NOTE: Something different for adults 21 and over to think about. It’s definitely not for adolescents, as you’ll see in paragraph 7.



Authors: Guy and Former U.S. Rep. Mick Staton (R-WV)

  1. You are precisely in life where you want to be. Otherwise, you would have changed things to make your world different from what it is. If there is some aspect of your life you do not like, you can change it. If there is some goal not achieved, you can achieve it. But you must change your thinking to do it. If you change your thinking, you can change your whole world.
  2. You will get what you think about – so spend all of your time thinking about what you want. Conversely, spend no time thinking about what you fear, dread, or do not want.
  3. Moreover, do not impose limits on what you want. Your path can accommodate as large a dream as you can imagine. Therefore, dream BIG – but plan and take only one step at a time. Your realization of moving closer and closer to your goal will enthuse and excite you.
  4. Develop a burning desire for your dream by daily visualizing what the achievement of your goal will mean to you. You must want this more than anything else. Emotionally visualize the thrills, the benefits, the pleasures, and the rewards.
  5. If confronted with a problem, briefly analyze all of the data about it. If no acceptable solution is forthcoming, re-focus your thoughts on the victory, the achievement of your goal. Have confidence that the answer will come and it will, generally, just in time.
  6. If you make a mistake, note it rationally and logically but not emotionally. Minimize its size, impact, and meaning. Then forget it and go dream about your goals, the exciting things you are now working toward.
  7. Trust your intuition. When friends, family, and advisors counsel you to do something against your intuition, trust your intuition. Only YOU can see your goals clearly. It is that uncluttered view of your goals that creates your intuition in the first place, so why ignore your most potent motivational and directive force? Your intuition is correct, accurate, and judgmentally sound to lead you to victory, if you envision strongly enough the thrills and rewards which will follow the attainment of your dream. 
  8. In confrontations with opponents, adversaries, or competitors, act the way you would like to be, and soon you will be the way you act. Therefore, act calm, act as a winner, act as the combatant most in control of himself and the situation. Have faith and believe in yourself and shortly you will be calm, a winner, and totally in control.
  9. It matters not if people speak ill of you. It matters critically if you think ill of yourself, so much so that it alone can lead to defeat. It is vital that all your thoughts about yourself, all of your self-talk, be positive. This is easy – through practice – since you can accept or reject every thought which goes into your head.
  10. In treading the path to victory, you will GROW spiritually, mentally, professionally, politically, and personally. You must exercise family leadership so that those close to you grow with you and accept your growth. That growth – generated by changing your thinking, by pursuing your dream – will lead you to greater rewards, a greater life, and the winning way.

20 responses to “PATH TO VICTORY

  1. Princess Rita

    Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
    Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
    Heb 12:1-2

  2. Carmen

    Dear Highness Guy,

    This is such a wealth of information that I have been reading it over every day since you posted it. So much to ponder and so much room for improvement pour moi. My question regards bullet no. 6: My habit is to exaggerate my mistakes and beat myself up over them. If we learn to minimize the negative reflection emotionally over past mistakes will we be able to learn from them? Are ladies more likely to over ponder mistakes than gentlemen?

    Much gratitude and appreciation for all your dilligent efforts,
    Lady Carmen

    Your Princesstial Highness Lady Carmen,
    You started something. Thanks! See today’s article 716 Recovery from Lost Virginity.

  3. AwaitingMrGoodEnough

    Wow – thank you for what you are doing for our country, and for what you are doing for every individual soul in it.

    Can you please describe the specific non-sexual things (activities to do together, behaviors, dicussion topics, etc.) a woman can do before a courtship and also during it to capture a man’s heart and hold his interest.

