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1269. Dress to Expectations of Others?

Her Highness Alice wrote: “Why the HELL should I dress to other people’s expectations? Ugh.” Her innocence inspired this article.

Alice, how much of your dress habits come from the teachings of your parents? Do you still live up to any of their expectations? If for no other reason, you cover your body in public to meet the expectations of others. Female modesty inspires you to do it, but I bet you always go beyond the minimum.

Try this: Dress way up or way down for some social function with friends, business associates, or whoever. How do they react? Do it regularly and you will be marginalized at least and dumped at worst, but you know that. So you dress as certain people expect you to appear provided you want to maintain your relationship with them. You reflect on them even if you don’t know it and whether you like it or not. You don’t have to fully meet their expectations, but their minimum exists and I bet you normally dress up to it.

Does fashion ever enter your decisions about dress, appearance, attractiveness? You dress to please yourself for some event and find another woman dressed exactly the same. If you dressed to please only yourself, why would her duplicate attire bother you? But, I bet it does, because the female nature knows that uniqueness means a lot in getting a woman’s world to swing her way. 

You have a natural female need for self-importance. Does it inspire you to dress in particular ways when you’re joining up with friends or about to face others?

It’s a real twist of fate. People can’t be happy without being grateful. Gratefulness for things is usually not enough. It usually takes gratefulness for one or more people including Self to make a person truly happy. People expect you to try to be happy, which to them means grateful for yourself. If, however, you’re not inspired to dress up to please yourself, to make yourself grateful for yourself and thus meet the expectations of others, you’re not likely to find that their responsive behaviors make you grateful of them.

Your HELL comment expresses one arbitrary and seemingly angry reason for not doing something that improves the world in which you live. I’ve given several reasons to move outside of self-centeredness and into other-centeredness where females shine so much brighter than men. You don’t need to do it, but many viewers of this blog claim they see a brighter future by improving themselves, especially relative to men.

You doubtless heard this wisdom growing up: We become like those with whom we associate. Well, it includes attire.

Finally, I figure you missed or ignored the merit of this: “I dedicate this blog to females that groom and dress to be pretty instead of erotic, attractive instead of comfortable, and modest instead of convenient. Each one reminds how much more beautiful the world can be.” Or and more likely, you took exception to one or more of the adjectives: pretty, erotic, attractive, comfortable, modest, and convenient.

So, I shall express it another way: I dedicate this blog to females that groom and dress to feel better instead of just good about themselves, grateful instead of unappreciated about their attractiveness, and happier instead of forlorn about their femaleness. If you see that both dedications say the same thing, I’ve eased your innocence and fulfilled my purpose today.



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174. Chaste courtship works—Part 7

♫ Girls that stick with teen abstinence and protective chastity teach boys to respect, honor, and step up to meeting female standards and expectations as men. Otherwise, men don’t learn the basics that women of their ‘generation’ expect to live with as adults. (The ‘generation’ changes every six or seven years, because the youngest teens redefine the pop culture that frequently and carry adolescent values into adulthood.)

♫ Attractive mystery, modest attitude, harmonized makeup, and discreet boob-cover sells femaleness sans sex. Her overall attractiveness rather than erotic presence broadens a man’s interest in her. This decelerates his urge to merge, because he sees no easy way to conquer. So, the chase foretells lots of fruitless effort. He soon learns that he must first conquer her spirit and character, which is impractical without cherishing her, pledging himself, or lying like hell. Her feminine resistance slows and delays accomplishment of his goal. Thus, she controls the battle of wits and wills.

♫ Sex deferred until marriage maximizes her as a highly feminine matrimonial target. Only a ‘giant of a man’ in his eyes, that is himself, his royal studliness, could beat out all those other competitors for her hand made evermore valuable by her impenetrable chastity.

♫ When all women cut way back on providing unmarried sex, the effective rationing makes men sell themselves more assertively. By force of habit and drive to succeed, this turns them into more dependable investors in, and guardians of, female interests.

[More about making caste courtships work at posts 163, 154, 143, 108, 107, and 100. Scroll down sequentially or search by the number with a dot and space following.]


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120. Choices determine life

First, the way we dress plays a major role in how we behave. People judge behavior. Therefore, our attire and grooming generate judgments about us, and people act on those judgments when they deal with us.

Second, we are who we associate with. So, dressing like our peers catalogues us. It breeds stereotypes. As mother so correctly stated, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Third, dressing up improves part of one’s appearance, so it brings self-gratitude, which brings happiness with oneself, which improves the picture one has of oneself, which breeds self-confidence and greater ability to deal successfully with others.

Fourth, when women dress up they make my world prettier. Of course, women respond that they care little about brightening this man’s world, but I’m not the only man out there. If women don’t want to light up the world men live in, men are released to uglify in their own style. In the end, the way women dress and groom themselves shapes the real world for all of us.   


©      For comfort to please herself.

