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13. Is commitment enough?

Commitment comes in words and depends on faith by the listener. Devotion can be seen in actions that make both words and faith unnecessary.

Commitment confirms one’s intentions about the future, which may only be what the listener wants to hear.

Commitments fall apart easily, but devotion is often killed by the receiver of it.

Inspired by politics, Feminism, and the popularity of harshly judging men, modern wives run a tab on husband’s inadequacies, weaknesses, and failures. She pays the price as her self-fulfilling prophecy fulfills to kill his commitment or weaken his devotion.

Women seek commitment with a man, even as they turn away another man devoted to them. In short, women want a man that turns them on early in life, but later they want something else. They marry, divorce, and finally end up with a high school chum that used to adore or even worship them.

Life 101 teaches young girls how to discriminate between the respect, value, and expectations of real life commitment and devotion. But, modern girls cut class.




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