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378. ALL PAIN, NO GAIN — Part II

     Part I in post #377 describes the Fast Lane to Pain.

To slow the traffic, women may want to examine what makes them careen so easily into relationship pain. Four cause and effect consequences follow. (Many others appear in posts titled Dark Side of Feminism.)

First, radical feminists and activist followers attacked and killed unconditional respect for the male gender. Their male- bashing poison spread throughout the female gender. Men are just no darn good. The self-prophecy fulfills naturally.

The toxic spreading also wilted and withered the males’ unconditional respect for the female gender. It’s called reciprocity.

Second, a man’s enduring love builds upon two foundations: Unconditional respect for the female gender and conditional respect for one of its members. A strong combination enables him to see her as keeper. Anything less restricts his focus to her as just a temporary mate.

Thus, reciprocity weakened each man’s potential for loving one woman.

Third, the lack of unconditional respect for the male gender means that women show less respect for their man. This happens even though men expect a keeper’s respect more than anything else, including sex and love.

Fourth, Feminism taught women to want everything to be equal, but love never equalizes. Women love men, but men predominantly love their work. It’s the armor plate of a man’s significance.

She needs his love, but he does not absolutely need hers. Nice to have, but he predominantly expects her support and gratefulness for his efforts protecting and providing for her and their children. He primarily expects rewards for husbanding and fathering, and her love doesn’t close that circuit.

But, now that Feminism’s been called into question, unconditional respect for the opposite sex may start to improve. If so, bonding may more easily strengthen into deep and more enduring love.



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