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1801. Sex Difference Redux—Part 51: Whore in the Bedroom — I

Caution.  I describe the following in terms of the different and often opposed natures of men and women. Except as expressed, I make no judgments and leave the moral, religious, political, social, and cultural connections to the reader.

History. It happened before Feminism. Wives in small social groups with husbands joked that men only want an expert in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Men smiled jokingly with either a silent or “you betcha” response. As if trying to please men for the bedroom, Feminism was sold to women. It drove women from the kitchen and promoted female sexual freedom. Females were taught to dream as men dream, expect orgasmic satisfaction, and participate
sexually in concert with the male nature.

Over the past four decades men quit smiling jokingly with women about masculine behavior. Instead, men changed their eating habits to lean less on women, lost respect for the female gender, and now accept cheap and easy sex with many women as more than enough compensation for losing the faithful and marital devotion of one.

Women quit measuring the worth of a man by his character. Women consider sexual compatibility as the prime measure of marital potential, which encourages and almost commands premarital sex. As a consequence, marriages fall apart once romantic love fades in a year or two, or the wife acts on her decision that husband needs to change to fulfill her hopes and dreams. Sexual potential and performance displace character as the worth of a man and common sense as the supreme worth of a woman. Both women and men make poorer marriage candidates and partners.

Next, what is whorish and non-whorish behavior in the bedroom? It’s posted as #1802.


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