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2342. Old Age Switcheroo

Ladies, here’s what you face many years down the road. Men and women exchange places. Regarding sexual relations, that is. Other hormones are involved but I simplify for ease of explanation.

The combination of high testosterone and low estrogen brings on horniness and the motivation to conquer attractive females—natural for males. The alternate combination of high estrogen and low testosterone motivates one to be more cautious; that is, make love with a particular person—natural for females. Those different default conditions change as hormonal shifting begins slowly after their sex drives peak.

You know what it’s like now but think of it reversing later, most noticeably after your menopause and his mid-life crisis and into the decades that follow.

Men lose testosterone faster and women lose estrogen faster. The change in ratio of one versus the other shifts their sexual urges accordingly. By late in life, she’s the horny one and he’s interested only if he wants to make love to her because of who she is and what she means to him.

So, ladies, to avoid the discomfort of not seeming to be wanted late in life, train your man now to always want to please you. It’s more of the eternal story. Men become what women turn them into because women have the patience and fortitude to do whatever it takes to keep brightening their future.



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2145. Unisex Fails Women

It’s been happening for half a century through six or seven generations of females, each of which seeks its own identity with a different lifestyle from previous ones.

Women possess some male hormones, and I use testosterone merely as example. Hormones respond to behavior. The more masculine-like is female behavior, the higher the level of Big T. The higher the level, the more masculine they act in response, so hormones and behavior trigger more of the other and spiral upward making women more like men. The reverse is true too. The more feminine women behave, the less T floods their body and the less they act like men.

Most men want to marry a virtuous woman, but she’s not virtuous enough unless she’s fascinating to him. Except for sexual potential, men see little or no fascination in women who act like men. Such women possess too few of the virtuous qualities that fascinate men.

Consequently, over 50 or so years women migrated from potential mates to undesirables for permanent relationships. They depend on romantic love to support their relationships. It fades in a year or two after conquest, and men are free to move on to another sex object, if they didn’t move on before.

The unisex movement is political and sprang out of Feminism. Ergo, feminist thinking, theory, and belief are responsible for short duration of marriages. But it’s really not that simple; that’s just the foundation. Unisex politics convinced women they should act more like men, which flooded them with more testosterone, which brought out more self-centered female aggressiveness that men find unpleasant, which cost women much of their non-sexual fascination, which lured men into sex-only relationships, which brought about the shortening of marriages.

The more feminine that women behave, the more likely they appear fascinating to men, and the more likely men see promise in them as lifelong mates. They are made that way in order to live compatibly with each other.



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1781. Sex Difference Redux—Part 35: Female Dominance

Dominance means for someone to get their way and differs greatly between men and women. Male dominance is intermittently used, because men presume it to be unnecessary in order for them to get their way. To the extent a husband doesn’t impose his dominance, his wife perceives mini-voids and opportunities to expand her influence—and it’s a primal urge.

Male dominance is instinctive, well recognized, and focused on the present. With little or no conscious thought behind it, however, femininity easily outwits it, grows its own counterpoints, and smooths the harsh edges from it. In the natural course of events, female dominance yields to male dominance in the present so women get their way in the future.

Female dominance operates in background. It is reasoned, designed, reinforced, and proved daily in reality. Strategically, female dominance relies on indirectness, patience, negotiation, and cooperation and avoids direct competition with a man. Men don’t easily recognize the subliminal influence of female dominance, except when they see it in other couples and much later in their own married lives. On the other hand, the essence of a man’s devotion is his willingness to accept her dominance of things of vital importance to her.

Femininity counters masculinity with uniquely female logic, reason, gender influence, multiple agendas, deeper feelings, personal persuasiveness, parlaying the present for the future, and whatever else women individually and collectively use or can create to get their way.

Seldom acknowledged, women naturally rush to get their way whenever they find their man may be acquiescent. Wives almost never abandon their primal urge to brighten their future by improving their husbands. The only real obstruction is resistance in the form of male dominance, which is why women work hard to avoid their husband imposing it. She can eventually get her way if she honors his dominance today. That, incidentally, paves the road of his devotion.

The balance of dominance within a couple shifts later in life as the ratio of hormones changes for both sexes. The level of estrogen-to-testosterone falls as women pass through mid-life. They become more assertive and even aggressive, which enables them more easily to get their way. At about the same time in life, the level of estrogen-to-testosterone rises as testosterone decreases in men. It lowers masculine desire to get their way, and men acquiesce more easily to their women’s desire to lead.

Feminism set out to conquer male dominance. Men were offended and became irritated, moved out of the limelight, and privately reinforced their sub-culture insistence that males dominate females. Our foremothers knew how to make male dominance tolerable and less offensive. But modern women let feminist politics intrude their relationships, and for the past few decades male dominance has come out of the closet into which our foremothers had stuffed it—not stuffed completely but smoothly enough that devotion to wives and children became common.

