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1591. Faith

Faith knows no vacuum; it’s always full. Faith based primarily on humans and humanity serves those with the most strengths and inevitably centralizes in powerful men. Faith based on a supreme being induces people to rise above themselves and persuades men to more deliberately and dearly respect women and children.

If a single man believes and faithfully follows Jesus Christ, Mr. Good Enough morphs easily into Mr. Promising. I understand many Christian single men don’t lead very Christian lives. Their lives lack the presence and influence of a very Christian wife (as opposed to a woman). Christian bachelors deserve more credit than they seem to earn. Faith in Christ tops all else for guiding and enabling men to respect women and children and potentially devote themselves to helping fulfill female hopes and dreams.

If not full of Jesus Christ whose standards are perfect and expectations command respect for others, then husbands live up to self-centered emotions and beliefs that are not pleasing to women and children. Specifically, less than ideal and often less than admirable expectations generated by narcissism, self-absorption, selfishness, self-hatred, self-loathing, cultism, ideology, religion, rule of man, witchcraft, sports, adventurism, sex, pop culture, adolescence, or absolute inferiority of females.

Lapsed faith isn’t the same as no faith, which should inspire single women to pry, question, and screen for the difference in early dates and emerging courtships. Good men don’t have to be great Christians; they just have to keep trying.


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