    Your Exceptional Highness AwaitingMrGoodEnough,

    There’s no magic in what you request. All the magic lies within a female satisfying her own needs etc. (‘Gender Differences’ Revisited, Groups A, B, C, & D)

    You’re new to comment, so I presume you’re new to the blog. Try what follows but don’t take it as advice; you’ll only come across as insincere or unnatural for your personality. Shape the ideas around your personality and physical attributes. The parentheses identify articles you can locate at the CONTENTS page:

    • Trust and use your feminine instincts. If that doesn’t ring a bell, start with becoming more modest, mysterious, and independent toward all men. (Virtual Virginity)

    • Know more about men and women and decide your own life. Otherwise, whatever you do may not be sincere or natural for you. (Sex Differences Explain Men)

    • Make men chase and win you. If you don’t know how, you’ve spent too much time focusing on Feminism and listening to other women talk about men. (Dark Side of Feminism.)

    • Make yourself more attractive at all times, even when alone. Never dress for comfort except in extreme athletic events. (Boob Language)

    • Focus on doing feminine aka girly things for yourself, and enable men to offer something better that includes him. Ensure not to lower your standards or expectations or generate a man’s disrespect. This means finding out what and how he respects and disrespects things and people before showing any eagerness. (The Essence of Femininity and The Essence of Feminism)

    • Dress attractively modest. Please your feminine self. Don’t dress to attract men, dress to make yourself attractive to the world as gorgeous female. (Bright Side of Femininity)

    • Be reticent and shy away from full disclosure. (Spill Your Guts, End Up In Ruts published today and tomorrow)

    • Finally, go to church regularly. Unless you go with family, study Article 42 Escaping Loneliness; it contains strategy and details about attracting men)

    Best wishes for brightening your future.


    • AC

      This whole post and page with comments is great. This page means a lot.
      How can we change our thoughts to change our world?? I’ve been trying so long. Working at it.

      Your Highness AC,
      Welcome aboard. Its a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  4. Jill F.


    I love this new series. Thank you. Your last point on practicing family leadership so your family grows along with you is priceless. The saddest sight in the world is to see a husband or a wife develop interests and abilities and leave their family “behind”. Success isn’t really satisfying without loved ones to enjoy it with you.

  5. Hope

    Hi Guy,

    I had read this before.. and came back to read it again. So much wisdom in so few points.. the most powerful one for me is “If you make a mistake, note it rationally and logically but not emotionally. Minimize its size, impact, and meaning.”

    This was the first time someone taught me this concept.. gave me permission to move on.. and I’m so thankful for that!

    I finally responded to your comment at #725. Sorry for the delay.

  6. Sunny

    I’m so glad Hope posted on this–I hadn’t seen it before either but perusing the recent comments line led me here.
    I have been thinking far too much about what I dread and fear more than anything. Maybe figuring out what I want will help. Funny, I’ve seen this advice before, I’m just not so good at figuring out what I want.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Uniqueness Sunny,

      I just ran across your comment again. I’m puzzled why I didn’t respond, so I will now.

      You say: “I’m just not so good at figuring out what I want.” There’s an answer: Figure out what you don’t want, firm up your conscious thoughts about it, commit to avoiding such things with dedication that pleases you regardless of who else may be hurt. And that’s the secret; please yourself with no obligation to please others on matters vital to you. Commit, insist, and reject those that won’t honor your most important wishes. Example: I won’t date him if he won’t go to church with me. Example: If he expects me to pay on a date, he’s too trashy for me. Example: Dating begins with first kiss, and first kiss doesn’t come until after the second ‘perfect’ date.

      Develop and commit against things you don’t want and you’ll find that things you like will spring up throughout your life. Again, the secret is to set rules, standards, and expectations for yourself; men will step up to meet your negative expectations by providing satisfactory alternatives.

      Lots of luck.


      • Sarah

        Sir Guy,

        I find your advice to Sunny helpful, because “figuring out what I want” seems a difficult task. Maybe that’s because I have many things that I wanted already. I have a wonderful husband and a growing family, and I am blessed to be able to stay at home and care for them. But as I look ahead, and ponder what I do NOT want, I would say that generally I DO want to influence my family– for my husband to succeed, for my children to be healthy and wise and have well-behaved friends to play with. Is it appropriate for my “wants” to be about these other people? Since they have free-will, am I setting myself up for disappointment, do you think? And how specific should a “dream” be to be effective?

