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349. Virtual Virginity #18

  Women want to be cherished, but it starts with chastity in girlhood. Not that chastity is required, virtual virginity can rescue her. The lessons a girl learns refusing boys teaches her how to become a treasure for men—the first step to cherishment by one. It’s not what she is so much, as that one man perceives her to be exceptional. 

 To fulfill her hopes and dreams with a man, she must choose one with the character and drive to meet her needs. Good choice comes from screening and tossing out the unqualified many times instead of linking up with the first man that shows interest.

 It requires time and experience dealing with men, but women learn quickly. They easily discern words that prove empty, actions that prove self-serving, promises not kept, actions that don’t match words of commitment, and words empty of actions that signify devotion. Women make poor choices when they want a man more than they want to live with sound judgments about these matters.

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