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509. The ABCs Revisited

A matriarchy has never arisen in more than seven millennia, but feminists keep trying. There’s gold in patriarchy for women who commit to mining it.

Background. Our foremothers before the Sixties made patriarchal men recognize and implement greater friendliness with female values, which also enabled children to play outside without fear of predators. The sexual revolution brought something different: Masculine disrespect of females and god-awful endangerments to children.

Hope. God and Nature energize men and women to compete to shape home and society. Male friendly customs regarding sex produce unfriendly values and conditions for women and children. Female friendly values regarding life require female dominance of sexual matters.

Females make male dominance tolerable by neutralizing the male’s conquering spirit and discouraging or suppressing his unmarried sex drive. For example, men do whatever women require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If women require marriage, men marry. If married women are faithful and unmarried women are chaste, men stay married, and monogamy popularizes itself. Such conditions make trophies pretty things instead of play things.

When females exploit their uniqueness, it enables wives to dominate home and culture* and husbands to dominate workplace, and society*—a reasonable and fair balance that quiets more than offends men. (Unmarrieds of both sexes are much less effective at promoting female friendly values; their interests for doing so are weak.)

Values made and shaped in the home spread, interact, and coalesce into culture. Husbands follow cultural values to govern the workplace and shape society. Wives staff the back offices that ever so subtly govern how husbands do business in the front office.

Females determine how males respond to female uniqueness. Mothers and grandmothers plant and nurture values within young boys, girls tame pubescent boys, and women domesticate grown boys aka boyfriends, lovers, live ins, husbands, exes, wannabes, and discards. If women do well, male dominance weakens and patriarchy fades. (If women don’t conspire, they should. It’s how radical feminists tore down the greatest social structure in the world.)  

The power base created by dominating home and culture enables wives to condition the male mind and shape male behavior to honor and promote family, female, and child interests. Men and especially husbands take opposite-sex interests to work, shape society accordingly, and figure out how they can still exercise their dominance in a less patriarchal society. Our expert foremothers made our pragmatic forefathers look good yielding much of their dominant spirit.

Women come first in the ABCs, next.  

* Society is what people do. Culture is why they do it.



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427. KEEPERS FOR KEEPERS — Assortment 10

Dear Daughter: A few more reviewables.

♫ Women mature and get set in their ways more than men. If not so, there would be far less need for trophies for older men. (First bride disappeared, so he looks for another.) [9]

♫ Women can persuade their man to change, but if pushed contrary to his nature, he will resent and hold it against her. [9]

♫ The greater that females show respect and gratitude for males generally, the greater is each woman’s respect and gratefulness for her man. [18]

♫ Taming masculine aggression starts with mother, depends greatly on adolescent girls, and finalizes under the tutelage of a good wife. [18]

♫ Modesty keeps men at a distance and empowers a woman to avoid and prevent embarrassment. [7]

♫ Men look at attractive women as sex targets until conquered. Afterward, she’s keeper, backup, duty slut, or dumpee. Keeper odds are slim. [18]

♫ Men must be taught to romance females. Non-sexual and patient indirectness works best. [8]

♫ It’s not her virginity per se as it is her relative inexperience by which the conqueror can measure his competitive accomplishments against other men. [7]

♫ How women display their boobs affects whether they handle men with female determination or get manhandled with masculine brusqueness. [12]

♫ When a woman chases a man, she becomes seller to his buyer. By not holding out for him to meet her expectations as the buyer, she cheapens herself. [8]

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263. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes—Part 4

The Cosby family and Ozzie and Harriett home exemplified on TV what our foremothers sought and achieved—albeit incompletely and imperfectly. These and similar shows are mocked today by feminists and political activists. Yet, real women before the 1960s were far happier and more successful than modern women when dealing with men.  

Womanhood split in the 1960s. Many women and young girls became radicalized and politicized by the sexual and cultural revolutions. They removed Womanhood from the driver’s seat of culture.

