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484. DATING 1: College 101

Casual sex became common several decades ago with college females, and they remain at the leading edge. Dateless sex will come soon to the schools and watering holes near you, but I suspect it has already arrived.

v Old school: Boys went to college for an education and to mature, but they were hopeful of perhaps gaining some sexual experience. Girls went there to find a husband.

v New school: Women attend college expecting or learning to participate in masculine-style sexual freedom. Men go for the sexual opportunities and pleasure of seeing women play stupid. For many of both sexes, education is mere by-product.

v Sexually active women corrupt the dating game for the rest. They ignore the feminine decorum that tends to tame boys into dating.

v Females look for fun and excitement first and forego negotiating for the feminine way. They join wild parties indiscriminately. They drink excessively, and yield as matter of protocol. They let males set socializing values, standards, and expectations designed to produce sex without dating.

v Anecdotal but not inconsequential: One Duke University senior claimed she never had a date in college and knew no one that had. The custom seems common and getting more so. Tom Wolfe’s novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, describes college life as he researched it. However, no father of a college bound daughter should read the book.


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244. What daughters never hear—Section 5

♫♥♫ As one woman claimed, Femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. (Alison A. Armstrong, Keys to the Kingdom, 2003, PAX Programs, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA , p.151)

♫♥♫ Old School vs. New School—Until sixty years ago females largely withheld sex until engagement or marriage. Men married expecting to stay that way. Nowadays, with sex so freely available, men dodge marriage as unnecessary or depart it as a dumb move.

♫♥♫ She makes her single self worthy of a man and becomes seller instead of buyer. This clicks her for the recycle bin, although he may not dump her until later. 

♫♥♫ By conqueror’s right he takes control of their sexual agenda. She needs to own it until marriage so as to lay groundwork for weakening his dominance after marriage.

♫♥♫ Men separate sex from the gal. Women stupidly let them get by with it.

[More that daughters never hear appear in posts 227, 214, 200, and 183. Scroll down or search by the number with a dot and space following it.]

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228. Female Fortitude—46 through 50

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

46. Some women dress erotically to capture a man and follow up with sloppy dress and grooming that turns his head toward other neat and erotically attired females. Other women know that sloppy appearance and inattentive personal grooming at home and in public spawns other women as potential trophies in their man’s eyes.

47. Dark Side Truth #3—Feminist thinking in the home inspires women to favor ingratitude for their man’s imperfections rather than gratefulness for his manliness and strengths. Eventually, a man tires of it, his respect wanes, alienation sets in, and disruption or departure follows.

49. First impressions motivate a man. Modest boobery signals she’s relatively unavailable but may be worth a chase. The man that finds her sufficiently attractive preps himself to spend a lot of time and effort with her. He figures it’s needed just to penetrate her resistance that’s reflected by her apparent modesty. Her modesty energizes his perceptiveness and imagination to her advantage. It also pressures him to learn to honor her expectations for him.

50.  Old school. When women denied sex without marriage, men didn’t take rejection personally. They blamed her hang ups, moral,  religious, or whatever. New school. As modern females provide sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. Some males can’t recover one much less repeated refusals. It can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]


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152. When women act like men—Part 2

♀ Women discard lovely and attractive feminine behavior. They replace old school intense femaleness with new school faux masculinity.

Women compete against their man, when men expect only cooperation from their woman.

Women play the masculine game of unmarried sex. This empowers men to dodge personal commitments, cultural obligations, and responsible habits for frequent and convenient sex.

♀ By absorbing feminist politics, women condemn the masculine nature while turning off or tuning out their female nature.

♀ Unisex doesn’t play the man’s game, it is the man’s game. Men consequently enjoy frequent and convenient access to sex without obligations for family, kids, or a woman.

♀ If she can depend on herself, she doesn’t need him. If that happens, she’s not grateful for him. If that happens, he’s not too interested in staying with her.

Women discard feminine mystique. They give up old school ‘vague and unavailable’ that fine tunes manliness for new school candidness and extreme familiarity that exposes her vulnerabilities.

Women think everything should be more equal, so they upstage men by initiating sex. Men welcome it, but it short-circuits a man’s respect so essential for enduring love to develop.

 ♀ Experience with many sex partners hardens a woman’s heart. It makes her cynical, suspicious, and unable to like herself enough to hold a man.


