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1796. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 75

  1. Bitchiness arises out of role confusion. Her heart and mind are not in sync.
  2. A female’s easy smile whispers that she knows she’s pretty.
  3. The more different she appears from other women, the more unforgettable she is to a man.
  4. If a wife mothers her husband, expect him to cheat. If he’s also of an adolescent mindset, expect to lose him.
  5. When she shacks up with a man, she puts a lid on his respect that she can earn. Limited respect means limited love, which means limited time together.
  6. Dignity—You have to act it to get it.
  7. A man’s devotion shines when he relinquishes dominance to a woman on those issues she wishes to dominate.
  8. Where laughter prevails, hope can’t be far behind. Hope and laughter go together. If you find little hope in your heart, find and generate laughter with your mind.
  9. The best husbands are trained in toddlerhood. Mothers charm boys to absorb adult values they are too young to emulate but which program their heart. Mothers do it by inculcating/indoctrinating adult values while respecting them as person first, boy second, and ‘unrespecter’ of bad behavior third.
  10. The female nature finds that manipulation comes easy. Men are not so inclined by nature.


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1769. Sex Difference Redux — Part 23: Love VI (w/ Kathy Petersen)

More About Boys

Learning how to love another person in childhood is still not enough to motivate a man to devote to a woman. Women shape their lives around love as a concept and belief. However, in order for men to dedicate and devote themselves to someone or something, two things are necessary: 1) They must respect the love object, and 2) they must believe in the promise that the love object holds for making them feel good about themselves.

Belief is a dominating force within masculinity. In order to believe, men must see that something or someone shows promise to brighten their lives, and holds promise to match or fit their self-interest. Following the development and firming up of beliefs, males dedicate and devote themselves to what they believe in—positively or negatively. For example:

  • Boys demonstrate fondness and allegiance to a few individuals, when they believe in mother who taught them to love others.
  • Boys devote to their own development, when they believe they can do most anything.
  • Boys dedicate to serving others, when they believe that God wants them to.
  • Boys dedicate to godly lives, when they believe that God holds more promise than humans do.
  • Boys live selfish and self-centered lives, when they believe in themselves to the virtual exclusion of others.

The greater the intensity of a belief, the greater is a boy’s attachment and dedication to it. For example, when a boy believes deeply in a role model, he falls prey to manipulation and indoctrination. When a man believes more deeply in a woman than himself, he falls prey to her dominance.

Except during the passions of romantic love, men shortchange women on affection and other signs of emotional bonding. How they learn as boys to love and show respect and affection determines how they will do it as men.


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775. The Blessings of Patriarchy — Chapter 4


This continues the part of yesterday’s article where I said: “Historical facts suggest women will be eternally blessed and made hopeful by male-dominated, wealth-building society. The question then pops up: How do women capitalize on what they face? How do they balance their interests with those of men? Before Feminism came along, our foremothers intuitively knew how. The answer squirts out in this misty spray: Women depend on, use, and exploit men in society and around the house. (Details tomorrow)” The details now follow.

Women depend on, use, and exploit men in many ways. But it’s best done gradually and unnoticeably. Before anyone says I’m endorsing manipulation, think again for I’m not. All that follows is motivated naturally by these primal urges: her drive to nest, nurture, and nestle; her need for a brighter future; her wants for a man’s help in fulfilling her hopes and dreams, her fear of abandonment, and her time focus on the future more than the present.

The following is not a How To. It’s intended to be educational. So, it requires study to deepen one’s understanding of the female nature when balancing self-interest with that of a man:

·        She stakes out ownership of the feminine domain and competes to preserve it. She clearly and ungrudgingly yields ownership of the masculine, and cooperates to help men or husband to do better.

·        She competes strongly with men to preserve her chastity or marital fidelity. She cooperates strongly with husband to preserve their relationship. She assumes responsibility for ‘maintaining’ any relationship.

·        She has a natural urge to take charge of almost everything concerning her family. She knows when she shouldn’t especially in areas that husband considers his responsibility or domain.

·        Without offending husband, she learns to control enough of life’s events to pursue her hopes and dreams for her family. She wins enough independence by depending on him.

·        She knows men don’t like to ask females for help, and so she anticipates and meets husband’s needs without his asking. It’s not reciprocal, however, because he isn’t as sensitive to her feelings.