The rest isn’t history so much as female misery. Men rise to leadership roles early in life, and women later. We now see many highly attractive, assertive, and even aggressive middle-age women finding that they have no man with whom to enjoy getting their way more easily, no man to lead through the fun, fulfillment, and ravages of aging. It’s slow to happen, but women have begun to realize that feminists taught women to overpower rather than use male dominance to help fulfill female hopes and dreams.


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674. RANDOM THOUGHTS — Group 8

♦       The number one survey complaint of women about their man is this: Too little affection. It’s deceptive, however. Affection is but a starter to affirm a woman’s sense of value to her man, which is what she’s really after.

♦       Feminism asserts itself to conquer male dominance. Women already knew how, but they let politics intrude the bedroom and male dominance has become greater if we measure it by the increased instances of masculine independence, aggressiveness, and violence since the 1960s.

♦       Female dominance is consciously thought out, deliberately designed, proven in reality, and potentially stronger. It’s the true purpose behind femininity and relies on logic, reason, gender influence, multiple agendas, deep feelings, personal persuasiveness, parlaying the present for the future, and whatever else women individually and collectively can create to get their way.

♦       Late in life hormones make a big difference. Her ratio of female hormones to testosterone falls, and she tends toward aggressiveness and dominance. His levels of testosterone fall, and he becomes less assertive and aggressive. 

♦       To the extent she expects him to be in charge, he expects her to be submissive. Negotiated and consistent agreements about who’s most responsible for what help breathe stability into a couple’s relationship. 


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588. Dominance Prevails: His or Hers?

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1781.


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567. Sex differences explain men — Chap. 32

♦       As women age, their ratio of testosterone to estrogen rises, so they get more authoritative. As men age, they get less aggressive, because their ratio diminishes.

♦       In war men don’t fight for home and country, they fight for the men alongside, military buddies. In wartime women fight for home, family, and beliefs.

♦       Men don’t respect women acting like males. Women don’t respect men acting like females.

♦       Men offer advice cautiously. They can’t stand to be ignored or disregarded. Women offer advice freely. They’re not offended when it goes unheeded or ignored.

♦       She wants to look pretty. He wants to appear in control.

♦       Women are more group-oriented and men more individualistic.

♦       Women expect peace without having to fight for it. Men know they must fight for it.

♦       Men physically defend themselves. Women mentally defend themselves.

♦       The male nature competes but cooperates under pressure. The female nature cooperates first but easily competes under pressure if risks are not threatening to kids or family.


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546. Response to Viewer — 08

WWNH: Any reward for being a person occurs internally, whether it originated from Self or others. Expect payoffs from others, and disappointment follows.

Princess Reina asks at post 545: Where is the payoff for us? It seems women “are having to do a lot of emotional babysitting and handholding for men just to get them through the dating process, let alone marriage.”

Good questions! However, as a friend adds to each email: “Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.” Perhaps you’ve not yet struck gold, but keep panning; it takes a lot of water, which means more dancing.

Young females lack maturity to appreciate what follows. They may not even care. But, the true, God–given, Nature-endowed reward for females comes late in life manifested in ways seldom thought about earlier. It’s what women never hear but grandmothers embrace as reward for earlier struggles.

  • Complete love is unconditional, selfless, and sacrificial. It’s the kind God has for each of us and encourages us to duplicate. Most people do with less.
  • Reliable and enduring love comes after years together. His capacity for it depends upon self-respect reinforced by his woman. Her capacity depends on self-love reinforced by loving devotion from a man. (Princess Syndrome works pretty well in adulthood.)
  • Later in life she confidently escalates herself to matriarch as the ratio of estrogen to testosterone in her body declines. Husband’s chemistry goes the other way, so this naturally shifts dominance toward her. As years go by, this enables her to spearhead family harmony and solidarity more assertively, influentially, and permanently.
  • The ultimate female reward is a loving, loveable, and loved family of happy children and adults that she ‘put together’ and dominates as mother hen instead of matriarch as she deserves. She spends her young life using indirectness to master the art of family harmony and receives her rewards indirectly from what she produced.
  • Pride and self-confidence saturate her person; she melted and integrated all her goals into what matters most—a great family. (Among gazillions of lessons, she learned along the way that the critical side of her nature was excessive and the grateful side too weak, and so she changed into a blessing for the whole family. That’s her ultimate reward, and it arrives internally from gazillions of outside signals.)  

Granny’s life work reflects in the character of her grandchildren, which arose from her children, which arose from herself in earlier years. Grandpa taught obedience and how to follow. Granny taught right and wrong, good and evil, and how to dance in the rain.

Character selection of her man and character building of her offspring are roots of ultimate female reward. Unfortunately today, many look for rewards without planting seeds and letting stormy rain do the rest.

Her Highness Wife Grace says: “This reads just like a big hug.”


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