog top.

Female blessings are qualities that make women grateful and are first steps to their happiness. Male blessings are heart-felt characteristics that men possess without regard to gratitude; they are just that way and are born to claim it. It’s just possession rather than gratitude. Their claims, however, are essential for each man to earn satisfaction within himself. Satisfaction, it’s the natural equivalent of happiness for women.

Ladies, you may be shocked especially with the first item. All men readers are urged to disagree if they can; I seek to post the truth clearly. Before lessons learned in life teach him to be more circumspect, agreeable, and perhaps polished because he wants something from women, a typical man would say:

  1. Until I upgrade them in my interest, women play a subordinate role in my life: a) They can be fun to play with mentally and physically. b) They make marvelous distractions from everyday burdens. c) They are vital for my sex life. d) Having a good mate can make life more convenient, functional, and enjoyable and my ambitions more easily realized.
  2. My life is built on, around, over, under, and through self-respect.
  3. I respect myself but find I must reinforce it regularly by doing something until I am at least temporarily satisfied.
  4. I feel satisfied and respectable following the completion of something I set out to do. Less so when ordered to do it or it’s not my idea. And disrespected when told to do something I already know how to do.
  5. My self-respect becomes reinforced when I do everything right the first time. But I become frustrated with disturbing surprises, undue interruptions, and when things don’t proceed or turn out my way.
  6. I respect myself for doing something better as I see it—or doing something else as I want it—and enabling it all to lead to contentment. IOW, life’s rewards are in the satisfaction that comes from doing what I want to do and just how I want to do it.
  7. I work to accomplish things and feelings don’t count as things (except  self-respect).
  8. I am my own man. I don’t change to please others and especially not females.
  9. I don’t respect myself when I criticize others. I don’t like my tendency to criticize myself, and so I don’t inflict it on anyone else. Let them learn from their own mistakes the same way I do.
  10. I respect myself even when I seem to act impulsively. Much of what I accomplish well is prompted by need to act quickly.
  11. I respect myself for being a ‘figure-outer’. I believe in what I figure out much easier and more indelibly than what others convince me of. (So, why stop and ask for directions?)
  12. Having to explain myself is contrary to my self-respect.
  13. I support and uphold self-respect by living by and with my responsibilities and decisions surrounding them.
  14. Criticize me if you like. I can take it. Do it too much though and I’ll get even or leave.
  15. My erections are to be used. How I do it contributes significantly to self-respect. Hard thrusting and deep penetration amplify my sense of dominance and enhance my self-worth like nothing else. Orgasm isn’t the prime mover; it’s feedback of job well done.
  16. My sex drive comes in two very different versions. a) Conquer every sexually attractive woman I can, which significantly amplifies self-respect. b) Satisfy my sexual urges in the best way available at the moment of erection, which reinforces self-respect unless my conscience says otherwise.
  17. Purity is important but symbolic. I prefer a virgin bride in order to beat out all those other guys who tried and failed. As with other things I pursue, being first enhances self-respect.
  18. My conscience is guided by what’s best for my self-interest, which may or may not include the interest of someone else.
  19. I am easily self-encouraged to both play and be lazy, but I’m built for work. Self-satisfaction lies with work and I can’t always play or be lazy. I love to build, disassemble, grow, change, improve, and replace things to make life easier. Enabling and earning laziness that way provides immense satisfaction.
  20. I am responsible only for myself until I purposely step up to something or someone else, which takes a lot of selling for me to buy in. (Note the contradiction that women have to work out. He expects to be sold on providing/protecting but she expects to be sold on his merit as potential mate. He buys into the concept by selling her on the idea of buying into him. IOW, relationship experts have to convince men to sell themselves down the marital river.)
  21. I’m simple. I respect myself for being pretty easy to understand.
  22. I love to idle my mind, to shift into neutral. It’s nourishes me mentally.
  23. I’m not fearful. I can figure out how to prevent or overcome whatever comes up.
  24. I can recover from almost anything and know who to recruit for help if I need it.
  25. Complaining produces no beneficial results except to make me feel better about relieving myself of unwanted mental burdens.
  26. I see no reason for more than minimal foreplay. If I’m ready, she’s ready.
  27. I expect people to earn my respect before I trust them.
  28. I’m very particular about food, money, and women and don’t care to explain myself.
  29. I’m not particular about emotions except my own. I can handle mine and expect others to do the same.
  30. I’m a man of habit. I like what I like and expect to keep doing it and loving it.
  31. My weaknesses shame me, and illness tends to do the same.
  32. I’m a good lover whenever I choose to be but most women are not worth the extra effort.
  33. I don’t expect others to like me. If they do that’s fine. If they don’t that’s okay too.
  34. I’m a creature of habits that I create and have little or no wish to change.
  35. I will make a difference. Don’t know when or where, but I will.
  36. I’m capable of doing good in life but everyday conditions don’t make it worthwhile. Incentives are lacking to do anything but take care of myself as best I can.
  37. I’m a daily guy. I feel a sense of dignity if I have somewhere to go in the morning, some obligation to start my day. I can handle tomorrow when it gets here.
  38. I think the primary purpose of money is convenience, mostly for use now.
  39. I intuitively reject efforts to be or act female-like. It weakens my self-respect and makes me less respectable.
  40. Might makes right.
  41. I’m a taker. I appreciate whatever I may get but I don’t much respect those who give for nothing. I expect to earn what I get.
  42. As a hunter-conqueror I find hard-to-conquer targets far more appealing and valuable as reinforcement for my self-respect.
  43. The most intolerable offense against my self-respect is sexual infidelity of my mate. Revealing my sexual shortcomings to anyone is second. Lying is third and stealing fourth.
  44. A woman who diligently protects her sexual assets as her greatest asset earns respect. To do less is to respect her less.
  45. After conquering a woman, I ‘own’ our sexual agenda.
  46. I don’t like to admit it, but my greatest fear is insignificance.
  47. I only need one thing. A place to flop, eat, throw my things, and prepare to fight tomorrow’s dragons. I need my stuff to be left alone so I can find it when I need it.
  48. I crave the freedom to do my own life by living with my own decisions.
  49. My primary challenge in life is to beat all those other guys who aspire to do what I want to do.
  50. I am not easily offended. Even when I am, I get over it fairly easy. I like it best and things work better when normal is what is normal for me.

