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2154. Compatibility Axioms #681-690

681. Modest attire signals covered boobs to be protected boobs. Cleavage drastically eases his worry about gaining access.  [235]

682. She assertively initiates unmarried sex—will she be led to church or left in the lurch? Odds favor the latter. [236]

683. New mothers that have no husband to love them indulge their children in false hope mom will be more deeply appreciated.  [236]

684. She wears her heart on her sleeve, just to be sure he understands her—mystique or mistake? Probably the latter. [236]

685. She goes for one-night stands and complains when he doesn’t call. Who’s at fault? The giver or the taker? [236]

686. Girls providing fellatio in public add dignity to the female gender, and that encourages masculine respect. Right? [236]

687. She gets in his face loudly to win an argument. Is she attractive to keep around or just another guy to ignore? [236]

688. A woman’s moral standards set boundaries for a guy’s treatment of her. Her enforcement holds him in line, earns his respect, and sends silent messages about how life will be with her. [237]

689. Except for the physical, feminine nature easily counterbalances male dominance. But modern women abandon their strengths for doing so. If he’s comfortable, he’s in control. If he’s uncomfortable, she’s in control. [237]

690. Her mystery, morality, and modesty signal ‘permission denied’ for male boldness. It checks him, before he ventures too far. His need for caution makes him uncomfortable, which adds to her ability to dominate. [237]




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2116. Compatibility Axioms #571-580

571. A woman that appears very ordinary stales fast in the face of erotic scenery outside the home. [203]

572. Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. It takes years to soften his heart, and her going soft in the head doesn’t help her but stops softening of his heart. Experts aren’t very effective when their thinking goes mushy. [203]

573. Modern women market themselves poorly. They put all their eggs in the advertising basket, use cheap packaging, and ignore product quality. They advertise sex, dress cheaply, groom carelessly, and think and hope that sex will both capture and hold a man. One-night stand, yes! Hold, no! [205]

574. Sexy apparel and exposed skin precisely focuses a man’s interest on conquest. After conquest, he may or may not focus on her other interests. [205]

575. By fishing with sex as bait, she yields dominance and sex to him. This minimizes her negotiating power and puts their future in his hands. [205]

576. Sex needs no advertising. It sells itself, and advertising it cheapens a woman for everything but sex. [205]

577. Women need high quality packaging to project the appearance and confirm the fact of an extraordinary female—the kind to whom men marry and stay married. [205]

578. Regarding her appearance, if she doesn’t protect her self-respect, display self-confidence, and reflect self-esteem, she lacks quality for much more than temporary gigs with men. [205]

579. Modest attire, attractive grooming, and high-standard feminine behavior create a mysterious quality that intrigues men. It elevates a woman toward keeperhood. [205]

580. As women go, so goes society, and feminine mystique, modesty, and morality drive the best bus for females. Exclusively advertising sex makes a woman miss the bus. She’s left behind to get run over by men. [205]



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751. The Majesty of Sex — II

In what follows, let’s exclude gals truly seeking one night stands, seducing men just to have sex, or providing it in exchange for political or business favors. Conquest is not the name of that game.

Unmarried sexual conquest is self-defeating for women. They don’t yield without expecting their lives to somehow be involved afterward with the man. They may yield out of love, but they have underlying motives. They may want to be a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, but too easily they end up as booty aka lover aka mistress aka almost-dumped or actually dumped.

Women bribe men to help pursue female hopes and dreams. The ‘unworkability’ should be obvious.

  • Women appreciate what they are given, and they give in return to endorse the spirit. It works well with and between women.
  • But men are different; they appreciate what they accomplish. Giving sex for the sake of giving, pleasing, or bribing a man poisons her motives to him.
  • Self-defeat starts here: Once he’s conquered her ultimate resistance or greatest asset, she has too little else worth investing his total self in her. Sex with her now or prospects for more do not brighten his future. (A long ‘no-sex’ courtship can help reverse this effect.)
  • Whether intended as gift to please or reward to capture, unmarried sex becomes an unsuccessful bribe. Although she may capture him, she loses so much holding power that their relationship takes on a temporary cast at best. 
  • When bought off with sexual bribery, future sex falls empty on his psyche. He’s for frequent and convenient access to her for sex, but bribery exposes her to extortion by him. Her value to him lowered with conquest.

Bribery just doesn’t work. Once she yields, she has no ultimate asset to attract his ultimate asset, namely investment of his independence. His rewards that promise his future presence come only from his investment in her as described in tomorrow’s post.