It cost women in many ways: They lost the unconditional respect of men for the female sex. They elevated unmarried sex and played to the manly game of irresponsibility for offspring. They devalued personal virtue and family integrity, and this led to family instability. They motivated men generally against marriage and spending a lifetime with the same woman.

Plus, one great unintended consequence: Women bashed men socially and attacked them legally and politically to tear down male dominance.

The effect: They restored male dominance to prominence. Men now put masculine interests for independence, toys, adventures, and trophies ahead of helping fulfill female hopes and dreams.

Men rather than women dominate cultural values today. It’s done primarily through the pop culture and compounds for the worse into each new generation.

Consequently, modern women and children lose more easily and dependably in this game we call life. Some women don’t know how, and others  won’t pay the price, to strengthen their family with a devoted husband and father.

[More on old school America appears in posts 238, 218, and 204 below. Scroll down or search by the number with dot and space following it.]

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228. Female Fortitude—46 through 50

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

46. Some women dress erotically to capture a man and follow up with sloppy dress and grooming that turns his head toward other neat and erotically attired females. Other women know that sloppy appearance and inattentive personal grooming at home and in public spawns other women as potential trophies in their man’s eyes.

47. Dark Side Truth #3—Feminist thinking in the home inspires women to favor ingratitude for their man’s imperfections rather than gratefulness for his manliness and strengths. Eventually, a man tires of it, his respect wanes, alienation sets in, and disruption or departure follows.

49. First impressions motivate a man. Modest boobery signals she’s relatively unavailable but may be worth a chase. The man that finds her sufficiently attractive preps himself to spend a lot of time and effort with her. He figures it’s needed just to penetrate her resistance that’s reflected by her apparent modesty. Her modesty energizes his perceptiveness and imagination to her advantage. It also pressures him to learn to honor her expectations for him.

50.  Old school. When women denied sex without marriage, men didn’t take rejection personally. They blamed her hang ups, moral,  religious, or whatever. New school. As modern females provide sex with little or no commitment, males take rejection personally. Some males can’t recover one much less repeated refusals. It can spin boy or man toward awful revenge—think stalkers, school massacres, date rapists, serial rapists.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]


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157. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 11

The politically inspired Feminism movement persuaded women to change their behavior relative to men. Unintended consequences inevitably arose:

1.      Men do whatever females require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Before the Dark Side, men expected to marry for life and responsibly provide for family. Women admired and respected the male gender even more than their own. Men reciprocated. Women rewarded men for responsible husbanding and fathering, and men got what they wanted for giving up their freedom.

2.      Starting four decades ago, it all changed. Women’s Liberation advocates and the feminazis* called men relationship misfits, inadequate as mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of females. They mocked men as insensitive and overbearing. They sought to change the males’ natural dominance with legal, political, and economic initiatives.

3.      Full-fledged feminists and  their advocates and admirers took up the finger-pointing, male bashing, and condemnation of most things masculine.

4.      Men fulfilled the prophecy. They became what they were accused of and called. The Pygmalion Effect took effect; the self-fulfilling prophecy fulfilled.  

5.      Men now act as relationship misfits, inadequate mates, and unnecessary for the fulfillment of female interests. Feminist politics overwhelms the good common sense of the female nature. 

6.      Mutual respect dies. Neither gender respects the other more than their own, as they once did. Men don’t respect the female gender, largely because women show insufficient respect for the male gender. Feminists tried to alter the male Nature, but they failed. Hormones eventually trump intentions, whether good or bad. 

7.      Women provide unmarried sex more freely than ever before. Their need for a boyfriend, lover, or husband drives them to reward a man before he earns her by proving his worth for her. Feminists call it Sexual Freedom. Men call it GREAT! 

8.      Husbands abandon wives. They escape the woman that demeaned his importance by decades of trying to change him. Even older husbands capitalize by pursuing trophies. They long for the excitement they missed as teens. They seek a chance to start over; they’ve learned how to restore their significance as husband and father. 

