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807. RANDOM THOUGHTS — Group 12

  • I’ve read and seen much about body language, but not this one: He shakes hands with his palm facing down. It reflects a very strong drive to dominate.
  • If she can keep quiet with a pleasant smile (not a smirk), when all around lose their composure, she triggers their invitation to speak.
  • Opposites attract for good reason. People too much alike measure one another by their own failings, and this makes judgments more harsh, common, and threatening to their relationship.
  • Two great male scams rationalized and copied by women: We should live together to make sure we’re sexually compatible. Women also deserve masculine-style sexual freedom.
  • People with firm life missions and hard convictions tend to see things in terms of black and white and seldom gray.
  • Knowledge may be power, but his knowledge of her naked body weakens her power. If what he knows makes her more desirable, his male dominance stirs stronger. If what he knows makes her less desirable, her influence with him weakens. (Another reason why marriage needs more than romantic love and sex.)
  • THE RULES tell women to deal with men in certain ways. WhatWomenNeverHear tells women WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHEN, HOW, and WHY to figure it all out and deal more successfully with men.


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