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2154. Compatibility Axioms #681-690

681. Modest attire signals covered boobs to be protected boobs. Cleavage drastically eases his worry about gaining access.  [235]

682. She assertively initiates unmarried sex—will she be led to church or left in the lurch? Odds favor the latter. [236]

683. New mothers that have no husband to love them indulge their children in false hope mom will be more deeply appreciated.  [236]

684. She wears her heart on her sleeve, just to be sure he understands her—mystique or mistake? Probably the latter. [236]

685. She goes for one-night stands and complains when he doesn’t call. Who’s at fault? The giver or the taker? [236]

686. Girls providing fellatio in public add dignity to the female gender, and that encourages masculine respect. Right? [236]

687. She gets in his face loudly to win an argument. Is she attractive to keep around or just another guy to ignore? [236]

688. A woman’s moral standards set boundaries for a guy’s treatment of her. Her enforcement holds him in line, earns his respect, and sends silent messages about how life will be with her. [237]

689. Except for the physical, feminine nature easily counterbalances male dominance. But modern women abandon their strengths for doing so. If he’s comfortable, he’s in control. If he’s uncomfortable, she’s in control. [237]

690. Her mystery, morality, and modesty signal ‘permission denied’ for male boldness. It checks him, before he ventures too far. His need for caution makes him uncomfortable, which adds to her ability to dominate. [237]




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2153. Compatibility Axioms #671-680

671. A man’s natural pursuit of other females does not stop until one woman so captures his respect and captivates his imagination that he devotes himself to her alone. [234]

672. It’s a boob paradox. Women publicly appeal directly to the sexual interests of men. They capture men for sex, but they can’t hold one for long after infatuation, romantic love, and lust fade in a year or two. [234]

673. Men call it romance, whatever is required to initiate foreplay or sex. Women know romance as the special attention he pays her when sex is not at stake. [234]

674. She marries expecting him to change, but he doesn’t. He marries expecting her not to change, but she does. Both get what they don’t want. [234]

675. Erotic attire has one-person value: It puts the male mind on track to conquer or to show her off. Neither track is about her true self. [235]

676. After nakedness and conquest, there’s little left. Her ad campaign dies with conquest, as it kills his imagination except for future arousal. (Conquest is the man’s end-game. Booty sustains him between conquests.) [235]

677. Dating as a sex object plants the seed of booty for him but maybe only something better for her. [235]

678. Men want to move toward conquest at their pace. More mystery, modesty, and doubt about scoring slow it to her pace. [235]

679. Suggestive attire is more effective than erotic attire at energizing the imaginative side of the male mind. (The more he has to imagine, think, plot, and worry, the better for her.) [235]

680. The appeal of boobs lies in the challenge to get to them. Once uncovered, conquest is assured. [235]



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2137. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 97

  • Modern women betray their best interests. They abandon their greatest strengths dealing with males: mystery, modesty, morality, manners, meekness, marriage, monogamy, mothering, and a self-imposed and unique majesty that commands respect from males. The fallout spreads across society and men assume greater dominion over women and their home together.
  • Feminism encourages men to spread their seed. Femininity rewards men for hoarding it.
  • Confused but ever alert for another conquest, men watch as females of all ages deal unsuccessfully with their mates. As relationships crumble, men exploit the females dumped into the pool of those so desperate to recover they are easy to conquer.
  • If a man is to compete energetically for one woman to keep for a lifetime, women must have something of greater value than just genitalia.
    Since all women have that in common, he’s lured by other rewards than just sex for husbanding and fathering.
  • Feminism expects men to suppress their masculine instincts and still please women. Femininity expects men to use their masculine instincts to prove themselves worthy of women, children, and family life.
  • Women seek to change their world but do not listen to men. They learn by listening only to women. Consequently, what women know about men is often wrong.
  • Men see things like this. Things don’t change satisfactorily unless men change them or have them changed.
  • Men don’t look for flaws in the woman they marry. Her qualities outweigh her shortcomings, so that’s good enough. Women are opposite. His flaws are both correctable and his being good enough depends on his qualities enabling her to work on his flaws. Consequently, men marry a good woman and expect her to remain good for him. Therefore, he’s blameless if she changes. Women marry a man with flaws correctable by her and expecting to make him better for her. She earns the blame if he turns out different than she expects. Out of that arises the foreigner in their relationship, undeserved blame for the other. Blame and compatibility are already mutually exclusive, and undeserved blame makes it toxic.



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680. Respect Revisited — III

Respect, disrespect, and lack of respect determine outcomes. Her choices make much bigger differences than do his. His nature tells him that women can’t compete on significant strengths. Therefore, they’re not equal on others. It’s subliminal, but it determines why women have to earn a man’s respect. When he admires her strengths, she’s winning his respect and time reinforces it.   