        Your Highness Sarah,

        Your dream seems to be a brighter future for your family. The Path to Victory can help you intensify it. As to the other things, don’t think about them. Heartwarmingly focused on your dream, you’ll easily come up with whatever decisions you need to make.

        As for your “wants” to be about family members, each is specific about his or her wants. Your role should be to provide the guidance, leadership, support, and encouragement aimed at generating their future to fit well into your dream.

        I didn’t emphasize it in my comment. Train yourself to worry about getting what you want for you and family and disregard what you don’t want (until perhaps something unwanted arrives and you have to deal with it).


        • Sarah

          Thank you for your prompt reply. You are very kind to offer your counsel. I am excited, as I feel I have new clarity about our future, and my role in it.

  7. tryin2understandurside

    Now I remember why I used to read your blog everyday. You and your wife dispense great nuggets of wisdom. Now I have a lot of catch up reading to do to make up for lost time.

    Point #6 is very helpful. There are no benefits to dwelling on the past. I want to keep my eyes focused on the prize ahead.

  8. quiet observer

    Typical feminazi garbage. Yes, it’s all about the woman. She should dominate the relationship, dominate the man, for that will give her what she wants.
    Keep on deluding yourself. No man worth his onions will allow a woman to dominate him in any sense. As a matter of fact, no woman who is worth the term will be happy dominating her man. Except, of course, feminazi women who are doomed to remain single, or have an unfulfilling marriage.

    Mister (or so I presume),
    You’ve come to the wrong place. This blog is about WhatWomenNeverHear.
    However, we’re willing to listen if you have something worthwhile for women. Such as the story behind your bitterness.

    • Changing names again!

      Oh this man sounds like someone I know. Sad individual indeed! Sad because he obviously hasn’t read any of the worthwhile blogs. For if he had, he’d realise what a mistake he has made by making such a comment.

      Hope he can find a woman to put up with his rubbish! I certainly wouldn’t. Personality appears to be too destructive, too needy and negative.

      Now to get on with more learning from our wise Master!

    • Ann

      Quiet Observer: WWNH is about supporting women so can realize the freedom from NOT dominating any person or relationship, but simply loving herself first to be able to love others as they are. Not attempting to change others….trusting they have their own intuition and drive to live their own life their best way. WWNH has lovely nuggets of wisdom that we women choose to read to enjoy and learn from to become our best selves for ourselves. Those we live with or come in contact with simply benefit from the same freedom (no pressure from us to be a certain way) to be themselves. We uplift each other. See Christian D. Larson’s The Optimist’s Creed

  9. Sleepy Fox

    When one learns to stop being bitter at those who have done wrong… healing begins. When healing begins, you will find that you are capable and worthy of allowing yourself to be happy.
    A significant other cannot make you happy. You must do that for yourself. Likewise, you cannot make your significant other happy. You can, however, be happy with eachother, even when times get tough.
    In order to love someone else, you must love yourself.
    This all kinda sounds like zen, but it works. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t waste your own time, and everyone else’s time, with bitter tirades. This blog is for people who are ready to hear good advice, from someone who obviously knows what they’re talking about.

    So, yeah…. “quiet” observer… you’re not really living up to your name.
    Guy… keep these posts a-comin… I read, analyze, and understand.

    Your Highness Sleepy Fox,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  10. Naomi

    This is beautiful, thankyou Guy! Things I kind of already know, but explained more clearly in this post, these are good reminders, and would make good daily reminders too.

  11. Anne

    Sir Guy, how specific do you think one should be in formulating their goals? Is “general” better than “specific” for growing room, or is specific better for easier breaking-down-into-bite-sized-chunks?

    Your Highness Anne,
    Use only one technique: Set your goals on and around whatever excites you the most, whatever motivates you to keep going toward it, whatever you dream about the most. (Incidentally, what you dream about and not what others dream up for you.)

  12. Catalina Rea

    I just wanted to say….

    Thank you, Guy!

    …for this inspiring post that helps me through tough times.

    Your Highness Catalina Rea,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  13. aroundtheriverbend

    Just re-read this…so much wisdom here!

    These points are definitely worth coming back to regularly.

    I hope you are recovering well Sir Guy.

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