There must be more blessings that men inherit at birth, but they haven’t yet come to mind. Those above will soon be explained in greater detail similar to that of Female Blessings at Birth. The result will be posted permanently at blog top. I invite readers, especially men readers, to propose revisions or new blessings we males may inherit at birth.

In the meantime, I ask all readers for your opinion about the accuracy of those posted above. This is a review prior to permanent posting. It’s how men are born and not what they learn in life; you can see early traces in toddler boys. Agree or disagree? Suggestion: Use T or F for any numbered item. Better yet, use B for believable or U for unbelievable. Truth and clarity drive me to do this. Other comments are also welcome and desired if you take exception to anything.

Thank you for whatever opinions you choose to present.



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1843. Sex Difference Redux—Part 86: Where Love Begins—02

Romantic love begins with his eyes and your ears. Enduring love begins with your knowledge of men generally, your man particularly, and yourself intrinsically. How those factors combine to fit together continues here.

11.  The more masculine you act, the less respectably and admirably appealing you appear to your man. The more admirably masculine he acts, the more appealing he appears to you. (If not true, then you, he, and perhaps both have likely bought into feminist-think.)

12.  After being criticized, you try to improve. Criticize your man and he proves it undeserved or you wrong. Either way you lose. He knows and values you highly for being able to correct him more indirectly. (Correcting him directly initiates competition which inspires him to avoid losing—to a woman.)

13.  You can expect your man’s immaturity to show up as mistreatment of you. If you mistreat him, look to yourself for immaturity. (Female-dominated maturation in childhood teaches one not to mistreat others.)

14.  Your man’s self-image is more important to him than his self-esteem. Confirming and expanding his self-image earns self-admiration that self-esteem does not. You are the reverse. Self-esteem is a foundation of your self-importance and self-image governs how you interact in life.

