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678. Respect Revisited — I

Ladies, watch this one closely: Relationships revolve around respect, and she’s in charge. She initiates and he responds. She has to show her respect and also earn his.

♦       Men don’t respect females as they respect men or as women hope to be respected.

♦       Men may take a liking to a woman on first encounter, but they don’t respect her automatically as she expects. He may acquiesce to her wishes, but it equates more to duty and hope than respect.

♦       Women have a huge advantage over men. As a respect-earner, nothing either gender has or does works better than females withholding unmarried sex.

♦       The longer she holds off for sex, the greater the respect she earns. The closer to virginity she appears, the more respectable she is to conqueror, serious suitor, and discouraged player.

♦       A man loves a woman, but she sees few signs that she’s respected. To his competitive nature, showing respect directly weakens his presentation of Self. He reacts more to his nature than to her expectations. It’s also why men must be taught to be gentlemanly, and why high quality females aka ladies must set the example.


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