♦       If a man initiates pursuit for sex, she earns respect with responses that leave him so unfulfilled that he persists in ‘decoding’ who and what she really is as a person. Her strengths that deter him. Being difficult to figure out earns masculine respect, and this makes mystery and female modesty work so generously for her.

♦       Once a woman commits to a man, he fully expects her unequivocal and undying respect. Her commitment means he’s done all the earning he has to do.

♦       Sometimes, unfortunately, a man fakes whatever earns her respect. She commits, and then his real Self shows up. He’s not due the same respect as before, but he still expects what she previously showed. Battles or worse arise.

♦       Wives refuse sex to their husband, not once or twice, but as frequent practice. They claim personal reasons or seek to manipulate him, but her intentions don’t guarantee outcomes. Her refusals equate to lack of respect for him, which equates to loss of self-respect, which energizes husband to look elsewhere to restore it.


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651. College girls: New campus trend

College girls go beyond X-rated bathrooms. Coed dorm rooms replace coed dorms as hot campus trend.

College liberates students from adult supervision. Childhood self-centeredness doesn’t fade away until about age 21 or graduation, whichever comes first. Not surprising, students do stupid things. Decisions no doubt seem rational to immature minds, but they foretell agonies for a woman’s future.

  • The female nature focuses on the future, the male on the present. Dorm room cohabitation practices the males’ game, which reinforces teen thinking to go where the boys are and do what the boys want.
  • Highly self-centered and still impressionable male minds receive lessons about marital benefits without associated responsibilities. This shapes the males’ belief system contrary to mature female interests.
  • Dorm room cohabitation teaches men that married life can be simple, and they expect the real thing to be equally so. Women dealing with those men after college pay the price for lessons taught earlier by coeds.  
  • A female’s mystery, modesty, and morality can’t survive on campus without adult supervision or mature self-supervision. Then, it all dies in a coed dorm room, asphyxiated after coed dorms and bathrooms made it terminal.
  • Watch this one, ladies: Losing her mystery, modesty, and morality makes her less attractive to guys except for sex. BUT: It also makes her less self-respectful and less forgiving of herself. She can fake or reinvent those things for guys, but she can’t fool herself. It could take years, if ever, to restore her sense of feminine dignity to the level she desires once her mind matures.


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633. Favored Quotes — Collection 2

Here’s some more you ladies said that I like:

  • I am 21 years old and no one ever told me that a woman’s need for a man is what bonds him. I wish more girls/young ladies knew this. I am sure it would make their jaws drop. (Laura M. at 592)
  • Femininity adds needed mystery and differentness that real men love. (Dogsandfitness at 591)
  • I think competitiveness [among females] is where cattiness comes in. (Princess Rita at 596)
  • Well, I don’t want Mr. Wrong showing up at all, but how much control do I have over that if I picked wrongly? That’s why I am just trying to make sure I screen appropriately ahead of time. (Reina at 362)
  • I love being feminine and men being masculine. It makes both parties happy in themselves and a blessing to each other… When out swiftly walking with my husband I have darling gentlemen greeting me kindly or even tipping their hat. I wonder if it’s because I still dress femininely even when performing exercise. (Linda L at 625)
  • Women…roll their eyes and lament over the general immaturity of males. Online, they whine and criticize the masculine attributes. The irony is that women can be more vicious, especially those who manifest a feminist orientation. (Laura at 627)

I’m sure I’ll spot more gems before this blog closes.

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575. Why Harassment? — Egregious 2

Women face unwanted sexual advances, and some egregiously offend them. Such men can be handled. (Not to include situations where physical abuse is a real threat.)

I offer the following scenarios to show how most men tend to react to certain pressures. Certain tactics have great impact on the male gender. For example:

♦       “Stop that.” Snap out these words unemotionally at the first unwanted advance. It’s not so much your words as shock and awe of you taking command of the situation and not providing more feedback.

Don’t act angry, don’t complain, don’t explain, and don’t answer questions he may ask in surprised innocence. Don’t stare him down if you work with or for him—he loses too much face to continue working well with you. Get away if possible or turn away and change the subject—let him save some face.

Let him figure you out. Confusion and mystery he can’t stand, and so his behavior will change. Probably a different approach in order to stimulate your feedback, but he should be far less bold and offensive.

♦       “Stop that.” Snap it out on second offense too and perhaps the third and even fourth. If hits differ in words, acts, or ideas, he’s testing his real world and how to succeed. If he offends in identical manner each time, it shows no sign of testing or backing off (see tomorrow’s post, 576).

As with first hit, withhold your feelings and opinions about him. Zero feedback shifts his thinking from ‘she can’t resist’ or ‘how do I succeed’ to ‘maybe it’s me’. Again, let him figure it out. If you smile, you defeat yourself.

If he figures out ‘maybe it’s me’, then new questions settle in his mind. This is first step to stopping advances from unwanted guys.

On the subject of what offends you, be silent. Anything he learns will be used against you. The next post deals with what to do if this tactic doesn’t work!


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