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1922. Compatibility Axioms #161-170

161. The more neat, clean, and chaste she appears, then the more unique and possibly extraordinary she appeals to a man. Her past appears more virgin-like when his imagination fires up that all those other men failed, simply because he cannot conquer her. [96]

162. She always appears more respectful in the eyes of men that cannot conquer her, and a man’s love is based on his respect for a woman. [96]

163. Just as sex does, fashionable attire, charming words, and fun activity help capture a man. But her other-than-sexual attributes and character hold him after romantic love fades in a year or two. [97]

164. A major facet of a man’s sense of significance rests upon his woman’s faithfulness—and especially his not having to face men who have had her or even know of someone who has. [97]

165. A man discovers a woman’s non-sexual attributes and character while searching for weaknesses in order to conquer her. After conquest his search intensity fades away, and her remaining qualities become evident but much less attractive than if uncovered before conquest. [97]

166. A man does not need refreshment and comfort with a friendly, attractive, and encouraging mate in order
to recover for tomorrow’s battles, but he never stops looking if he lacks it. [97]

167. A man’s conquering nature is not quieted down by either her giving love or providing sex—only by one woman’s non-sexual attributes and character that magnetize his devotion to her and their family. [97]

168. A man’s devotion to wife and marriage are not the same. The former is based on his heart, his feelings for her. The latter is based on his mind, values, principles, vows, and his word—to the extent that he honors such things. [97]

169. A man’s ego reflects his sense of self-admiration and significance and vice versa. [97]

170. A man’s fruitless pursuit of sex with a woman enables his commitment to evolve into devotion for her. In the process of trying harder, he learns to respect her more and see her as different from the others. [97]



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1161. Female Blunders

  • A woman makes no personal investment of time and effort to create attractiveness. Instead she crumples herself with unwashed old sweatshirt or tee, bulging or formless pants, no color in face or clothes, hair hanging as curtains or still messed up from sleep. She expects to be judged solely on her date preparation, special event attire, or husband’s indulgence.
  • A woman expects that providing sex will bond a man as it does her. But her appearance has greater bonding effect. Sex is pretty much the same with any woman. Admittedly, a man’s ego satisfaction may soar from conquering trophies or virgins, but women essentially put out what all others provide.
  • Only non-sexual attributes make women different than other females. Women today dress, act, appear almost clone-like, and duplicate their round-heel female sisters. But they expect men to treat them as unique.
  • Men do whatever women require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If men don’t correct their shortcomings, it’s because women never define, describe, and expect those shortcomings to be fixed before they provide sex.
  • Men like to spring unexpected compliments on women. The female nature enjoys the practice, likes the compliments, and knows how to handle unwelcome hits. However, feminists and advocates ended the practice by squelching the unsolicited attentions, compliments, and favors of men. Women now go without frequent feedback to confirm their sense of prettiness and importance.


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