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1666. Replay of Tough Concepts — Comment @ 159

We become like the music that makes us dream. Trashy lyrics fill the minds of males today. Consequently, men pursue sex through dishonor of females, disrespect of males, deceit, manipulation, and violence. Because females accept the music rather than do without the immediate gratification of having a boyfriend, guys steer away from becoming steady, dependable, and faithful boyfriends, lovers, husbands, and platonic friends. The music cheapens sex to a commodity.

Would men be better on behalf of women if they listened to something else? Something that women prefer? Soft music that calms the spirit? Endearing lyrics that uplift females for manly devotion? Words that inspire mutual love and togetherness instead of sex?

If girls and women trash and abandon listening to any music that demeans females or lifts men over them, then men would soon follow. If women were to like and listen exclusively to love ballads and similar female-friendly music, men would be forced to listen or go elsewhere. If sex is more hint than obvious, such music calms instead of elevates libido and aggressiveness, especially for men. It helps bond those who want to bond. It pushes sex into the background. Not forbidden but something to be earned, which challenges men and earns manly respect of females that insist on sex being earned by someone worthy of them.

Such music was popular before rock and roll flipped the sex target switch from feminine to masculine control. Men are now empowered to shape social and domestic values and beliefs to the humongous disadvantage of females of every age.

If women insist on listening ONLY to music that uplifts, compliments, and pleases females, men would follow. Men do whatever women require in order for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex.

However, men, politicians, bureaucrats, and entertainment media keep culturally sick male dominance in vogue. They keep females divided by who can and can’t, who will and won’t, who does and doesn’t accept overbearing and offending male dominance made outrageous by modern music. Thus, men prevent women from unifying the female gender around common cause to unseat immature men as shapers of cultural values.


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