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330. Female Fortitude — 171 through 185

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide theme or summary of previous posts. The numbers match the source.

171.       Women abandon the greatest female strategy of the unmarried.

172.       When she chases a man for his looks, he perceives that she’s available and disposable.

173.       Our foremothers proved their system worked.

174.       Thus, she controls the battle of wits and wills.

175.       The self-fulfilling prophecy works both ways.

176.       Femininity inspires manly adoration of a woman.

177.       Loving parents can succeed at parenting, but love won’t do it.

178.       Effective parenting depends upon nurturing, leading, and coaching in three phases respectively.

179.       Women more easily live on faith, men on action.

180.       Feminists lead the way in fruitless efforts to change the male nature.

181.       Virtual virginity is all about maximizing a man’s investment in her.

182.       Women have three options for boob display.

183.       Women can compete against women of greater youth and beauty.

184.       By making herself worthy of a man, she confirms inequality and hints at inferiority.

185.       Hard-to-conquer sexual targets earn far more respect than easy, round-heeled pushovers.

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263. From feminine mystique to feminist mistakes—Part 4

The Cosby family and Ozzie and Harriett home exemplified on TV what our foremothers sought and achieved—albeit incompletely and imperfectly. These and similar shows are mocked today by feminists and political activists. Yet, real women before the 1960s were far happier and more successful than modern women when dealing with men.  

Womanhood split in the 1960s. Many women and young girls became radicalized and politicized by the sexual and cultural revolutions. They removed Womanhood from the driver’s seat of culture.

It cost women in many ways: They lost the unconditional respect of men for the female sex. They elevated unmarried sex and played to the manly game of irresponsibility for offspring. They devalued personal virtue and family integrity, and this led to family instability. They motivated men generally against marriage and spending a lifetime with the same woman.

Plus, one great unintended consequence: Women bashed men socially and attacked them legally and politically to tear down male dominance.

The effect: They restored male dominance to prominence. Men now put masculine interests for independence, toys, adventures, and trophies ahead of helping fulfill female hopes and dreams.

Men rather than women dominate cultural values today. It’s done primarily through the pop culture and compounds for the worse into each new generation.

Consequently, modern women and children lose more easily and dependably in this game we call life. Some women don’t know how, and others  won’t pay the price, to strengthen their family with a devoted husband and father.

[More on old school America appears in posts 238, 218, and 204 below. Scroll down or search by the number with dot and space following it.]

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249. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 15

♀?♂  When unmarried women yield the first time to a man, he wins much more than sex. Men rule over women they conquer. If she refuses, he dumps her.

♀?♂  Men see friendship differently. Women don’t fit a man’s mold of pure friendship, except when they are not sex targets.

♀?♂  Men treat women according to what they appear to be—sex object, slut, lady, sloppy, neat, pretty, immaculately groomed, careless, desperate, disposable…. That is, she’s responsible for the respect with which she’s treated.

♀?♂  Men treated as sex targets by females learn that all women have little else to offer. Let the fun and irresponsible games continue. Visible groupies are more significant than unseen bed post notches.

♀?♂  Modern female fidelity is questionable to men, because so many women sacrifice themselves at the altar of sexual freedom.

♀?♂  More than sex, men crave appreciation for who they are and what they do. If not their wife, however, sex works just fine for today—thank you very much.

♀?♂  One major facet of a man’s sense of significance rests upon not having to face men who have bedded his woman.

[More jack about Jack appears in posts 232, 217, 202, 185, 172, 162, 153, 142, 135, 132, 114, 97, 91, and 7. Scroll down or search by the number with a dot and space following it.]


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71. Dark Side of Feminism—Part 04

♣ The four most effective tactics that women have to pique a man’s curiosity and hold his interest die on the vine of modern values that arose with or dribbled down from Feminism.

     ·         Feminism aborts ladylike behavior.

     ·         Unmarried sex smothers feminine mystique.

     ·         Masculine grossness dishonors female modesty.

     ·         Masculine-style sexual freedom turns loving intercourse into coarse primal urges.

♣ Feminism promotes ‘get in his face’ as the way to protect a woman’s interests. This nullifies her natural strengths for shaping a man’s behavior.

♣ Feminist thinking discourages women from using their natural flexibility, that which flows from female soft-heartedness, mothering instincts, and nurturing spirit. Men have much less natural flexibility to smooth out the wrinkles of life.

