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2857. Social Suicide

I watched the film ‘Network’ again. “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” I gotta speak out.

Girls and women commit social suicide in growing numbers. Sworn or propagandized into making men pay for past offenses or to equalize the sexes, women seek reparations. They change themselves into such unattractive creatures that men kiss them off as worthless. Women do it with a mixture of bad relationship practices that convince men: adequate for conquest only.

We all follow our beliefs more than momentary thoughts. What follows below represents what too many women believe and are guided accordingly by their hearts distorted by feminism and adopted into interpersonal relationships.

These are some of the embittered suicide pills that women either swallow or practice and presume to be okay. Nay, even the right thing for them to do, or so they believe.

  1. She doesn’t listen to men about what makes men tick. She relies on what other women think and feminists distort for political purpose.
  2. She chatters endlessly about herself, which blocks a man from selling himself to her as a potential pursuer. Feminist-think endorses full disclosure, which is contrary to building successful relationships.
  3. She dresses like a fugitive from garage sales, but expects men to be interested in her.
  4. She refuses to listen to a man talking about himself; she would rather talk about herself—and she does.
  5. She wears long stringy hair far too late in life; it’s low maintenance and, anyway, men or her man told her twenty years ago they liked it. Actually, it clouds her personality with the message that she’s lost in the past, just too old for a budding relationship.
  6. She spotlights her appearance with low maintenance, comfort over grooming, and disregard for how men may view her. IOW, no way will she pay a price to satisfy men with her appearance, which is strong poison in her suicide ditty-bag of pills.
  7. She refuses to compete with other gals for best appearance, strongest attractiveness. Even though men judge gals that way. It causes many to be hit on for sex by guys they don’t want.
  8. She believes whatever men can do, she can too. Whatever they deserve, she deserves. And, unfortunately, she tries to prove it everyday to herself, if not others.
  9. She bitches about male dominance and still wants to fight it. She gives up her skill and talent to govern relationships successfully, and so she’s not able to build and keep a relationship for very long.
  10. She yields first sex together early in dating and expects him to bond with her as she does with him. Just prior to conquest, he expects that she’s keeper, booty, or disposable. But women don’t know that ahead of time. The shorter the time before conquest, the more likely she’s disposable rather than keeper.
  11. She acts as the seller to convince a man to be her boyfriend or fiancé. It shuts down his interest in selling her on himself and he can sooner get into her pants. Almost guaranteed to become a dumpee as soon as she yields sex first time.
  12. She gets her worldly info from TV, Internet, and pop culture and accepts it as real life. Then she takes up social media habits that turn her personality so self-centered that it distorts her public personality.
  13. She portrays herself as sex object and criticizes men of no interest for hitting on her. It confirms to her that men are no good.
  14. She fails to understand that men believe what they figure out about a woman much more that what she tells them.
  15. She mistakenly thinks that full discovery is the way to open a relationship. In fact, the opposite works best. He describes who and what he is and she just listens, which is the start up of her earning a man’s respect that is the foundation of his love that may develop later.
  16. She eats like a truck driver, lives on huge high caffeine sodas, and sports a pot belly like men. She expects her excess weight will be forgiven by Mr. Next Guy and thus prove that she’s right to forgive herself. It’s a laughable equation that works so seldom, and so she ends up disliking herself every day for life.
  17. She arises each morning with a huge dislike of herself. She feels good until she begins to think what the day will bring and dislike of self swallows the outgoing side of her personality.
  18. She pays any price to claim a boyfriend as hers, even to his mistreating her mentally or physically.
  19. She fails to capitalize on female strengths, such as femininity, mystery, modesty, vanity, and monogamous spirit.
  20. She refuses to recognize this trait in the male nature: A man accepts competition with a woman prior to conquest. He refuses to compete with a woman he has conquered, and so he expects only her cooperation afterward.
  21. She copies masculine habits, which destroys femininity, and which cancels most female qualities that men admire and see as virtues; those that accumulate for her to make her a virtuous woman like a man hopes to marry.
  22. She accepts anger, lets bitterness develop, and otherwise makes herself an unattractive personality that even smiles can’t erase.
  23. She acts as the seller with man as the buyer, which reverses the natural roles that worked for centuries. If he’s not earning her as the seller, she’s in for a short relationship, probably just conquest.
  24. She floats an attitude that men are no good, and so why should she do anything special? Men always get the easy way out, why shouldn’t she?
  25. She wants more control, and so she dresses down to keep uninteresting men from hitting on her.
  26. She falsely believes that men and women are more alike than different in their natures, in their personal makeup, behavior, motivation, and interaction with the opposite sex.
  27. She dislikes herself so intensely that she seeks to pull those around her down to her level, and men pull the easiest because she doesn’t understand the male nature.

