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1299. Coffee and Tea with Mrs. G. — #33

Ladies: I’ve been pondering these treasured nuggets and thought you might enjoy them too.

  • Happiness flows not from what she’s grateful for, but that she is grateful.
  • Female eagerness to hook up, couple up, or shack up severely weakens her influence for shaping her future with that man.
  • Lifetime love builds on her gratefulness for whatever and whoever stabilizes her future and emotional security.
  • Feminism produces among females an attitude of ingratitude for manly behavior. It turns men away from women except in pursuit of sex. Femininity produces an attitude of gratitude that attracts men. It compounds and uses each female’s personal assets and appealing attractions to both capture and hold a man.
  • This poor strategy causes women to lose the war of the sexes. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will confirm him as the right man, and her love will hold him.
  • Don’t judge a man’s respect for a woman by the way he talks, teases, and jokingly complains about her. Judge his respect for her by the overall, large-picture way he treats her.
  • If he considers his ideas superior to hers, it’s not necessarily her but his nature. Feminine charm and anticipation can flush such bias from his head if he doesn’t know what’s happening.


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910. Coffee and Tea with Mrs. G. — #08

Ladies: The subject is miscellaneous.

  • Successful relationships start out very simple. Two conquerors face off. With minimal obligation and responsibility, he seeks to conquer her for sex. She seeks a committed mate before providing it. First conqueror shapes their relationship.
  • Trust a man’s actions but verify his words.
  • Virtual virginity substitutes well for virginity. Each refusal adds value to her for irresistibility and character strength, both admired by men. (If she can resist him, she’s no pushover for other men, which also increases her value.)
  • When he as irresistible force meets her as immovable object, she wins more easily by using fairness than seeking equality.
  • Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman.
  • The female gender’s most fruitless task is to STOP men from disregarding the needs of women and children. Wife’s most fruitless task is getting husband to change to whatever she desires.
  • Men use stubbornness to confirm their sense of significance. We gals should adopt this tactic: When his stubbornness arises, back off and approach such that we don’t challenge who and what he thinks he is. We can find alternative if not better ways.

More next week.


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432. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 20

Happiness flows from gratefulness for something or someone. If she’s not grateful for him after marriage, he never had the potential for Mr. Right.

A successful marriage is not in finding the right person. It is being the right person. As the relationship expert, the obligation falls heaviest upon the woman.

A woman has to sell a man on fidelity, marriage, and her female worth as comfort partner and companion. Otherwise, men focus on frequent and convenient sex as comfort from their daily ‘battles’.

♂ The wrong woman easily finds Mr. Wrong. It takes the right woman to find a man with high potential and then fine tune him into Mr. Right.

♂ Women jump at the chance to call a boyfriend the right man to justify behavior she knows is not in her best interest. She thus dooms a relationship.

♂ Calling a man Mr. Right elicits intuitive female actions that turn him off—e.g., overloads of affection, possessiveness, eagerness, co-dependency, desperation.

♂ Men are turned on by challenges and opportunities that prove them capable, and not by unearned claims that he’s already Mr. Right.

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288. Chaste courtship works — Part 8

©  The more she likes herself as a female, the more outwardly dominant she can permit a man to be, because of high confidence about ultimately getting him to accept her way about her needs, wants, and desires in their life together.

©  Mr. Right does not arrive in her life. She turns the man in her life into the right man, and the process lasts as long as his devotion to her. To her mind, he never quite gets there. But, he also never finds out what she’s been doing—until it’s too late, and they are aging gracefully together.

©  Successful courtships belong to predominately hard-headed women who patiently and indirectly integrate mutual interests into a bright future together. Virtual virginity best holds his attention, while she works the scene.

©  Men grow their love for a woman from light-hearted feelings that he stumbles into—she’s attractive, fun, likeable, very respectable—and he slowly becomes magnetized by her other qualities. (Such as those at post 59.) 

©  Most women have two options: give of herself as a helpmate, or live life alone, lonesome, and often desperate. Young women claim it’s b…s…, but they’ve not aged yet either.

