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1918. Compatibility Axioms #121-130

121. It’s far more important that she help him succeed to himself than to her or the family—if he’s worth keeping, that is. It’s the taproot of family integrity. [72]

122. He can’t be successful to himself, if others see him weakened by his wife. His competitors are outside the home, not inside.[73]

123. The issue of who submits to whom revolves around respect each has for the other. When she wants him to succeed, look good, or lead the way, she submits. When he likes her way of doing something, he submits if there’s no watering down of his authority or direct threat to his dominance as perceived by others.[73]

124. When women act like men, men treat them as other guys—as competitors and eligible even for physical handling to get a man’s way. [75]

125. Courtship provides opportunities for a woman to be hard-headedly female against a man’s hard-headed persistence to have things the masculine way. The opportunities fade after marriage, but soft-heartedness is her key to then soften his dominance. [75]

126. Wife seeks to change her husband, but he resists, resents, and eventually retaliates if she keeps it up. [75]

127. Without exceptional respect for his woman, a man’s enduring love never arises to replace the temporary romantic love that fades in a year or two. [75]

128. Women flourish with a man’s enduring love, but it arises only from his respect for women generally and her particularly. The roots extend back to his boyhood and their pre-conquest days. [75]

129. When she makes herself worthy of a man by providing sex readily, it doesn’t matter much if she’s pretty and attractive. Sloppy or comfortable may work for her, but it adds not to his reputation for having a good looker. This diminishes her worth as keeper. [75]

130. A woman that parents her man slowly crushes his sense of significance. It highlights his immaturity, and this shifts his mentality back toward adolescence. His ego seeks solace, so he cheats emotionally or physically. [75]


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792. Love Revisited

  • Women expect men to love and cherish them as females love others, but it’s another natural inequity.
  • When demonstrating their love, men are very different from women. This chromosomal XX ≠ XY frustrates women into expecting a balance that never comes.
  • If her man demonstrates his love as females show love, she loses respect for him.
  • For a woman love and sex tend to merge. For a man love and sex tend to remain disconnected.
  • Based on infatuation and lust, romantic love fades after a year or two. Enduring love can replace it, if courtship laid the foundation around his devotion of her rather than just his ‘commitment to them’ (more tomorrow at #793).
  • A man’s enduring love is based on his unconditional respect for women generally and conditional respect of one woman specifically. It emanates from his appreciation of female attributes and her virtuous character, self-respect, and likeability as a mate.
  • A woman’s enduring love is structured around her need for a brighter future for her and kids. It emanates from her emotional dependencies with her own life into which some responsible man enters.
  • Enduring love being founded on deep respect, too much familiarity too soon and too fast short-circuits his respect for her. Full disclosure, touchy-feely, and easy sex are culprits.


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409. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 21

Jack thinks about conquest. A lot of what women know is wrong.

♂ Physical attractiveness captures Jack’s attention. Plenty of sex holds him awhile, but it’s not the keeper if she’s not a keeper.

♂ To facilitate conquest Jack works to uncover weaknesses to use against her resistance. Delay earns respect for her, as he ‘stumbles into’ her other attractive virtues, strengths, and qualities.

  Women want to change Jack, at least after marriage. He resists change, except to learn whatever is needed to conquer her. He’s pretty unchangeable after that.

  Jack changes after conquest. If the groundwork for a relationship is not laid beforehand, surprises await her.

♂ The lure of a conquest stimulates Jack’s overstatement and even braggadocio about his benefits to the woman. It’s his nature, and it should trigger her hard-headedness for proof, if she hopes to win and keep him.

♂ Jack competes with each woman prior to conquest, but he expects only cooperation after that.  

♂ Jack is fascinated, charmed, restrained, and yields his dominance in the face of feminine mystery, female modesty, cultured manners, moral standards, hard-headed meekness, soft-hearted strength, belief in monogamy, and persistently guarded chastity.

♂ Driven by his nature, Jack seeks to conquer each attractive and seemingly available woman—unless he is living up to something higher than himself, such as God, moral values, religious restraints, or an exceptional woman from whom he expects more.


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