A lot of overlap exists in that list, but you get the idea. Men are no better than women make them, and the social suicide above makes worse whatever quality of men women face today.

That’s a lengthy menu of female poisons being injected into the social sphere. Not all women are guilty. Those prone to doing so have one thing in common. They don’t like themselves as a female, as girl or woman. They inflate their egos and help ensure their sanity by practicing the poisonous thoughts listed above.

They dislike themselves as the result of upbringing in families, predominantly those that believe feminist thought and propaganda that men are the enemies of women.



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2153. Compatibility Axioms #671-680

671. A man’s natural pursuit of other females does not stop until one woman so captures his respect and captivates his imagination that he devotes himself to her alone. [234]

672. It’s a boob paradox. Women publicly appeal directly to the sexual interests of men. They capture men for sex, but they can’t hold one for long after infatuation, romantic love, and lust fade in a year or two. [234]

673. Men call it romance, whatever is required to initiate foreplay or sex. Women know romance as the special attention he pays her when sex is not at stake. [234]

674. She marries expecting him to change, but he doesn’t. He marries expecting her not to change, but she does. Both get what they don’t want. [234]

675. Erotic attire has one-person value: It puts the male mind on track to conquer or to show her off. Neither track is about her true self. [235]

676. After nakedness and conquest, there’s little left. Her ad campaign dies with conquest, as it kills his imagination except for future arousal. (Conquest is the man’s end-game. Booty sustains him between conquests.) [235]

677. Dating as a sex object plants the seed of booty for him but maybe only something better for her. [235]

678. Men want to move toward conquest at their pace. More mystery, modesty, and doubt about scoring slow it to her pace. [235]

679. Suggestive attire is more effective than erotic attire at energizing the imaginative side of the male mind. (The more he has to imagine, think, plot, and worry, the better for her.) [235]

680. The appeal of boobs lies in the challenge to get to them. Once uncovered, conquest is assured. [235]



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2124. Mirror Time — Part II: Vanity Saves

Every woman’s head has features she dislikes. Vanity is the answer.

Before we go any further. Please read this story: http://www.purpleclover.com/relationships/3456-my-mother-always-looked-like-million-bucks/

Females thrive on the feminine internal and external aura that vanity produces, and the profound effect it has for standardizing the behavior of males of all ages. It starts for you at the mirror and should begin as the first thing in the morning (described later and now scheduled for part V).

As seen daily in public, many modern women ignore or forget these facts of life.

