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25. Virginity: Real and Virtual

Successful relationships start out very simple. Two conquerors face off. He seeks with minimal obligation and responsibility to conquer her for sex. She seeks a committed mate before providing sex.

If he wins, she finds it almost impossible to increase and difficult to sustain his devotion to her and hers. If she conquers him, her chances improve dramatically for extending their relationship as long as she wants.

She’s almost certain to lose if she plays his game, and there are no guarantees playing her game. After all, men do not need marriage, but most women want it.   

All of this makes virtual virginity reusable and much more powerful than the real thing.

Teen girls have three options. (1) They can make themselves sex objects for boys and fall prey to lies, deceit, and ingratitude that devastate female self-esteem, downgrade female self-image, and mock female self-interest. By following the leadership of boys into becoming  promiscuous, girls forfeit the lessons that abstinence and chastity bring.

(2) Girls can dynamically and for many years use their virginity to reject all boys for sex. By protecting and preserving their virginity, girls learn how Nature endows males and females to succeed as couples. Chaste girls learn to assess a male’s character for fulfilling responsibilities. But above all, abstaining girls learn how to earn a man’s devotion and energize him to honoring female values, standards, and expectations. (If a guy won’t honor her without conquest, he sure won’t honor her afterwards.)

(3) Girls can protect their chastity with the same elan, dynamism, dedication, and silence on the subject as if they were still virgin. When denied actual knowledge and left to their imagination, virtual virginity mesmerizes boys as does the real thing.

Women have the same choices, since virtual can substitute for real virginity and be used to hold a man’s attention while feminine mystique, female modesty, and standards of morality capture his admiration and ultimately devotion.



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