15.  You expect your man to provide affection; among other blessings it confirms your sense of self-importance. He expects to be admired as significant, so he focuses on your physical appeal and proving his significance in bed. He can’t understand why you don’t see it as fulfilling your expectation for affection. (It’s compounded by his nature not matching your craving for intimacy.)

16.  Just as yours wounds him, his sharp tongue wounds your spirit. A mature woman with a wounded spirit works harder to recover and do better. Men and immature females with wounded spirits seek someone else to nurse away their hurt. (Not taught in childhood to handle one’s hurts shows up later as reliance on others.)

17.  You can criticize your man and remain in love with him. Men can’t do the same. If he criticizes you, it weakens his respect and consequent love for you. Or, it signifies lack of his self-respect. (His respect for others is limited by his self-respect; our natures don’t allow us to share what we don’t have. In courtship, a man that persistently criticizes waves red flags as short of self-respect.)

18.  You are the relationship expert. Your man acknowledges his inferiority in this matter by paying little attention to the need for or the fulfillment of relationship maintenance.

19.  You can live with your man’s physical infidelity, but he can’t live with yours. You can’t live with his emotional unfaithfulness. He’s at a loss to understand it, but instinct tells him to argue to the contrary of whatever you assert. (Thus, he ends the competition of disagreement before he loses the argument—to a woman.)

20.  Your man’s drive to be head of the house far overpowers your natural objections to it. If you elevate him to chairman of the board, the vacuum makes you chief executive officer which empowers you perfectly for your other roles as chief nester, wife, and mother.

Hundreds of sex differences determine the outcomes of your interactions with men and your man. This ends the first 20 differences, but many more follow at ten per post.


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852. Cheater Returns — Avoid the Obvious

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1791.


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840. Dignity amid Divorce — Section 03: Anger

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1787.

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839. Dignity amid Divorce — Section 02: He vs. Me

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1789.


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590. Sex differences explain men — Chap. 33

  • Women specialize in hope, because it brightens the future. Men specialize in determining respect due to others, because it determines much of what happens today.
  • Wives hound husbands to become more considerate and better fathers. Men become better fathers, when they are treated as better husbands.
  • Women do more to earn gratitude than to earn respect. Men do the opposite.
  • Sleeping with married men not their husband stabs all women in the back. Sleeping with a married woman not his wife stabs only one man in the back. (Thanks to Princess Dogsandfitness for the first half of this.)
  • Women work better with words than numbers, whereas men are opposite.
  • Men are fascinated by storms, and females fear them.
  • In a breakup she wants to know about the other woman, about her competition. Her anger prevails. He wants no discussion, no talk about infidelity. It disappoints her, highlights his guilt, and men dodge guilt whenever possible.
  • She accepts guilt readily. He doesn’t and is more complex. (Details at article 561)
  • She’s a love machine. She loves and makes it work. He’s a work machine. He works and turns it into his love.


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335. College girls: Dateless??? — Posts 186-200

One Duke University senior claimed she never had a date in college and knew no one that had. So, coed now means guys and booty?

Hear the rest of the story at these post numbers.

186.       Hot tips for hot lips.

187.       Our education system has corrupted the term ‘self-esteem’.

188.       If her boobs ain’t displayed right, she’s starting to look older.

189.       One thing kills a man’s love, and another ends his presence.

190.       Women energize men to pursue the next score, notch the bedpost, and go after more.

191.       Girls acting like boys.

192.       Nurture in the weans, lead in the tweens, coach in the teens.

193.       Most body movements require little thought.

194.       Mom was right. We do become like those with whom we associate.

195.       He’s the left hand rhythm end of life’s keyboard. She’s the right hand melodic end.

196.       Feminists want to treat his and her infidelity the same, but they’re not.

197.       Baby-care adults breathe self-esteem into each of us.

198.       He changes after conquest.

199.       Male virginity, disconnected from romance.

200.       What daughters should hear.

Escape or dodge the booty label. See the CONTENT page in the blog header.

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