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1398. Quit Worrying About Infidelity!

Her Highness Anon at 1394 described her misery this way: “I’m just so terrified of infidelity. Both my parents cheated, it’s so rampant in our culture. … I feel like I’m living in such a lost generation.” Her terror is justified. Infidelity is rampant. Her generation has lost its ability to hold onto men. So, what else is new? I’ll tell you. Women have also lost their ability to both prevent and recover from unfaithfulness. They pay attention to all the wrong things.

I mentioned her misery to a very mature, single, 28-year old, male college coach. He responded immediately with these 33 words: “She will turn very insecure and keep freaking out and over analyzing every move her husband makes. She will drive him into the arms of another woman and be divorced within 5 years.” I will use more than 33 words to describe why her life will likely turn out at least similar to that.

Women don’t want to hear it, but she makes it more likely that she or her man will cheat. Other than purposely pushing him or cheating herself, the worst thing she can do is worry about it.

Our subconscious mind takes us toward what we think about. The mind doesn’t know the difference whether something is good or bad, wanted or unwanted by us. The mind only knows to take us toward what we think about the most. The more we think about something, the more it guides and subconsciously nudges us in that direction. Worry keeps us focused on one thing, and our mind pushes and sometimes drags us kicking and screaming toward what we don’t even want. It manifests clearly in teen girls so anxious to have boys please them that they begin pleasing boys as if it’s the same thing. Sorry to describe it so glaringly, but God designed, Nature endows, and hormones energize our subconscious minds to operate that way in background mode.

Consequently, Anon worries a lot about her cheating or even not cheating, and the mind doesn’t know the difference. It pushes her toward cheating. If she worries about her man cheating, the subconscious works against her again. Only this time, her attitude (reflection of the subconscious mind) displays her concern and she does and says things that send messages to her man that he’s not trusted. It weakens his dedication to vows, devotion to her, and makes other women more attractive.

Women handle infidelity more easily than men. With men, it’s a deal breaker. If his woman cheats just once, she’s totally dead in his heart. With women, even their man’s serial infidelity can be tolerated. Not saying women should but they can. To women, emotional faithfulness outweighs physical unfaithfulness. Consequently, the nature of women makes them more flexible than men, more able to recover, and therefore less needful to worry. If they worry less, they get less of whatever they no longer worry about. Make sense?


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