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752. The Majesty of Sex — III

Three factors breed manly devotion and marital longevity, and they build from the mutual exchange of assets, commitments, and rewards. The swapping works far more successfully, when she’s virgin or virtual virgin**:

They swap ultimate assets:

  • Her ultimate asset is sex, and especially when unconquered by him. Their first sex together means he conquered and thus ‘owns’ her for sex, if he so desires. If they marry first, then he obviously desires it.  
  • His ultimate asset is independence from other women and the ability to devote himself to helping fulfill her hopes and dreams.

They swap ultimate commitments:

  • Her ultimate commitment shows up with proof or conviction to him that he’s the only sex object in her eyes. Lengthy courtship without sex goes a long way to convince him, because he tries everything and fails. That other men have known her doesn’t dampen his drive to conquer, but it grossly dampens his sense of significance, if he’s to invest himself in her.
  • His ultimate commitment comes with investing himself to help fulfill her hopes and dreams. She has to earn his commitment by showing devotion to him. What displays her devotion better than anything else? Saving her sexual self exclusively for him, whether as virgin or virtual virgin!

They reward each other:

  • Her ultimate reward comes when husband needs and wants to stay with her permanently.
  • His ultimate reward comes when he conquers her. He gains frequent and convenient sex with ‘his’ female that others have not and will not know. The reward continues in mini-doses with subsequent love making. (He doesn’t know about her greatest benefit: His conquest under her terms taught her how to sustain his investment in her and their future.)

The magic of making majestic rewards work continues tomorrow.

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