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2724. Sexual Assets Put Women In Charge—or Not!

To male eyes, women possess the most valuable thing on earth—each woman’s sexual assets. A man thinks this. If he owned such great possessions, the price for anyone’s access would rise each step from touch to feel to fondle to ultimate price for ultimate prize.

Men don’t respect women who don’t copy what men would do with such unique and negotiable wealth. Dumbed-down women are appreciated for sex but seldom loved. When a man doesn’t respect a woman, he can’t love her. It means that cheap and easy sex is a man’s respect unearned. Moreover, men don’t appreciate unearned gifts, so one-night stands with no follow up should be expected by women as the natural result of cheap, easy, and unearned gifting.

Women abhor the male urge to spread seed, but a man has two distinctly different, highly motivated sex drives. The first aims for first-time sex with every attractive woman who will permit it. His secondary drive aims a man toward someone already conquered in response to manly need for frequent and convenient access.

A man seeks sex without regard for bonding; sex is an immediate function and disconnected from future expectations. When and if he bonds, it’s a growing process that evolves from her fascination as attractive woman.

In the process of uncovering her weaknesses to more quickly get her into bed the first time, he discovers qualities that he admires and which thereby become virtues. His bonding grows out of who she is and what she does to appear likeable and loyal to him alone, and who shows promise that she’s the best for him.

Women are processors by nature, so why do they not see the following? Perhaps because it is more detectable by study than by women who don’t really want to know it. With each one-night stand and no follow up by the guy, these lingering effects accumulate. Her sexual bonding is wasted and thus weakened more with each new guy, which weakens her ability to be grateful for herself, which weakens her ability to find gratitude elsewhere, which weakens her ability to find happiness, which causes her to blame men, which further weakens her respect for men, which weakens her ability to keep a man, and which prevents fulfillment of her girlhood dream of living and parenting with a man of her own.

Their first sex together transforms a man. 1) His respect of her for previously refusing to yield becomes fixed and stops growing. 2) His dominant nature becomes reinforced and impenetrable by her; he paid her price for ownership. 3) She slowly becomes aware that she’s either keeper, booty, or disposable, a decision he made before conquest. And, 4) he becomes ‘owner’ of their sexual agenda. Before conquest, she expected none of those. To the extent that he’s devoted to her, however, 1) through 4) may be softened.

A man expects and is usually willing to pay the ultimate price, when it’s necessary to get the woman he respects, desires, and likes enough to live with her to enhance his ever-demanding self-satisfaction. Consequently, the more effectively and longer women refuse to yield until they get their way, the more masculine respect they earn that strengthens the foundation of a man’s love.

In the final analysis, women can be in charge of generating successful relationships as long as they keep their legs crossed. Conquest before marriage switches men into the driver’s seat. He may bond after that, but the odds don’t favor it, especially in the current marketplace.


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