  • Men are visual creatures by nature and appreciate looking at women. But masculine interest goes deeper than skin and sex. Men pay most attention to the physically attractive, because they are attracted most to sex. But they marry and stay married to the prettiest woman that matches their interest.
  • Your vanity is the root of keeping your man or husband focused on you. When he sees the prettiness enhanced every day of who he escorts or married, it helps keep his heart pounding for life with you or at home instead of something or somebody else. Look around you. Modern women tend to let themselves go in appearance, which reflects poorly on both them and their husbands. One wonders, how long does the marital bloom last if your vanity remains forbidden by feminist thought and your resulting appearance reflects poorly on him and you? (You may not care what others think, but your man cares what he thinks of you.)
  • Vanity reminds you that you’re special and demonstrates to men that you are more unique than other women, capable of greater attractiveness, and pleasant to be around or have nearby. Once that qualification is established, you are immensely welcome among one or many men for other than sex and enabled to succeed in life according to individual taste for associating.
  • Beneath a cloak of vanity generated with abundant mirror time, you can stress and guard your natural modesty, which is the most effective trait that you have to keep male dominance under control. Vanity charms men; they like to see the results. Modesty disarms men; they can’t quite grasp the reasoning behind it. (How well your man respects you can be partially measured by how well he respects your insistence on being modest, which of course begs the question, are you modest enough? Do you have and adhere to standards? That is what earns his respect?)
  • The buildup of physical appearance and shaping of your attitude before a mirror supports and enhances your feminine spirit. It reinforces that you’re attractive, unique, and important to both yourself and others. You’re prepared to take on the world and whatever it may present to you. As with all of us, your strength comes from what you create and sustain inside and by yourself.
  • The more uniquely feminine your appearance, and especially ladylike, the more pronounced an aura surrounds you of non-sexual desirability and pleasant association. The more unconquerable you appear subliminally, the more attractive you appear subconsciously as marital candidate. An aura of prettiness promotes your importance and captures manly attention among men with marriage on the mind and induces marital thoughts in men not yet aware they too would like a good marriage. The more uniquely feminine your aura, the less men see you as a sex object.

Modern women don’t spend enough morning time before the mirror, and it produces five undesirable effects. 1) Modesty fades under male pressure. 2) Self-image morphs toward weakness in both influence and self-defense. 3) Desperate desire to attract a man pushes them toward becoming a sex object. 4) Self-confidence doesn’t arise to assertively resist rather than wilt beneath social pressures. 5) Reduced sense of self-worth convinces them they deserve no better than whatever they receive.

My experience writing this blog taught me. Every natural difference between the sexes should be exploited by and to the full advantage of females. When not done, men rule both social and domestic interaction; male dominance gets far out of control and contrary to the betterment of female life and fulfilling of womanly hopes and dreams.

If you seek a better life with both men and yourself, I suggest it lies within your hands. Your natural gift of vanity should be appreciated, used, and enjoyed daily. Prettiness enhanced before the mirror after arising in the morning also empowers you with modesty and enables you to identify and ‘capture’ many more things you seek in life. In that way, modesty and vanity are silent asset partners that are more influential for long time relationships than sexual assets.



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2098. Compatibility Axioms #531-540

531. When he shows interest, she starts out as targeted sex object. Her yielding confirms it. Hunters stop aiming at game already put down—except for arranging booty call. [198]

532. To each man interested in her, she’s a sex object. She yields and becomes something else. She does not yield and becomes something better for him—bigger challenge, rise above himself, something he has to earn by showing more respect for their mutual interest. [198]

533. Her withholding unmarried sex is the most valuable way to shift a man’s focus to feminine interests, especially away from male dominance. [198]

534. Before conquest he keeps looking for weaknesses to get her in bed. While doing so, he learns of her other qualities and strengths that can benefit him, and which can grow into promise that she has to be his mate. [198]

535. Female dominance works indirectly, beneath conscious thought. Her insistence on chastity before marriage forces him to choose. Either depart or enlarge his interest in all the other wonderful things she has to offer and qualities she has to charm and bless his life. [198]

536. Unmarried chastity with a man enables her to orchestrate his interest gently but deliberately through this sequence: girlfriend, sweetheart, fiancée, bride, wife. It’s her path to feminine glory. [198]

537. Her yielding unmarried sex empowers him to pursue this: hook up, link up, and maybe shack up until his freedom calls, and they split up. It’s his path to masculine glory. [198]

538. Male virginity has no value to females. Moreover, unmarried boys have little future use for the girl who taps it. [199]

539. A man changes dramatically after conquering a woman. She never knows what to expect either, which is why time and delay work better for women.[199]

540. Three major roles rooted in human nature trump love. Dominance for a couple comes in three colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either. [199]


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2087. Female Blessings at Birth — 88-90 Plus

We near the end of the blessings that women carry but may not use. The new project seeds are bolded at the end of each item. I cite her blessings as men might see them and add a man’s natural response.

Your comments help and I continue to seek your T or F on each.