©      With class to show her self-confidence.

©      Prettily to feel good about herself.

©      Distinctly to attract a man’s attention.

©      Sloppily if she just doesn’t care.

 ©      As a hottie to avoid being called a nottie.

©      Femininely if she wants respect and recognition for who she is.

©      Professionally if she works proudly in her job.

©      Masculinely if she’s bitch or butch.

 ©      Gaudily if she’s weak at reading other people or insensitive to or disdainful of their judgments.

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2830. Well-liked Article (#102 posted February 2008)

Small boobs have great value. Proportionately the erogenous zone is gigantic. It more easily attracts a man’s hand to tweaking instead of cupping.

Large boobs bring out the adolescence in men, which makes breast enlargement stupid for women who hope to capture and keep the more mature man.

Living with or chasing small boobs means the man is willing to forsake adolescent immaturity and approaches sexual activity more maturely.  

Large-boob fixation in a man is adolescence grown older.

We all tend to behave according to how we are dressed. And, others know it. For example, trying to be modest in erotic attire, or vice versa, sends messages of insincerity, phoniness, and even trickery. 

Disregard sex and its overtures for a moment. One’s appearance sends messages for others to decode. For example, these are likely. Sloppy attire can easily be decoded as variable standards, weak values, or not virtuous. Low-care grooming can be interpreted as low self-respect. Dressed below the occasion can be read as self-worth of lesser value than others present. Overdressed for an occasion can signal pretention, phoniness, or fashion ignorance. An overly eroticized appearance signals cheapness. Non-judgmentalism is a hot buzzword, but people could not survive much less live successfully without judging others.  


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59. Her Jewels

Even when sex is not cheap, a man ponders that other women look better than his present sex partner. As a skillful and successful hunter-conqueror, he could do better the next time. A woman’s challenge and only option is to make him forget the ‘do better’ and ‘next time’ parts.   

Keeping him with her requires she outshine other women. She has a huge repertoire of female strengths to rely on. Each earns another bit of a man’s respect, and, remember, a man’s love is based on respect for the female gender and one or more women in particular.

Women have many natural strengths, but few are willing to bypass their ego. Some don’t like their man well enough. Anyway, the woman hopeful of keeping her man focuses on and fine tunes the following ‘necessaries’ that make a woman shine in her man’s eyes.

♥ Physical attractiveness marvelously enhanced by affordable attire and classy grooming.

♥ Sexual attractiveness enhanced by modest coverings to reinforce that other men are forbidden.

♥ Gentleness provided out of patience.

♥ Forgetfulness that follows forgiveness.

♥ Thoughtfulness that her mate deserves even when he doesn’t.

♥ Gratefulness for her man that shines as her being happy when he’s around.

♥ Submissiveness as her spirit of cooperation.

♥ Happiness that spreads infectiously.

♥ Joyfulness that inspires greater hope.

♥ Chasteness promised to him by modest display of boobs and legs.  

♥ Generousness that smashes selfishness out of their lives.

♥ Delightfulness that makes him smile.

♥ Unselfishness that spreads as example for all.

♥ Perpetual smiling countenance.

♥ Neatness that inspires others.

♥ Goodness that sets a shining example.

♥ Faithfulness that inspires him to follow suit.

These are every woman’s strengths, but most women are too busy, ego-stricken, or politically propagandized to use them. NOTE: Of course her man may not be worth such effort as shown above, but it’s her jewels that make him the right man. It’s her behavior that makes him good, bad, indifferent, inadequate, or whatever, provided she didn’t mate up with a hopeless case to begin with.  



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42. Escaping Loneliness in Church

Women: This is not advice, but another model to understand male thinking.

Recruit Mr. Right at a big church. Go weekly and arrive before everyone else. Seek isolation and sit out in the open. (If others join you, they hide the mystery or your isolation.) Select the pew so you can be easily approached without someone having to sit with you.

Go alone, as a girlfriend will detract from you. Groom and dress neatly and modestly, very pretty and very feminine. You may want to invest in a make over, if your luck recently has not been good. Be predictable, pleasant, patient, and a study for others, while you study your bible. Keep doing it weekly, same service, same attractiveness, same pleasantness.

When approached, do not act eager but polite with just a hint of ‘vague and unavailable’. Your being alone works to a man’s strength and advantage. Women alone need rescue, so a man will assume your loneliness signals need for him. Also, if he is to be rejected, he wants no witnesses.

Men or the mothers of unattached men will find you. One may be worth keeping. Or, some man may invite you to a singles class or other church function by way of a ‘half-date’. This would be much better than showing up at such places as your desperate self or at the invitation of another female.

The purpose of this scenario is to meet men better grounded in respect for the female gender than those you’ll meet bar hopping. It guarantees nothing, but it signals to men that you think for yourself, will not be easily conquered, and may be ideal for a wife. Thus, you start off in charge of any relationship that develops.  


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