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1355. STD and Her Sexual History — Part III

Risk of STD can be reduced by medical testing before a couple has sex. It can provide a safer route. However, it has a huge disadvantage. If a woman insists her fiancée be tested before they marry and he carries STD, he’ll more likely find a way to not do so or he’ll find another way to break off the relationship. She just wasted a relationship investment. She needs an ‘early warning’ message to prevent investing so much of herself with so little return on investment.

For women that favor STD testing before marriage, I suggest this strategy. The first time the subject of sex comes up in dating or courtship, strike while the male mind is most open. Just as a passing but indelible thought disclose that testing for STD has made things so much safer for everyone. Plant the seed that she will never yield to anyone not having passed medical testing. Make sure that he will never be surprised if and when she asks for him to be tested. If he has STD, he will interpret her message that he will one day be tested and found wanting. Convinced of that, he won’t stay around longer than to prove to himself that she means exactly what she says. (She needs to plant the seed repeatedly but delicately and indirectly. Don’t preach as if she knows it all. Hint, hint, hint, ….)

Both sexes want to know before they have sex, but neither wants to disclose it. The only realistic solution lies with what’s already happening today. In the gangster rap of my childhood movies, “Nobody tells nobody nuttin’”. Everyone takes the risk and handles the consequences. Forgiveness and forgetfulness are powerful recovery weapons.

Finally, I caution women to not rely on trust of a man to prevent STD. Go with known facts and acceptance of likely risk. If a woman is betrayed after putting total trust in a man, his passing STD to her becomes an unforgivable ‘crime’. Even though he remains good enough for her, the betrayal of trust will haunt their relationship far longer than the STD.

To summarize, both sexes want to be informed before they are exposed. However, the pressures of self-interest, social norms, heat of passion, and their different natures turn both sexes away from disclosing their STD status until it’s too late. And so, STDs spread, mutate, and spread further.

I close with this opinion. As long as women spread masculine-style sexual freedom for themselves, experimentation and STDs spread into the lives of little girls and it happens earlier with each generation. That’s the real crime of the sexual revolution.



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347. Abstinence Pays

Girlhood abstinence reduces male dominance.

As part of the sexual revolution, women abandon the lessons of their mothers and grandmothers. They exploit newly proclaimed sexual ‘rights’, and abandon the time-honored American female strategy of No Sex without Marriage.

But, they go too far. Feminism inspired greater sexual freedom for females, but women could not keep it from flowing to adolescent girls. The younger the females available to provide sex, the greater their sexual attraction to men committed to someone else. (Who says abstinence education for girls doesn’t pay off?)

If they choose, girls and younger women can easily disrupt tightly bonded marriages that appear unbreakable. Today they do choose. Many seek committed married men as already proven worthwhile for matrimony. Men separated and divorced remain unproven, and their value goes down relative to the still-married.

Girls and adolescent-minded women, such as college booty, lack maturity to undercut male domination. Mature females are fearful of losing their man. Consequently, females submit more easily to male domination in both the social and home arenas.


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204. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes — Part 1

As women go, so goes the country. The women forty years ago did not reject what the early radical feminists had to say. Young women especially jumped on the feminist bandwagon, because society was fertilized for the change by earlier events.

Six great ignitions sparked social changes that made feminist theory sound good.

·         Ignition of the great American economic engine after the depression and World War II promised ever greater prosperity. Women sixty years ago were ready to take advantage. They wore slacks and had jobs outside the home. Both were breakthroughs from the war. They were inspired to go further and faster. What they got, however, was two revolutions that accelerated female departure from the traditional.

·         The Sexual Revolution ignited in the late Fifties and made drug and sexual adventurism common among the young and younger. It eclipsed in popularity a Marxist-inspired revolution hidden behind sex, drugs, and teen uprising against authority and the establishment.

·         The Cultural Revolution began with political radicals initiating the imposition of an entirely new culture on America, which continues today. Marxist theorists proposed the need for a new rather than a changed culture soon after the first world war.

·         Radical feminists ignited the Women’s Liberation movement and commenced reshaping female thinking to strive for feminist-defined gender equality. Men were discredited and not heeded.

·         As revolutionary self-indulgence became more popular in younger generations, the excitement of sexual liberation ignited the female libido.

·         The dozen or so radical feminists, those that Rush Limbaugh calls feminazis, pushed political, legal, social, and media levers and morphed Women’s Lib into Feminism.

Feminism founders were political mavens that hated or disliked men. Women fell prey to their propaganda. It sounded good and appropriate, because of the revolutionary times. Activists, advocates, acolytes, and supporters joined them.

Besides, men have so much more fun and freedom. Why shouldn’t women be more like men? As women go, so goes the country.

CREDIT: My thanks to Miss Dawn and Ms Aly for inspiring this series. Cicero said, “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a child.” It’s admirable they seek to escape such fate.

CREDIT: My thanks to Kathy Peterson for the title to this post.







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