©  In courtship it pays for her to have high regard for and associate with many other people—not dating tho. He should not win her heart and mind completely until after they marry. The stick while courting, the carrot after marriage.

[More about making caste courtships work at posts 174, 163, 154, 143, 108, 107, and 100. Scroll down sequentially or search by the number with a dot and space following.]


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214. What daughters never hear — Section 3

 ♀ Sex does not bond men. That’s why we have marriage vows to shift a man’s focus from crotch to conscience.

♀ A man’s character traits take time to discover. Yet, they are far better predictors about the long term than a man’s words of affection and verbal commitment before conquest.

♀ Erotic attire inspires short-term relationships. Her appearance attracts, but after conquest it reminds of booty.

♀ From being denied conquest by most women, men learn to respect and appreciate the female gender.

♀ Wives foul up by trying to motivate their husband. There’s no such thing as motivation. There is only demotivation which is easy, and self-motivation which is his.

♀ Promiscuous women eventually find they lead an unfulfilled life.     

♀ Pre-marital qualifying for the Right Man starts with this simple logic: He either honors her expectations for their sexual relationship, or he doesn’t.

♀ She knows more about how women think, and less about how men think. Therefore, women trust men more easily than they trust women.

[More that daughters never hear appear in posts 200 and 183. Scroll down or search by the number with a dot and space following it.]



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154. Chaste courtship works—Part 5

Before their first sex together, without trying, women condition a man’s thinking about who dominates whom, when, how, and what’s tolerable. They both learn how much she can weaken, suppress, manhandle, or overrule his dominance—or collapse as easy prey from lack of purpose and character.

If she conquers him for marriage before sex, it signals that devotion to her governs his commitment. It also diminishes both his dominating and conquering spirits. This doesn’t guarantee faithfulness, but it provides much safer alternatives for her than sex before marriage.

Sex does not bond men, but the opportunity for conquest conquers his attention and holds it tightly until a woman gives in. This facet of his nature helps virtual virginity work for her.

This puts the courtship agenda in her hands: (1) Her hard-headedness prevails over both her soft-heartedness and his hard-headed and hard-hearted persistence for sex. (2) She tests and retests him to be the potential right man for life together. (3) She continues to reject sexual relations at least until number two is proven and engagement or preferably marriage follows.

♂♀ The curse of modern adolescence is this. Girls too highly value boys and having a boyfriend. More so, in fact, than they value feminine, modest, moral, female-empowering, and self-protective behaviors. When boys butt their hormone-soaked heads up against the brick wall of ardent feminine values, it teaches girls the well-hidden truths about the male nature and how to avoid future life as some guy’s ex.

[More about chaste courtships appear in posts 143, 108, 107, and 100. Scrolling down works and so does searching by the number with a dot and space following.]

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143. Chaste courtship works—Part 4

Using sex to capture a boyfriend is easy. Sex infatuates boys, but it does not bond men. Thus, unmarried sex paves the road to ex-girlfriend, -lover, -live in, or -wife.

Women have no greater direct influence on their own personal world than when they refuse to provide unmarried sex. Yielding weakens her influence and enhances his dominating spirit.

Women have two major windows in which they can change their man: A long courtship before they first have sex and in middle age after Nature softens his heart. Both, however, require patience, indirectness, and feminine charm.

Women reject a long chaste courtship. They prefer the joys of sex over opportunity to makeover a man into Right Man. This forces her to seek to change him after marriage, a sure-fire way to push him toward other arms.

Women want to change their man after marriage but find that they can’t. The male nature resists her pressures to change, except as a woman delays his premarital conquest to stimulate change.

A long sex-free courtship resolves uncertainty about a man’s character and potential for successful marriage. Most men reveal their true character but not their entire Self, when facing a woman’s hard-headed and continuing delays for their first sex together. But, women are in charge of courtship only as long as it remains platonic.

A simple test of a man’s devotion: He honors her needs and wants ahead of his own. If, however, he continually pleases her at the expense of his manly dreams, she will lose respect for him and he will eventually become dumper or dumpee. 

[More about the merits of chaste courtships appear in post 108, 107, and 100. Scroll down or search by the number.]


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