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371. College girls: X-rated bathrooms and dorms

College girls now share dorms and bathrooms with college boys. This defines ‘coed’ as exploitive guys screening females that hide their embarrassment and yearn for privacy. Girls surrender their female modesty at no cost to guys.

Feminists schemed that females become more like men: Common dorms and bathrooms force women to abandon their modest nature. This forces women to live with embarrassment, which fakes them into duplicating masculine behavior.

Unintended consequence: ‘Forced’ to live with constant embarrassment and acting as men do devalues a woman to herself. Loss of her sense of control leads to depression.

Unintended consequence: Yielding so much privacy makes women spineless and mystery-less. She submits herself to feminist-imposed male standards, but then she can’t accept submission to husband. To all men she can submit, but to one man she can’t. Her ego gets twisted against her self-interest in coed dorms and toilets. 

Unintended consequence: When a man’s curiosity about a female fades, his imagination goes elsewhere. Female immodesty creates a mystery-less dorm, which kills masculine curiosity except for more sex.

Why should men respect booty call? Yet, booty wonders: Why can’t I get a real date?

(For the latest twists on females duplicating males, explore Ariel Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs, Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture.)


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