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2855. Sex for Pleasure and Marriage are Mutually Exclusive

Women are giving up on men, because they don’t understand the male nature about sex. Her Highness Elena, gave me an opportunity to summarize why females are so frustrated.

Females learn this the hard way if at all. Sex for pleasure, aka the man’s game, is mutually exclusive with successful married life, aka the woman’s game. Why? Because wives can’t keep husbands home, cheaters are not trustworthy in other matters, and marriages fall apart from lack of mutual likeability.

Elena expressed her frustration this way, “…everything with men is about sex! Everyday I can feel in my heart and head less and less attraction to men knowing all I know now (and I am 22 years old).” You’re right about men, darling, but you’re moving in the wrong direction, and I hope to show you why.

You need to learn more about both sexes and their differences. You are designed and particularly endowed with the skill and talent to find and keep for life your choice of a man. You can find the what, why, and how details described in many different ways throughout this blog. But the angelic essential that makes and holds a couple together comes from the following.

No man is interested, much less motivated, to produce what you expect out of life. Until, that is, you coach, train, teach, motivate, and otherwise convince him you are the best woman for him.

To hold his interest long enough to discover who and what you are and can be in his life, only one thing works. Keep your legs crossed for so long that he discovers not only your virtues, but his respect grows out of your insistence on protecting your sexual assets, and his imagining that all men find you the same.

The longer you refuse to yield, the more of his respect you earn, and a man’s love is founded on respect for a woman. The greater his respect, the more likely he stays with you. The magnetic attractions of female love should be matched by the respect of a man for one woman, or they likely fail as a couple.

Nothing else holds a man’s attention long enough than a female’s refusal to be conquered. Sometimes, however, a man quits chasing early, which in itself is a sign that he was after sex more than her, which means he already had her aimed for dumping soon after their first sex together.

We are put on earth to live as couples. Only women can produce success living together, and your most critical efforts take place before marriage. Marriage isn’t the man’s game, until you teach one man that your way is the best way for both.

After marriage, women are expected to balance the books. You have to acknowledge that he earned frequent and convenient access and is entitled to marital sex at his bidding. He earned it by letting you have your way before marriage.

A personal story. Grace and I were broke for the first 25 of our 59 years. I finally gained control of our spending, and we were never broke after that.

It’s much the same with women. Control your sexual assets such that men are unable to conquer you for first sex together, and you will not be without men chasing you. Admittedly today, men may not chase very long, but it misleads women. If you’re attractive enough in all situations and refuse to yield, you will be chased. Men can’t stand to pass up an opportunity to conquer what appeals to their eyes; it’s up to you to dissuade them from immediate access to your sexual assets.

Except for convenience, men don’t chase women with whom they’ve had sex, only the gals who refuse it the first time. And men more earnestly chase the ones who made other men fail at conquest. Every man competes to beat out buds and other men, and conquest is the most eagerly sought way of earning bragging rights. It’s the male nature at work.



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2318. Compatibility Axioms #981-990

981.Cheap and easy sex to males means no permanent obligations. The easier the conquest and escape, the cheaper and more expendable the female. [319]

982. Cheap and easy sex turns mature men into teen-minded boys. The things women consider vital have little or no value to adolescents, such as personal responsibility, faithfulness, marriage, family, dependability, truthful promises of commitment, reliable pledges of devotion, adherence to vows. [319]

983. By cheapening sex, women cheapen themselves. Consequently, it makes males more powerful, dominant, independent, and valuable for more assertively invading the natural female domains. Those domains are the home and the culture (aka the values, standards, and expectations that people follow in society) And the hand that rocks the cradle no longer rules the world. [319]

984. The cheap and easy sex process that makes males more independent forces women to compete with each other, to make themselves more worthy of men and for a man. Cheaper sex is the easiest way to reduce or avoid female competition. It also reverses the natural way of men competing and making themselves worthy of a woman as mate. [319]

985. Sex outside of marriage gets ever cheaper as men grow more independent and dominant relative to women and vice versa. It empowers and rewards men who are eager to look elsewhere even when committed to someone. [319]

986. In the final analysis and part of male nature, men do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. Unmarried sex has the appealing benefit of no loss of masculine independence. Consequently, wives have to provide far more than married sex to compensate husbands for loss of their independence. Too often even that is not enough, because devotion to one woman is almost foreign to male gender thought. [319]

987. Refusing sex teaches females to judge males more accurately. The more they judge, the better become their future decisions.

988. Reject or refuse yielding sex? Outright rejecting a man for sex comes across as harsh, competitive, masculine, and personal. It squelches his urge to earn self-admiration and offends his masculine dignity, which can bring out his worst side and may bring hurt to her. [323]

989. Clear and persistent refusal for sex without making it personal to him comes across firm and strongly feminine. This earns or retains his respect for her and reinforces her self-respect. [323]

990. The outcomes of both rejection and refusal apply before or after conquest and even after marriage. The cusp lies between making it personal or not. [323]


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