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1594. His Little Interest in Sex — Part I: Feminist Causes

Her Highness Pink Peony inquired at 1590, why so many and even Christian wives complain that “their husbands didn’t want sex with them and some were newlywed.…what would cause this and what would a wife do in such a circumstance without making it worse?” The answer lies completely within this concept: lack of respect.

As I address Feminism, keep this in mind. I’m proud of legal, political, and economic gains of women. I exclusively address the causes and effects within the social and domestic arenas, where men and women relate with each other as couples.

The lack of respect has roots in Feminism and the death of Ladyhood. They led to the demise of gentlemanly behavior and generated the more direct cause of wives’ disappointment in husbands—that is, cheap and easy sex made ubiquitous and promiscuous sex made popular. The following cause-and-effect upheavals spread into an epidemic.

  • Women inspired by Feminism demean males. Feminist cohorts teach enthusiasts to regard men as unrespectable. Not just for what they do, but for what men think, stand for, and are capable of doing. Ostensibly, the macro purpose is to kill paternalism, and political correctness is a greatly popular micro tactic. (Contrary to feminist’ hopes and promises, maternalism hasn’t developed but paternalism intensifies.)
  • To compensate men for ill-treatment and prevent cultural upheavals, feminists promote and propagandize cheap and easy sex. Women buy into the propagandized game so enjoyable, profitable, but also less risky to men. The interests of traditional women are buried in social activity that promotes sex as entertainment. (Hate is easier to generate than love, entertainment is easier to promote than moral uprightness, sex is easier to promote than monogamy. The easier ways harm marriages. Consequently, our ancestors promoted the social and domestic strengths found in Judeo-Christian morality.)
  • Compensated by plenty of sex, modern men go along to get along. Marriage is exclusively the woman’s game to promote and sustain. Husbandly and fatherly responsibility weaken and smother marriages with parental irresponsibility for raising the next generation. Each new generation causes further deterioration of traditional values formerly controlled by Womanhood. Daughters outdo their moms who outdid their own moms. (Adults now substitute pets for having children; they fear their own ability to raise children who might be as difficult to raise as they were. It symbolizes adult disrespect for both themselves and any children they might have.)
  • Each new generation creates their own set of social values, standards, and expectations. Consider this: We get a new generation every six or seven years as the next has to make itself different from the last about the time they enter first grade.

The fallout of those upheavals still churns and twists the cultural values, standards, and expectations out of the hands of women—the traditional dominant power—and into the hands of male-dominated entertainment and electronic media. Fifty years ago men dominated society (what we all do) and the workplace; women dominated the home and culture (why we do what we do). Nowadays, men dominate all four arenas except for micro incidents in judicial and administrative matters and political correctioneers looking to advance their agenda.

The cheap and easy sex epidemic invades the home of married couples and infiltrates the bedroom. That’s where this series takes us, but the consequences of cheap and easy sex come first—tomorrow.


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