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503. Hunks, Jocks, et al

Hunks, jocks, and dreamy guys tend to be like this:

v Her personal qualities mean little other than her likeability for companionship. He tires of her easily, however, because the next hottie appears more exciting and companionable.

v Unconditional respect for the female gender is low or non-existent. He was never pushed to treat females respectfully, and so it’s not embedded in his psyche.

v What little admiration he has for a particular female tends only to appear when he wants sex—booty call and one-night stand come to mind.

v Manipulation, intimidation, and abuse come easy to him, because he lacks respect for her gender. (It’s not what she does, it’s what all her predecessors handed him without investment of his Self.)

v He’s learned that females easily fall victim to his ‘vague and unavailable’ technique, so he prowls with apparent indifference. (It’s not so much his testosterone or his present mate. It’s more the way females in his past life have conditioned his thinking with easy wins and few losses.)

He handles hardtoget out of habit. However, what he can’t have triggers his weakness. Denied sex, ego permits only two options: (1) Ignore and forget her knowing that the next female will assuage his ego. (2) Schmooze her until she yields.


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236. Female malpractice — Part 7

♣ She assertively initiates unmarried sex—will she be led to church or left in the lurch? Odds favor the latter.

♣ New mothers that have no husband to love them indulge their children in hope mom will be more deeply appreciated. 

♣ She wears her heart on her sleeve, just to be sure he understands her—mystique or mistake? Probably the latter.

♣ She goes for one-night stands and bitches when he doesn’t call. Who’s at fault? The giver or the taker?

♣ Girls providing fellatio in public add dignity to the female gender. Right?

♣ Young women join adolescent men in raucously and raunchly applauding women stripping, pole dancing, using dildos. Debase your own gender and expect manly respect for anything but sex? Reflect badly on the gender? 

♣ She gets in his face loudly to win an argument. Is she attractive to keep around or just another guy to ignore?

♣ A woman kisses a frog into princehood. They marry. Then, she neuters him with words that wound his spirit for any kind of life with her. Then she can’t stand him, because he becomes more like what she calls him. Also, he can’t stand himself being with her.

[More about female malpractice appears in posts 221, 206, 189, 175, 164, and 150. Scroll down or search for the number with a dot and space following it.]

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216. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 09

♀ A single woman reaps her own soft-headedness when she yields sex based on a man’s words. If the conqueror’s words were backed by a strong conscience, we’d have little need for marriage vows.


♀ Women seek casual sex and one-night stands for fun or to escape loneliness.  Their willingness sends messages of unfaithfulness. It signals to a man that she values herself poorly. She eagerly parts with her most prized possession (to a man) for virtually nothing. So easy for him! She’s unfaithful to herself. How then could or would she be faithful to one man?

♀ Blaming her ex makes her current man anticipate the same happening to him.

♀ Is she not cherished? Perhaps she’s standing up inside!

♀ Commitment is a reflection of the giver. Devotion is a reflection of the receiver in the giver’s eyes. 

♀ Females have relationship management and maintenance instincts. But proficiency and expertise are developed through successful experiences. Success that comes from denying something to someone and making them accept it agreeably—for example, denying sex to boyfriends, denying selfish demands of children, denying self-centeredness to self.

More about sex and fickle females are listed in the CONTENT page in the blog header.




















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120. Choices determine life

First, the way we dress plays a major role in how we behave. People judge behavior. Therefore, our attire and grooming generate judgments about us, and people act on those judgments when they deal with us.

Second, we are who we associate with. So, dressing like our peers catalogues us. It breeds stereotypes. As mother so correctly stated, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Third, dressing up improves part of one’s appearance, so it brings self-gratitude, which brings happiness with oneself, which improves the picture one has of oneself, which breeds self-confidence and greater ability to deal successfully with others.

Fourth, when women dress up they make my world prettier. Of course, women respond that they care little about brightening this man’s world, but I’m not the only man out there. If women don’t want to light up the world men live in, men are released to uglify in their own style. In the end, the way women dress and groom themselves shapes the real world for all of us.   


©      For comfort to please herself.

©      With class to show her self-confidence.

©      Prettily to feel good about herself.

©      Distinctly to attract a man’s attention.

©      Sloppily if she just doesn’t care.

 ©      As a hottie to avoid being called a nottie.

©      Femininely if she wants respect and recognition for who she is.

©      Professionally if she works proudly in her job.

©      Masculinely if she’s bitch or butch.

 ©      Gaudily if she’s weak at reading other people or insensitive to or disdainful of their judgments.

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