♣ Feminists promote legal constraints to elevate women over men in order to discourage and suppress natural male dominance. It improves the political, legal, and economic status of females, but it backfires with a couple.

♣ Feminists use anger, blame, and ridicule to upstage men, which only serves to make females less attractive for much more than sex.

♣ Feminist efforts to weaken male domination energize men to spread their seed instead of keeping it at home.

♣ Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Such women lose much of their natural expertise for holding a man.


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67. Exes, dumpees, and left behinds—Section I

Girls and women repeatedly spend time as ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, ex-live in, ex-wife. Whether searching, shacking up, or married, women repeatedly bounce from one misery to another interrupted frequently with love that doesn’t last and often with a new child. First with a guy and then without, and then with a guy and then without, and then….

Males are just males. Mothers, girls, and wives turn them into promising boys and mature men that please or displease females.

Every man expects he will be great as a mate—by masculine standards, that is. They must be taught otherwise, if female expectations are met.

Sexual encounters do not improve men, because sex neither bonds nor changes them for female advantage. The actions and reactions of women withholding intercourse teach men to adopt female-friendly behaviors and try harder to please females.

When there’s a shortage of unmarried sex all across society, it shapes masculine thinking toward goodness and what women appreciate. Trying to qualify for sex by searching for a female’s weaknesses, a man coincidentally learns about her non-sexual strengths and qualities of value to him. His love needs that base, if it’s to endure beyond the fading of lust, infatuation, and romantic love.

The presence of unmarried sex all across modern society shapes masculine thinking against what women appreciate. The ease of bouncing blossom to blossom lures men away from spending very much effort on females and especially the baggage-laden interests of one. Also, male dominance intensifies.

Modern women don’t rise to the challenge of relationship management required to succeed as a couple. Instead, they act less feminine, more masculine, and objectify themselves for trading in the sexual marketplace.

When relationship mistakes and failures become evident, she dumps him before he dumps her.

She recycles to the dreaded ex side of life. Her lament: ♫Where oh when ♫is my next boyfriend? She sighs and sponges up the sympathy and encouragement of her girlfriends. But the next hook up restarts the cycle.   

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32. Dear Daughter — second letter

♀ Two conquerors compete and struggle. He seeks sex, and she seeks marriage. The conqueror shapes their subsequent relationship.

♀ Dominance among couples comes in several colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

♀ Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman. Each man expects one woman to energize and shower him with wedded bliss. Of course it’s not fair, but it is Nature in action.

♀ In the movie, The King and I, Yul Brynner sings that women are made for one man, but men are made to go blossom-to-blossom. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females makes the king’s musical model bloom as cheap, unobligated reality for modern men.

♀ After conquest, a man’s pursuit of a female stops, because he owns their sexual agenda. The maximum influence she wielded before conquest fades to much less. Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths.

♀ The real glue of a lasting marriage is not love so much as the absence of demeaning irritants, frequent hassles, and widening ingratitude for him and lessening of affection for her.

♀ A female eager to accept a male as sex partner bypasses the process by which she earns his respect. This means that little within him grows to help commit him to her after lust and infatuation fade in a year or two.

♀ Both men and women rationalize that sex and even shack up should precede marriage so as to confirm compatibility. This male game emerges from feminist propaganda and dollars earned by TV and Hollywood. Of marriages following shack up, 80 percent fail.

♀ Female independence gained through masculine-style sexual freedom make marriage dwindle in importance, vitality, longevity, and appeal to men. Feminist politics and propaganda cannot make life fair.

♀ Feminism brought into the home changes the natural and cooperative battle of the sexes into an unnatural and competitive war of the sexes.

♀ Successful relationships depend upon the lessons girls learn while teaching boys to honor feminine values, standards, and expectations. Popularized and rampant teen sexual activity short-circuits this process. Men win, and women lose as relationships fail and click women into the recycle bin.

♀ Hollywood flicks, TV shows, and pop culture excitement convince women that premarital and first time sexual relations are an exciting way to capture a man. Or, it is the woman’s due, and yielding sex never has bad consequences. However, it’s both feminist and male propaganda.

♀ The more wives take feminist theory and dogma into the home, the more husbands decide the kind of husband or ex they will be.


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