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322. The Dark Side of Feminism — Part 19

Over the course of three American centuries, our Judeo-Christian cultural system of values continually improved the separate-but-equal relationship of husband and wife. Progress stopped and reversed in the late 20th Century as feminists and radicals used politics to benefit one gender over the other.

·        Couples naturally seek non-political compatibility through separate-but-equal domains—husband and wife, father and mother, lover and lovee, cherished woman and appreciated man. By disturbing the ‘separate’ through politics, Feminism disturbs the ‘equal’.

·        In the name of politically exaggerated domestic equality, wives now push husbands in ways that men do not tolerate very long.

·        For political reasons, feminists defined downward what is natural in humans. They belittle men to uplift the female image, add female worthiness, and position self-loathing man-haters to seek revenge, as they now do with political correctness.

·        Feminism trashes and smashes family-centered institutions—marriage, monogamy, morality, faithfulness, manners, treating children as non-adults.      

·        Men accept domestic equality when negotiated as part of separate-but-equal, but women expect ‘pure’ equality. So, they push and men balk.

As result of feminist ideology, women now disregard the strengths in their nature in favor of masculine traits. Their self-image has been lifted politically, but their sense of self-worth declines. They adopt masculine values and devalue their individual self-interest in order to have a man.

[Eighteen other posts about the dark side are listed in the Content page at the top.]




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304. Lifelong husbands—made, not born — Part I

Many complications muck up lifelong marriages in modern America. Five follow.

1.     The wisdom of the ages is lost. Women can’t learn from their moms, because their moms didn’t listen to their moms. It exploded four decades ago. Girls and young women rebelled and spouted slogans with revolutionary zeal: Don’t listen to anyone over thirty, Down with authority, Distrust parents, Ignore authority figures. We’re several generations deep now with women shaping their lives around these adolescent values. What one generation allows, the next practices.

2.     Men do whatever they have to do to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Because many women provide unmarried sex, men are encouraged not to swap independence for responsibility.

3.     The feminine nature presented with pride and charm appeals and turns men ON for female influence about helping fulfill a woman’s hopes and dreams. Our forefathers followed that model. But not modern men. Feminist politics, theory, and dogma turn men OFF for yielding masculine independence.  

4.     Men seek justice. Women seek equality. As women seek greater equality with men, they give up justice. The PC crowd—political correctioneers— destroy justice. PCers and feminists disconnect females from male empathy and sympathy. They reject the separate but equal roles that family life requires for mutual respect, harmony, success, and longevity.

5.     Morality serves women more than men. Women can use it, men don’t need it. Our Judeo-Christian cultural heritage serves women even better. It goes beyond morals to guide men and women into separate but equal roles in home and society. However, ideologies such as humanism, secularism, relativism, and elitism replace morality and religion with values that expand male dominance, serve males over females, and throw away what’s best for families.*

* See the Worldviews page for more about these ‘isms’.


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238. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes — Part 3

        Patriarchy is natural. Throughout history no matriarchy ever arose, but our American foremothers came closest. Our forebears converted and integrated immigrant patriarchies into a female-friendly, family-centered society.

Our Judeo-Christian value system empowered husbands to dominate workplace and society and enabled wives to dominate home and culture. This empowered our foremothers to promote manly significance and indirectly shape the future without violating the natural dominance of men.

Single men were minor players in cultural development, because most men married or sought marriage. Single women adopted, upheld, and even uplifted the virtues of Womanhood as spreader of all that is good.

Husbands fulfilled wifely expectations for a more civilized life. They tamed Nature, built wealth, managed single male excesses, observed rule of law, customized family-friendliness, and brightened the future for children.

Our American foremothers knew themselves and the male nature; they honored and exploited both. They pursued separate but equal genders.

Generation after generation made the USA more female-friendly. More law and order, security, generosity, compassion, wealth accumulation. Less male aggression, abuse, violence. Greater individual responsibility for family, fathering, husbanding.     

Women harnessed masculine energies to favor female-friendly and family-centered life. Without such wifely leadership, men don’t settle down to help women fulfill female hopes and dreams. As women go, so goes society.

Our foremothers never let up. Mothers tamed boys, girls civilized teen boys, and wives domesticated husbands. And that’s missing today.

[More on old school America appears in posts 218 and 204 below. Scroll down or search by the number with dot and space following it.]

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218. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes — Part 2

As women goes, so goes society. That’s the story of America.

     Over several centuries, our foremothers took America from male-centered to family-centered. It peaked in the late 20th Century.

     Husbands built American political, legal, and economic greatness. They dominated both workplace and society. But wives dominated home, family, and culture. (Society is what people do, culture is why they do it.)