88. I’m grateful for the ability but I wish I understood better my own nature for earning happiness. [Guy adds: Specifically, she lacks understanding of the link between her motivation to earn and sustain self-importance and the requirement for self-gratitude that unlocks the door to earning happiness. More of one inflates the other, and more of both enhances her personality and roles in life. She is as good a person as both of them are high and it happens this way. She is important to herself to the extent that she confirms her gratitude for others. Gratefulness for others bounces back to her that she is important to them. Her life revolves around this closed loop: Self-importance comes from finding gratitude in her heart for others, which makes her display gratefulness for them, which they transform into feedback of her importance to them, and which closes the loop with her having a greater sense of self-importance. Thus, she depends on self-importance and self-gratitude to calm jittery nerves, squelch undeserved guilt, and convert anxiety to encouragement in others, which paves the road to her happiness. While she needs stimulation from outside herself, she is self-contained for processing life to the fullest for her and hers, but it all comes from keeping self-importance and self-gratitude inflated. The closed loop also describes the essence of femininity in action. Her blessing: She learns how to earn her way to happiness by finding gratitude in people and things. His admiration: It takes a wonderful and influential person to find so much to be grateful for in the face of all that men have to face. How can she do it. She’s amazing.]

89. Just as I am sex object to males, they are romance objects to me. [Guy adds: Life becomes simpler just by acknowledging that fact. Her blessing: She knows what she’s after and doesn’t mind being targeted to get it. His admiration: She has wily ways of using the former to get the latter.

90. My sense of neatness makes me feel good about myself. I use it to enhance my prettiness. [Guy adds: Along with modesty and vanity, neatness is a major ‘weapon’ in the female ‘arsenal’ for battling men. Her blessing: Neatness adds to her attractiveness and mental strength. His admiration: Neatness symbolizes dedication to herself. It shows that she has self-respect, self-discipline, and determination not to be easily pawed upon.

As before, mark each item T or F with whatever comment you wish to add.



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1305. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 43

  • The way to a woman’s happiness is far easier than for men. First, forget happiness as a goal. Second, pursue what makes her feel important. Third, find gratitude in what she does and the people in her life. Fourth, stay focused on her gratitude including gratefulness for the problems only she can resolve and frustrations only she can overcome. She only has to recognize her gratefulness for happiness to flood her spirit.
  • Why is the way to female happiness far easier than for men? Women are born soft-hearted and men are not. The difference enables women to more easily find gratitude in what they do and in those with whom they associate.
  • When prospective parents know the sex of the fetus, they switch their thinking and emotions onto the child and away from the mother. Give prenatal glory to the small-c creator, and both mom and child will benefit the most.
  • Her femaleness makes her a sex object. Her appearance makes her a sex target. Her virtues slowly exposed morph into the promise that a hunter-conqueror needs to want her to the exclusion of other men.
  • Dating is for uncovering likeability. Courtship is for exploration. Engagement is for confirmation. Marriage is for exploiting their respective strengths and fulfilling their mutual hopes and dreams.
  • When women think of all men as dolts, idiots, etc., they more easily see what’s not admirable about their own man. When women think that men are good and worthwhile, they more easily admire their man. (Admiration builds a man’s ambitions and fertilizes his sense of personal responsibility.)

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1273. Keepers for Keepers—Assortment 35

  1. The more grateful the female to be female, the greater her ability to offset, live with, and even overcome male dominance.
  2. Women sing: ♫ I can do anything he can do better.♫ Men respond: ♫ Just you wait and see. ♫
  3. A man’s love can’t coexist with disrespect shown to him.
  4. A man’s sense of significance crumbles, if his woman continually demeans who he is or what he does.
  5. Men appreciate cheap and easy sex. But, they don’t much value unearned gifts.
  6. Females associate with the testosterone-driven pop culture and become like those in it—just as our mothers predicted.
  7. To each man interested in her, she’s a sex object. She yields and becomes something else. She does not yield and becomes something better.
  8. Modest attire sends the message she’s interested in long-term relationships. Immodest attire signals she’s interested in men, period.
  9. Everything looks and tastes better when you’re grateful.



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