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248. Virtual Virginity #14

♀ ♥ Virtual virginity means just say No to unmarried sex. The purpose: To separate mature from immature, real from fake, reliable from irresponsible, surprising from humdrum, decisive from spineless, adult from adolescent in men and boys. Otherwise known as assessing a guy’s true potential for responsible husbanding and fathering.

♀ ♥ Unless he chooses to drop her—very likely in today’s sexual arena—denial of unmarried sex makes a man focus more and more on her quality, value, and potential as whole person and, hence, wife.

♀ ♥ Conquest stops his looking so diligently for her weaknesses and thus learning about her strengths; other things become more important than sex with her.

♀ ♥ Conquest releases a man to focus on other things. It frees him to move his attention to something else such as job, hobby, buds, or other females. 

♀ ♥ If she can refuse unmarried sex until she conquers him for marriage, she expands her influence over his natural dominance. The winning conqueror shapes their subsequent relationship.

♀ ♥ Women play the man’s game. They shop for friendship, pay with sex, and hope the relationship leads to shack up or marry up. Friendship based on sex doesn’t last, which makes escape easier for men.

[More about virtual virginity appears in posts 231, 212, 198, 181, 169, 158, 147, 136, 125, 96, 70, 51, and 44. Post 25 describes options for girls. Scroll down or search for the number with a dot and space following.]


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215. Vulnerable females

Infatuation: Foolish or all-absorbing passion is a powerful motivator. People often see weakness in infatuated friends. Those infatuated often consider it an imprisonment they must bear. It’s excess passion but still part of the female nature.

·        Pre-pubescent girls become infatuated with copying teen girls.

·        Teen girls become infatuated with infatuation.

·        Young women become infatuated with romance.

·        Unmarried women become infatuated with boyfriends.

·        Fiancés and brides become infatuated with precision in wedding arrangements.

·        Newlyweds become infatuated with bringing alive the ideal marriage.

·        Cohabiting women become infatuated with holding on until marriage comes.

·        Dumped women become infatuated with what they’ll do different next time.

·        Wives become infatuated with keeping husband but on her terms.

·        Unhappy wives become infatuated with bashing and trashing the cause.

·        Feminists become infatuated with uplifting females at the expense of males.

·        Women working outside the home become infatuated with equalizing housework and childcare duties.

·        Mothers become infatuated with living their kids’ lives for them—from simple decisions through safety extremes.

·        Grandmothers become infatuated with lessons they learned too late in life.

·        Female bosses become infatuated with their power, especially authority over men.

·        Teachers become infatuated with excellence, but their bosses push mediocrity.  

Infatuation easily takes hold of females, and it often leads to bad decisions.



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