     Wives/mothers shaped and policed the social landscape with family-centered values, because they had the freedom and respect to do so. They dominated the home. They gained dominance of the family as industrialization occupied husbands, and universal education occupied kids, outside the home.

     With the help of spinster teachers, married women came to dominate the culture by standardizing and spreading common family-enhancing values—especially marriage, monogamy, morality, and equality of education.

     They also promoted mutual gender respect by pushing feminine as female identity and manly as male identity. This empowered the genders as separate but equal. Parents were enabled to unify compatibly and, thus, maximize benefits for children.

     Except female teachers, single people contributed virtually nothing to the cultural values that guided husbands at work. Married couples made family enterprise the supreme institution. Most men sought marriage and succeeded.

     Wives advised husbands on ways to brighten the family future—build society around families and weed out evil. This uplifted society. Many generations of such wifely influence smoothed the rough edges from male domination.

     Family-centeredness evolved smoothly. However, it peaked after revolutionary zeal spread from Marxists to feminists after the 1960s. Changing America to fit feminist theory now moves society to female-centeredness. The Dark Side of Feminism wipes out family-centeredness.

     How foremothers did it is next post facto for this title.

[America’s move from mystique to mistakes also appears in post 204. Scroll down or search by the number]

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209. Female dominance: Gone! — Part 5

Society is action. It’s what we do, and men dominate there.

Culture is values. It’s why we do what we do. Cultural values guide society, and women dominate! Thus, women determine the extent to which society is male- or female-centered.  

Women used to be dominant. Our foremothers built a female- and family-centered culture. Starting in the Sixties, however, younger generations yielded to men. Female-centered cultural values, such as marriage, monogamy, and morality were devalued in favor of greater sexual freedom—the ultimate male-centeredness.

Modern women participate and even enlarge male sexual freedom. This embellishes male dominance with more challenges and flexibility that tear at the heart of what used to be a family-centered culture.

Many willing females seek a boyfriend. This frees up men to please and keep or mistreat and dump each woman they conquer.

Women further enlarge male dominance by exercising female ‘rights’ for sexual freedom.

A primary mission of Feminism was to curtail male dominance and uplift the influence of women. It failed. Male dominance weakened in political, legal, and economic realms, but it worsened among couples.

Male dominance in social realms is reduced only by one thing: Cultural values that drastically curtail sexual freedom for males.

Female-centered customs energetically imposed by women shrink male dominance best. The key lies with this principle: Access to frequent and convenient sex comes only through the institution of marriage.

NOTE: See the last paragraph applied to individual women at posts 198, 181, 169, 158, 147, 136, 125, 96, 70, 51, 44, and 25.

[More on the loss of female dominance appears at posts 194, 173, 159, and 151.]


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204. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes — Part 1

As women go, so goes the country. The women forty years ago did not reject what the early radical feminists had to say. Young women especially jumped on the feminist bandwagon, because society was fertilized for the change by earlier events.

Six great ignitions sparked social changes that made feminist theory sound good.

·         Ignition of the great American economic engine after the depression and World War II promised ever greater prosperity. Women sixty years ago were ready to take advantage. They wore slacks and had jobs outside the home. Both were breakthroughs from the war. They were inspired to go further and faster. What they got, however, was two revolutions that accelerated female departure from the traditional.

·         The Sexual Revolution ignited in the late Fifties and made drug and sexual adventurism common among the young and younger. It eclipsed in popularity a Marxist-inspired revolution hidden behind sex, drugs, and teen uprising against authority and the establishment.

·         The Cultural Revolution began with political radicals initiating the imposition of an entirely new culture on America, which continues today. Marxist theorists proposed the need for a new rather than a changed culture soon after the first world war.

·         Radical feminists ignited the Women’s Liberation movement and commenced reshaping female thinking to strive for feminist-defined gender equality. Men were discredited and not heeded.

·         As revolutionary self-indulgence became more popular in younger generations, the excitement of sexual liberation ignited the female libido.

·         The dozen or so radical feminists, those that Rush Limbaugh calls feminazis, pushed political, legal, social, and media levers and morphed Women’s Lib into Feminism.

Feminism founders were political mavens that hated or disliked men. Women fell prey to their propaganda. It sounded good and appropriate, because of the revolutionary times. Activists, advocates, acolytes, and supporters joined them.

Besides, men have so much more fun and freedom. Why shouldn’t women be more like men? As women go, so goes the country.

CREDIT: My thanks to Miss Dawn and Ms Aly for inspiring this series. Cicero said, “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a child.” It’s admirable they seek to escape such fate.

CREDIT: My thanks to Kathy Peterson for the title to this post.







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