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539. Dark Side of Feminism — Part 23

Radicals, revolutionaries, and activists declared war on men and gave birth to Feminism. Adverse effects and social debris still fall on every woman and impact every child. Outcomes include:

N  Over three decades women disallowed and disrespected masculine feedback about feminist theory and dogma. Now, modern women don’t know men, and what they do know is mostly wrong.

N  Husbands lose their sense of personal responsibility, because wives value their own independence so greatly that they become ungrateful for whatever their man does do.

N  Wives seek so much household equality they are unwilling to negotiate separate-but-equal and respect-over-love domain responsibilities. Who’s the final authority on what issues?

N  Personal, mutual, social, cultural, and traditional respect continues to disintegrate between and within the genders. (Hook ups without call up, shack up without marry up, split up without warning, marry up without responsibility, break up without loss of benefits.)

N  The cultural concept of separate but equal genders has been torn down by the politics of gender disparagement.

N  Wives declare husbands inadequate and worse. Unknowingly or unwittingly or both, they fulfill the Pygmalion prophecy and turn husbands into more of what wives don’t want. (See previous article 529—Non-judgmental? Ha!)

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