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150. Female malpractice—Part 1

The traditional battle of the sexes escalated. We now have a war of the sexes. Feminism prompted women to drop their femininity. In the process, feminists declared men to be inadequate, irresponsible, and blameworthy for overplaying male dominance; women donned a war bonnet. For the most part, men don’t appreciate it.

Generally, women show too much disrespect for their man, and men tire of it. For example:

·         He never measures up to her expectations that are so heavily weighted down with feminist theory and dogma.

·         She values the feminine-like side of his personality more than his masculine persona. Being thoughtful, pleasant, and accommodating outweighs his producing, providing, protecting, and problem solving.

·         Her private time is respected. His gets interrupted.

·         She supervises the Honey-do list so closely as to be offensive.

·         She corrects him as if scolding a child.

·         She dislikes and tries to correct his masculine expressions and manliness.

·         She interferes with his way of doing things, as if he needs her input for everything.

·         She excuses her frequent criticism by calling it ‘constructive’.

Continually faced with her disrespect, he either rebels aggressively or stews in silence. Even if he stays with her, she invites his eye to wander. Thus, female malpractice puts her on the fast click to the recycle bin.


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