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2722. Born Different but Compatible — 01

God gave humans His marching orders for life on earth as expressed in Genesis 2:24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.” [KJV]

One flesh requires a lot of smooth compatibility. Jesus legitimized love as strategic glue for women. They capitalize on it by sharing their love as Jesus preached. OTOH, how do individuals find loving compatibility when both sexes are born with free will to get their way associating with others? God provided the method, but do Christians study the methodology too little and, consequently, lose their moral compass to devil-inspired details?

God’s method begins with His plan for both sexes, which looks like this. Each individual is sufficiently able to be compatible with a mate. Individuals strive continuously to get their way. Both sexes are endowed with free will, and individuals fight to get their way until each decides or is pressured to do otherwise. He made men dominant by nature and women superior to the extent they use their relationship expertise to get their way. (Incidentally, women are only the superior sex so long as they do not try to convince men of that fact; dominance prevents acceptance of anything stronger. Feminism torpedoes the best interests of womanhood by claiming superiority for women.)

God’s method continues at birth, as each child is the product of His design, Nature’s genetic endowment, and hormonal energizing. The differences are numerous and mostly for another time and place; e.g. she’s born pretty and he’s born handy; she fears abandonment and he fears insignificance.

Couples mate best when a virtuous woman pleases some man enough that he figures he can live better by living with her. After that, she only has to keep him satisfied with himself in his marriage. More soon.


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