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  • The hunter-conqueror male nature applies hormonal pressure to spread seed. Marriage relieves pressure but doesn’t kill the urge. The only urge-killer is devotion to someone so respected or some thing so feared that faithfulness conquers his conquering urge day after day after day.  
  • Morality restrains men, and Tocqueville said: “Morals are the work of woman.” So, if women want better men, they should improve the moral character of the home, culture, and society.
  • With so much unmarried sex cheaply available, why should men commit to helping a woman fulfill her lifetime hopes and dreams? Wives have to compensate for what their sisters are doing, but many don’t know how to make marriage more meaningful and rewarding for their man. (It’s a major premise behind WhatWomenNeverHear.
  • Girls and unmarried women should guide themselves by these two principles: Negotiation is reasonable people finding common ground—e.g., dating, courtship, engagement. Bartering is trading something of great value to another for something of equal value the other possesses—e.g., marriage for conquest.  
  • With frustration and distress urging her, wife often does the wrong thing. It’s her nest, so she accuses. It’s his castle, so he resents. She calls it necessary, he sees her infringing on his turf, and competition erupts with him dedicated to winning. More harmonious ways exist, but they require non-offending indirect imagination, patience, and toleration available only to females. 

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