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322. The Dark Side of Feminism — Part 19

Over the course of three American centuries, our Judeo-Christian cultural system of values continually improved the separate-but-equal relationship of husband and wife. Progress stopped and reversed in the late 20th Century as feminists and radicals used politics to benefit one gender over the other.

·        Couples naturally seek non-political compatibility through separate-but-equal domains—husband and wife, father and mother, lover and lovee, cherished woman and appreciated man. By disturbing the ‘separate’ through politics, Feminism disturbs the ‘equal’.

·        In the name of politically exaggerated domestic equality, wives now push husbands in ways that men do not tolerate very long.

·        For political reasons, feminists defined downward what is natural in humans. They belittle men to uplift the female image, add female worthiness, and position self-loathing man-haters to seek revenge, as they now do with political correctness.

·        Feminism trashes and smashes family-centered institutions—marriage, monogamy, morality, faithfulness, manners, treating children as non-adults.      

·        Men accept domestic equality when negotiated as part of separate-but-equal, but women expect ‘pure’ equality. So, they push and men balk.

As result of feminist ideology, women now disregard the strengths in their nature in favor of masculine traits. Their self-image has been lifted politically, but their sense of self-worth declines. They adopt masculine values and devalue their individual self-interest in order to have a man.

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