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1378. Women Screw Up

Younger women screw up their lives with beliefs they shouldn’t have, facts not understood, and expectations never fulfilled by men. They:

  • Disdain uniqueness that makes a female interesting. They want to look and act alike as if groupthink, copycat clothing, and uncared-for hair have attraction for anything other than sex.
  • Carry girlhood thoughts into adulthood, such as popularity is the primary measure of one’s importance.
  • Practice grossness in the name of gender freedom.
  • Display laziness of personal appearance and grooming that men take as invitation to dominate. If she doesn’t go along to get along, no big loss.
  • See no connection between dressing erotically and being misunderstood about their wishes or intentions.  
  • Expect to be judged by their internal Self, by who they really are. They often appear so uninteresting and common, however, that men are discouraged from sticking around to find out who they really are, and especially after conquest.
  • Carry their interesting Self inside just waiting for an opportunity to reveal it or better yet to exchange it with a man’s interesting Self. Thoughts of full disclosure excite them but their uninteresting outside doesn’t attract much interest toward their inside persona.
  • Lose society’s battles of the sexes, because they give away the cultural war of the sexes. The battles are governed by the moral, social, and domestic values and standards that make up the culture. For example, low morality minimizes social pressures and favors men, okays infidelity, and enhances male dominance. High morality generates and strengthens social pressures that stifle male dominance, reward faithfulness, favor women and children, and promote the family as primary cultural institution.
  • Give up their self-respect to make their selves popular. They don’t grasp this connection: A woman’s self-respect is essential for a man’s respect for her to develop. His respect of her is the foundation upon which his love thrives. So, as her self-respect fails to shine, so will a man’s love.

As you can see, common translates as uninteresting which makes women much less important than they want to be. So, they face continual frustrations from having developed poor habits of thought and appearance.



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150. Female malpractice—Part 1

The traditional battle of the sexes escalated. We now have a war of the sexes. Feminism prompted women to drop their femininity. In the process, feminists declared men to be inadequate, irresponsible, and blameworthy for overplaying male dominance; women donned a war bonnet. For the most part, men don’t appreciate it.

Generally, women show too much disrespect for their man, and men tire of it. For example:

·         He never measures up to her expectations that are so heavily weighted down with feminist theory and dogma.

·         She values the feminine-like side of his personality more than his masculine persona. Being thoughtful, pleasant, and accommodating outweighs his producing, providing, protecting, and problem solving.

·         Her private time is respected. His gets interrupted.

·         She supervises the Honey-do list so closely as to be offensive.

·         She corrects him as if scolding a child.

·         She dislikes and tries to correct his masculine expressions and manliness.

·         She interferes with his way of doing things, as if he needs her input for everything.

·         She excuses her frequent criticism by calling it ‘constructive’.

Continually faced with her disrespect, he either rebels aggressively or stews in silence. Even if he stays with her, she invites his eye to wander. Thus, female malpractice puts her on the fast click to the recycle bin.

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32. Dear Daughter — second letter

♀ Two conquerors compete and struggle. He seeks sex, and she seeks marriage. The conqueror shapes their subsequent relationship.

♀ Dominance among couples comes in several colors: Dominant mate or the head, dominant nester or the heart, and dominant family leader or the most cherished. Marriage works best when that sequence matches this: him, her, and either.

♀ Girls dream of a happy life with the right man. Men know they are the right man for any woman. Each man expects one woman to energize and shower him with wedded bliss. Of course it’s not fair, but it is Nature in action.

♀ In the movie, The King and I, Yul Brynner sings that women are made for one man, but men are made to go blossom-to-blossom. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females makes the king’s musical model bloom as cheap, unobligated reality for modern men.

♀ After conquest, a man’s pursuit of a female stops, because he owns their sexual agenda. The maximum influence she wielded before conquest fades to much less. Worse, he quits looking for her weaknesses, so he stops uncovering her strengths.

♀ The real glue of a lasting marriage is not love so much as the absence of demeaning irritants, frequent hassles, and widening ingratitude for him and lessening of affection for her.

♀ A female eager to accept a male as sex partner bypasses the process by which she earns his respect. This means that little within him grows to help commit him to her after lust and infatuation fade in a year or two.

♀ Both men and women rationalize that sex and even shack up should precede marriage so as to confirm compatibility. This male game emerges from feminist propaganda and dollars earned by TV and Hollywood. Of marriages following shack up, 80 percent fail.

♀ Female independence gained through masculine-style sexual freedom make marriage dwindle in importance, vitality, longevity, and appeal to men. Feminist politics and propaganda cannot make life fair.

♀ Feminism brought into the home changes the natural and cooperative battle of the sexes into an unnatural and competitive war of the sexes.

♀ Successful relationships depend upon the lessons girls learn while teaching boys to honor feminine values, standards, and expectations. Popularized and rampant teen sexual activity short-circuits this process. Men win, and women lose as relationships fail and click women into the recycle bin.

♀ Hollywood flicks, TV shows, and pop culture excitement convince women that premarital and first time sexual relations are an exciting way to capture a man. Or, it is the woman’s due, and yielding sex never has bad consequences. However, it’s both feminist and male propaganda.

♀ The more wives take feminist theory and dogma into the home, the more husbands decide the kind of husband or ex they will be.


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