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399. Virtual Virginity #19

Females learn about males by withholding sex. Nothing else teaches so well.

♥ When a man conquers a virgin non-keeper, his significance rises with dumping her. Refusing him for sex teaches how to become a keeper even if not his.

♥ By withholding unmarried sex, she spotlights each man’s character, ability, and willingness for fulfilling her hopes and dreams. She learns to identify, separate, and segregate men as potential Mr. Right, Wrong, or Good Enough.

♥ When women invest for the long-term with virtual virginity, dividends flow in for whatever life they negotiate with a man.

♥ When women invest for the short-term—with emphasis on capturing a boyfriend—dividends disappear after romantic love, infatuation, and lust fade within a year or two.

♥ Withholding sex empowers a woman to dominate a man prior to his conquest. After that his dominant nature takes hold. She’s left with whatever dominance-fighting influence she earned prior to their first sex together.

Virtual virginity elevates her exceptionalness to what a man wants, an extraordinary woman. Of course men criticize her for hang ups and other delays, but her persistence earns his respect like nothing else. He wonders continually, How can she refuse me and my studliness? She’s something else!


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