9.      Thus, modern women compensate men for doing what women don’t want. Gentlemanly behavior is dead. Male sexual freedom shows few restraints. Erotic attire spreads the urge to merge. Male character strengths weaken as less family responsibility provides less reinforcement. Strong sense of family responsibility melts alongside another women without a man.  

10.  Men continue as their nature commands: They do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. It’s so much cheaper for males, now that females absorb the high cost of cheap sex. [More about the high cost can be found in posts 149, 138, 99, 84, 39, and 2.]

Unfortunately, the feminist-darkened social culture forces the majority of women to pay the full price after split up. Lessened respect for men and social values about sexual freedom push women where they don’t want their relationships to go. They turned men into insensitive clods and fuzzy-headed mates. Having bought into a political ideology, Feminism, what more should women expect?  

* Rush Limbaugh coined the feminazi term to describe the dozen or so radicals that birthed Feminism out of the Women’s Liberation political movement. Nothing more is intended here.



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113. Sex is iffy.

When fascination, infatuation, lust, respect, and love fade for a woman, men resort to character and nature. Women usually suffer consequences with roots in their first sex together.

The male mind set comes in all shapes and sizes. But, like women, they have their own set of expectations. Unfortunately for women, masculine expectations lean toward conquest more than relationship stability. That’s evident in the way men change after conquest of a woman.

If he won’t honor her values, standards, and expectations before conquest, he likely won’t afterward.

If he won’t make himself worthy of her before conquest, instead of her becoming worthy of him, he likely won’t afterward.

If he won’t romance her before they get into foreplay and intercourse, he likely won’t learn to do it for their future together. [See post #33, ‘Romance Gap’ is all about her.]

If he’s the buyer and she’s the seller before marriage, look out for the dump that’s likely coming.  

If she’s not the seller to his buyer role after marriage, she’s likely qualifying herself for abandonment.

If she expects his devotion, remember that it arises from what he does for her, not what she does for him.

If she yields to him, she should expect conqueror’s rights to kick in. First, he takes charge of their sexual agenda.

If she expects to be a big trophy for him: The harder to get, the bigger the trophy.

If she expects her feminist leanings, attitude, and political expectations to override his natural masculine behaviors, her value to him will diminish over time.

If after they marry she waters down her help, support, gratitude, and encouragement for who and what he is, she may also want to research where the local exes recovery group is meeting. 



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93. Sex and the fickle girl—Part II

When a woman initiates sex, the man’s sense of importance turns to temporary luck. Men value women more highly when she makes him feel significant. Luck pushes him to try again—elsewhere.

Wives thrive on their man’s devotion, but then they take advantage of it. They belittle and nag him to get better, sacrifice more for her, pay more attention to her, or provide more affection. Instead, her pressures cause his devotion to weaken, his interest to spread outside the home, and his commitment to ultimately fade perhaps altogether.

Women capture a man most successfully when they make him capture her. Easily captured game is easily caught and released. Difficult-to-capture game becomes manly trophies. Men have a hunting nature.

Women ignore old school female virtue in favor of new school ‘anything goes’. The Marrying Man loses interest in marrying and focuses on women for sex.

A.D.D. revisited — Women as the relationship experts are well equipped to accept, adjust, or compensate for a man’s Affection Delivery Disorder. Instead, however, most women focus on themselves. Those surveyed complain most about their man’s lack of showing affection—thus admitting their primary shortcoming to be female Affection Deficit Disorder and their inability to handle it. [See post #3 for more on A.D.D.]

♣ Modern women refuse to pay a man’s price for husbanding and fathering. So, husbands evade personal, family, and relationship responsibilities in favor of guy things and adventures unfriendly to or exclusive of their wife.

♣ The excitement of a new boyfriend distorts a female’s thinking. She’s so excited that she looks at today and forgets all the tomorrows. The female nature best deals with the future, the male nature best deals with the present.  

♣ One poor strategy causes women to lose the war of the sexes. She thinks sex will capture a man, her romancing will confirm him as the right man, and her love will hold him.

[More fickleness at post #34.] 


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