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1663. Replay of Tough Concept from Post 217

Commitment is a gift, but devotion is earned. If a man’s commitment—whether true or disingenuous—is enough for her to yield sexually, she likely will never see him exhibit devotion to her satisfaction.

Commitment is the promise of togetherness, a mixture of words, romantic love, infatuation, and lust. Only time and the future prove its presence or absence, its accuracy and sincerity, its briefness or permanence.

Devotion is a man’s dedication to a woman so intense that others notice and believe it. It’s observable in his actions that not only please her but require considerable effort on his part. He respects her first as a person, then as a woman, and then as his girlfriend, fiancé, and wife. Her spirit stimulates the softer side of his natural hardheartedness. Her presence softens the harder side of his natural hardheadedness. With a smile in his heart, he accepts the unique and perhaps strange things that she insists upon having or doing. He courts her delicately and doesn’t push too hard for conquest, because he fears losing her.

The popularity and willingness of modern men to commit with virtually no devotion to a woman means that women are suckered into the man’s game. To expand a man’s commitment into devotion, he must be challenged by a woman. Preserving her sexual assets is the ultimate challenge and virtual virginity provides it. It doesn’t guarantee capturing a man, but it more easily challenges and keeps a man around long enough to find out who she really is and what promise she holds for his future.


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