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2728. More About Aging — Hide Her Flaws?

Seemingly disconnected, certain female habits improve both self-respect and respect for men in a woman’s heart. This post is about one feminine decision that can do much more than social media to produce success and satisfaction in the lives of women.

We all do what makes us feel good about ourselves, and so women try to look younger. They seem captivated by this notion. ‘The better I can fix up to please myself, the younger I appear and the more I appeal to men’.

However, given the nature of men, it’s a misleading scheme. While highly attractive for a gal to appear younger, neither sex nor her younger appearance bond a man and keep him for life. A younger female shape and appearance are marvelous attractions, but they don’t hold a man. (Except those adult men who haven’t escaped teenage values, expectations, and ambitions. That is, adultolescents who also seek to impose greater control over their woman and improve their reputation among fellow competitors.)

Women are famous for disguising wrinkles, hiding flaws, and otherwise supporting the cosmetics industry. Unintended, they spur capitalism and that’s great for all of us. However, they apparently possess an incomplete view of what they do. Whom do they aim to please by looking younger? Themselves or others? Deciding those questions provides a more complete view of the look-younger process.

Most women make themselves look younger specifically for the sake of looking younger. Please their own ego. They expect to be dealt with as younger gals; they earned it by hard work. However, it brings on defeats and frustrations with the cause unrecognized.

A woman’s man-hunting prospects increase dramatically if she takes another strategy. Instead of just pleasing her own eyes, she improves and promotes her overall attractiveness in the eyes of men. And she does it daily; comfort and convenience give way to new objectives.

She transforms her attractiveness to produce beauty in the eyes of many men, out of which a few will succumb to her ambition. The more who succumb, the more options she has to recruit one, develop a relationship with permanence as goal, develop mutual gratitude, and thus develop happiness for the rest of her life.

She makes herself look more reliably attractive to men roughly her own age, one of whom she hopes to capture and keep. By doing so, she shows more respect for men, and she cancels out the disadvantages of younger for the sake of younger. She replaces her selfish expectations with youthful but sensible allure that men can appreciate better than young and immature.

Mature men understand and accept aging as normal, so women should specialize at making themselves in all respects prettier for the guys about their age. Aim her efforts to appear modestly younger at the best prospects among those her age. Don’t downgrade herself to have more men to choose from. Instead, aim mature thoughts at men interested in these: devoted friend, flexible companion, accommodating sex partner, great listener, admirable loyalty, advocate of family harmony, non-complainer, dependence on what he does, and especially understanding competing responsibilities in wife/mother roles.

Focusing strictly on prevention of aging, women find frustrating results that produce strong incentive to continually try harder. They shouldn’t stop trying but do it aimed at men their own age. No one man in particular until he’s her husband.



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