I found the list too big for one day. It will finish tomorrow.

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744. Gender Differences Revisited — Group M

  1. Men tend to navigate by directions, maps, and intuition. Women tend to navigate by landmarks.
  2. Having to ask directions makes sense to a woman. Doing so confesses to a man’s insignificance.
  3. Men tend to remember the past by events. Women tend to remember the past by emotions felt at the time.
  4. Morality primarily serves women, because they need it much more than men.
  5. If a woman fails to live within and uphold a self-imposed strong moral code, she can expect mistreatment by men. It’s not so for men.
  6. Predominately men are takers and women givers. Marital strength lies with an imbalance accepted as fair but perceived as near enough to equal.
  7. Promiscuity softens a woman’s hard-headedness and hardens her soft-heartedness. Promiscuity deadens a man’s respect for females.
  8. Self-hatred in men causes rape and violence. In women it stimulates manipulation, self-destructive behavior, and loss of relationship expertise.


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680. Respect Revisited — III

Respect, disrespect, and lack of respect determine outcomes. Her choices make much bigger differences than do his. His nature tells him that women can’t compete on significant strengths. Therefore, they’re not equal on others. It’s subliminal, but it determines why women have to earn a man’s respect. When he admires her strengths, she’s winning his respect and time reinforces it.   

♦       If a man initiates pursuit for sex, she earns respect with responses that leave him so unfulfilled that he persists in ‘decoding’ who and what she really is as a person. Her strengths that deter him. Being difficult to figure out earns masculine respect, and this makes mystery and female modesty work so generously for her.

♦       Once a woman commits to a man, he fully expects her unequivocal and undying respect. Her commitment means he’s done all the earning he has to do.

♦       Sometimes, unfortunately, a man fakes whatever earns her respect. She commits, and then his real Self shows up. He’s not due the same respect as before, but he still expects what she previously showed. Battles or worse arise.

♦       Wives refuse sex to their husband, not once or twice, but as frequent practice. They claim personal reasons or seek to manipulate him, but her intentions don’t guarantee outcomes. Her refusals equate to lack of respect for him, which equates to loss of self-respect, which energizes husband to look elsewhere to restore it.


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324. Female malpractice — Part 10

Successful marriage comes not from big things such as love, responsibility, gratefulness, and dependability. It comes from the absence of little things that contradict, weaken, or destroy bonded emotions and disparage character traits.

·        Nagging destroys her likeability.

·        Laziness weakens her appeal.

·        Careless, sloppy, or no grooming distorts her attractiveness.

·        Ingratitude for him spoils her as needful of him.

·        Irresponsible spending highlights her selfishness.

·        Instant gratification show lack of intelligence or will power.

·        Withholding sex when not sick makes husband think of other women.

·        Manipulation displays lack of respect for him, especially when she uses sex to do it.

·        Demeaning him kills his respect for her, when his love is based on respect for her, but her love for him is not.

·        Lowering her standards weakens his respect.

·        Lack of her self-respect invites his greater dominance with less respect and love.

Changing herself—especially becoming a different person soon after marriage—convinces husband that he married the wrong woman. He expects precisely the person he married only better.

[Nine other posts about female malpractice are listed in the Content page at the top.]


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92. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 05

In addition to more freely yielding unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts younger women to make more fundamental mistakes dealing with men.

Many women seem inept at winning the battle of the sexes, attracting the right man, avoiding hit-and-run relationships, identifying worthless men before yielding sex, dodging the Manipulating Man, avoiding the violent man, capturing the Marrying Man, avoiding accumulation of more ‘baggage’, inspiring faithfulness, avoiding the man’s game of shack up, living with a man for more than a few years, and growing into the right person to hold a man for life.

Some women adopt stupid rationalizations: Get pregnant to capture or hold a man. A married man is better than nothing. We’re great in bed, so he must love me. If we don’t cohabit, I’ll lose him.

Other women ignore their nature. A woman does not absolutely need a man, but she wants company or assistance at specific times in life. Primarily she wants a dependable relationship with someone stronger and perhaps more influential in shaping events that impact her and her children. She wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by catastrophes, powerful people, and unexpected events. She wants comfort in needy times and seeks companionship to prevent loneliness. She particularly wants all these things late in life.

Feminist theory, dogma, and propaganda brought these conditions to women. Fortunately, women are now beginning to see the light. 



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