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129. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 08

  • A feminist creed: Don’t listen to what men have to say about the female sex. It’s understated, and men are the enemy.
  • Feminists blame character flaws for men that cheat. But without women to provide sex to married men, pressures mount for husbands to remain faithful whether they like it or not.
  • Feminists insist on equal sharing of housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. The best intentions to equalize workload weakens mutual devotion, because sustaining equality is both friction-causing and impossible to achieve.
  • Feminists listen only to women about Feminism. They ignore its impact on the male nature and blame men for not acting as women say they should, would, or could.  
  • Feminists move females away from old school maturity-before-sex in favor of new school sex-before-maturity. Men win, women gain sexual freedom and lose the ability to hold onto one man.  
  • Feminism teaches women to rationalize a superior role for females, celebrate their independence from men, and compete against their man. This justifies a self-centered competitive rather than an us-centered cooperative spirit. Filling such a role belittles a man’s sense of significance, the loss of which is his greatest fear with any woman.
  • Feminists actively honor sexual freedom. Men relish the proliferation of uncommitted sex, but the Marrying Man seeks something very different.
  • Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the consequent watering down of family responsibility.

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93. Sex and the fickle girl—Part II

When a woman initiates sex, the man’s sense of importance turns to temporary luck. Men value women more highly when she makes him feel significant. Luck pushes him to try again—elsewhere.

Wives thrive on their man’s devotion, but then they take advantage of it. They belittle and nag him to get better, sacrifice more for her, pay more attention to her, or provide more affection. Instead, her pressures cause his devotion to weaken, his interest to spread outside the home, and his commitment to ultimately fade perhaps altogether.

Women capture a man most successfully when they make him capture her. Easily captured game is easily caught and released. Difficult-to-capture game becomes manly trophies. Men have a hunting nature.

Women ignore old school female virtue in favor of new school ‘anything goes’. The Marrying Man loses interest in marrying and focuses on women for sex.

A.D.D. revisited — Women as the relationship experts are well equipped to accept, adjust, or compensate for a man’s Affection Delivery Disorder. Instead, however, most women focus on themselves. Those surveyed complain most about their man’s lack of showing affection—thus admitting their primary shortcoming to be female Affection Deficit Disorder and their inability to handle it. [See post #3 for more on A.D.D.]

♣ Modern women refuse to pay a man’s price for husbanding and fathering. So, husbands evade personal, family, and relationship responsibilities in favor of guy things and adventures unfriendly to or exclusive of their wife.

♣ The excitement of a new boyfriend distorts a female’s thinking. She’s so excited that she looks at today and forgets all the tomorrows. The female nature best deals with the future, the male nature best deals with the present.  

♣ One poor strategy causes women to lose the war of the sexes. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will confirm him as the right man, and her love will hold him.

[More fickleness at post #34.] 


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50. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 03

From Matrimony to Acrimony—In the couples’ world today graciousness drowns, mutual gratefulness withers, and husbands respond disruptively. Respect, courtesy, and good manners disappear. Male aggression escalates. Masculine strengths and manly civility are purposely under appreciated, and men resent, resist, and retaliate.

Devotion seldom forms, and commitment means temporary. Husbands shift focus to another blossom, and wives seek escape from misery-with-a-man to misery-without.

But it worsens in the modern world of masculine-style sexual freedom for everyone. Men and women first meet, interact, and even date. He delivers attention and persuasion, and she’s supposed to follow by providing unobligated sex. It’s all done for fun and lust according to mutual taste. She may even initiate. That’s the model.

The reality proves different because of intolerable effects on some men.  

Old school. Women seek marriage before sex. When a woman denies sex to the man, he doesn’t take rejection personally. He blames the rejectionist for moral, religious, or female hang-ups to assuage his ego. His self-esteem and self-image don’t take unrecoverable hits. He understands that women are in charge of sexual mores, and his self-interest keeps him in pursuit of sex targets without wanting to punish females for rejection.

New school. When most females provide free, open, and casual sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. A man knows she’s doing it with other guys but not him. Why just him? His self-esteem bottoms out. His self-image as a ‘good man’ with a woman dwindles. His ego takes a humongous hit after his imagination ruminates over her put down. His self-interest shifts toward revenge mode.

Some males cannot recover one much less repeated refusals. Rejections can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists.


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