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889. Female Sexual Freedom: A Right or a Wrong?

Nature works this way:

  • Women value men according to each man’s potential or actual worth in fulfilling her hopes and dreams for home and family. Men value women in three stages: first for conquest, then for sexual availability, and finally for support in carrying out his missions in life.
  • Men respond to how and why females act as they do, what females value, and what females expect in order for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Females are thus empowered to mandate female-friendly and supportive behavior in males. But do they?

Modern women short-circuit these Nature-based interactions and ignore centuries-old lessons. They lay claim to masculine-style sexual practice as their due and ‘right’. However, the consequences work against women, teens, and even pre-pubescent girls.

Females practicing masculine-style sexual freedom empower males to escape responsibility and obligations for what each man sees as her greatest asset: first time sex with him. Female sexual freedom also damages relationship permanence:

  • If she’s so cheap and easy for him, she must also be the same or easier for other men. This dampens any extraordinariness he may have perceived in her before conquest.
  • She gives readily, and he takes easily after paying attention to little but sex. Men escape proving themselves worthy of such women.
  • Less proving their worth as potential husbands means no social pressures build to favor the female gender, to make females more respected generally. This emboldens and hardens male dominance, which women so eagerly criticize. But worse, it also means less respect earned by women breeds more abuse and violence against them.
  • Frequent and convenient sex with no pressure to learn something new reinforces that men need not change for women or a woman. This makes men even more unchangeable, more difficult to civilize, ‘tame’, and domesticate.
  • Men not successfully pressured to ease up on their natural aggressiveness and sense of independence produce less reliable men—at least as women consider them for domestic life. 
  • Less pressure, minimal testing, and lower qualifications for worth to females means that fewer men become qualified for sustained relationships.
  • Fewer qualified men means women spend a lot more time picking, choosing, ditching, and either putting unworthy men back in the parade or marrying Mr. Wrong. Mr. Good Enough becomes much harder to find.

Masculine-style sexual freedom promotes these things: Men go from conquest to conquest to conquest. Women become his ex, another’s ex, and yet another’s ex. Children go from uncertainty to pain to misery on parental breakups and witness no examples for doing differently in their adulthood.


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